How To Keep a Consistent Profile on Social Media

(bells chime) – Hi there, I’m Kevan from Buffer. I’m excited to share this tip today about branding tips and keeping a consistent-looking profile on all your different social media sites. I’d love to start this tip off by walking you through
what someone might do in order to find you online, how that plays into personal branding, and then coming up with a consistent look. So if I were here at Google, and someone were to search for me, here is a results page. And, first result, just to show you how many social media results are here. This is the Twitter result, this is me on the Buffer blog, this is my personal site, here’s the LinkedIn page. And a couple author pages here. And then Google+ and Facebook, so, four out of the top 10 here
are social media sites. So I guess the idea here is if someone were to search me, I want to make sure all these different sites are consistent. So I’ll open each of these. Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook. And, coming to look at these, what we’re looking for on each of these is that it has a consistent
look and feel to them and consistent messaging. So the first thing I’ll notice
here is the profile picture. So it’s great often to have
the same profile picture on each of these networks that can be searchable for you. So browsing through here real quick, I can see that it’s the same on all four of those, so that’s great. Something else I might look at is the cover photo, which is the big splashy image behind here. And this is something I’m not (laughs) quite as good on, so, Twitter has one certain type, LinkedIn has another one, Google+ has a different one, and Facebook has a different one. They’re actually the same on these three channels here. And not the same on Twitter. So if I were ever to want to do that, I could just download the image from here. And Twitter makes it pretty easy to change things, so
I can click on “Edit,” “Change my header image,” click “Apply.” And save, and now I have a bit more of a consistent look with the image there. One other thing I might point out here quickly too is the headline, or message or blurb, or, differs from each network, but here on Twitter, it’s like a bio, and on LinkenIn, it’s not so much a bio, it’s more just the information about you, and what you’ve done. Same thing on Google+, it’s more of a “This is where I worked, “and went to school, and where I live.” And same thing with Facebook, so similar things about your history. So in the places where you can do a bio, maybe places like Twitter and Instagram, it’s often great to have
a similar message there. Not always the case to be able to do that, but when possible, it’s always great to have that be consistent. So that covers the overview of the networks themselves. One other very subtle thing that is often quite helpful to have is to have the same URL, or username on all these networks. So if I can clean this one up here, you can see that Kevan
Lee is my name here. And again here. And I’ve changed LinkedIn
so that it’s Kevan Lee, I’ve changed Google+
so that it’s Kevan Lee and I’ve changed Facebook
so that it’s Kevan Lee. And I’m fortunate to have had the chance to do all that, I know
some folks might have a bit of a tougher time if
the name’s not as unique. So one place that I find really helpful just to check out to
see how I’m doing there, is, it’s k-n-o-w-e-m. And knowem will check all sorts of different social networks and sites, to see what kind of usernames
are available there. So for instance, if I
were to check “Kevan Lee,” knowem is going to
return a list of results from the most popular networks and which places are still
available for me to grab, so, I’m hoping it’s the case
that I have most of these ones that aren’t available,
I think that’s true. Then it also identifies some places where I could grab it and reserve it, so SoundCloud looks like it’s available, so maybe I’d want to grab it there. It takes you right to a sign-up page, where you can sign up. And even if you’re not going
to use these immediately, sometimes it’s great to just grab them so that you have control over the branding of that username. And if you might want to go into the network later on, you’ll have that URL and username reserved in that case. So on knowem, this is the page for Most Popular, there’s also pages for Social Networks. And this is a huge list, this is their big list of things, so all sorts of different blogging groups, bookmarking business, and the list just goes on and on and on. So if there’s a specific network, or a specific industry or topic that you want to make sure you have all your stuff reserved on,
you can come to this page. And each link will take you out to a sign-up page and you can get things reserved from there. So this covers some of the basics of branding for both personal branding and professional business branding for you and your brand. I’d love to know if we can help with anything further here. Feel free to drop us a note anytime, at [email protected], and I’ll look forward to
chatting with y’all soon! Thanks!

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