How to Make Unique Bookmarks : How to Make a Beaded Bookmark

Hi! I’m Karen for Expert Village. Okay, I’ve
threaded my needle. Now I want to get a length of cord. You want to have more cord to work
with then you actually are going to make in length, so I’m going to double. About 12 inches
and cut it off there. My ending bead, the bead that’s going to be on the end there,
it’s like pendent bead. I’m going to start by tying a square knot on the end of that.
Now, if you were putting a regular bead on there you might want to do a figure 8 knot.
Now, a square knot, I should probably show you instead of just doing it. I’ll show you
how to do that square knot. Put it through the hole. A square knot is left over the right,
so you cross over, around back, and through. Then you take that loose one and go right
over the left and you put that through like that. That’s a great knot. That will hold
nice and tight.

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