How to load test your web apps with Azure App Services | Azure Tips and Tricks

>>Learn how to configure
Load Testing in your Azure App Services
web applications in this edition of
Azure Tips and Tricks. To configure Load Test in my Azure App Service application, I’ll head over to my app, and I’ll type “Performance”. Under development tools I’ll
select “Performance test”. Since I don’t have any tests
already configured, I select “New”, under
“Configure tests using”, I’ll leave this at
“Manual Test” for now. I’ll give this a name. Let’s
call this “Load Test 1”. I leave the location as it is, and also leave
the user loader to 250, and the duration at five minutes. I’ll go ahead and run the test. Now, my test is queued up. Now, since this is going to take about five minutes or so, I’ll pause the recording and I’ll come back to it when it’s done. Great! It looks like
our load test is now completed. If I select “Load test” I can take a look at
some of the results. So, I can see the amount of
successful results we had, the model failed results we had. There also this chart
here that I could expect they will show me
the average load time, the user load that
was applied and also the amount of requests per second that we’re getting
back from our website.

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