How to Make Your Own Website FREE Tutorial — Jimdo Website Builder

okay okay guys now I’m going to teach
you how to build your own website using a free building website okay start click
your browser and search for a Jimdo is a free website builder okay so to start you need to sign up for
this free for sign up and you can make your website okay click that sign up
button so if you click that it will go to design a page but now I just sign up
so let’s go over to choose a template click it again okay just wait for it
okay so guys to start with your favorite website you need to choose your
template there’s a lot of template for making your customized website okay
so we were going to choose one okay I will choose Berlin cupcakes but you can
also choose your own guys now let’s go to login so that we can go to the customization and the building of your
website so if you log in you could see this what kind of website would you like
to create we like to create a website is a simple website store or blog website
so let’s go to create a simple website and here what kind of a website would
you like to create so there’s a lot also of Sub-template
. so I’m going to choose arts and design so Jimdo will ask you if you
want to upgrade your website go to Pro or go to business which actually at low
low price so let’s go for free because we are going to test this so let us just
click the free one right here after clicking it you need to choose
your domain so your domain since we are free your domain has a sub domain which
is but that’s actually very fine because it’s not
really bad it’s actually good but ok so let’s click first what we want to do
okay click availability sorry
it’s not available so let’s click another domain now let us ask ask me ok
let’s change again so that we can make our website I ask ask me
ok now let’s click that create a free website sign here the website is loading
and after it loads it will goes to the template that you are chosen and you can
fully customize your website you can change the logo the the content of it so
in here above you can change this so you just click that drug image and you can
change the image or that logo or you could go to here to change the tile the
tile or anything you can change also the bottom part and this picture but today
I’m going to show you if it truly worked so let’s type in our website what is our
website okay click that so guys actually it’s very fast and easy
and also free for us guys to make this website so look at it very nice and fine
so we did not edit it so it just looked the same
so that’s guy that’s how you make your website free pass easy all you need to
do is your creativity so guys please if you like this video hit that like button
below and subscribe for more videos and you can also click the link down below
what is the links in there and you can also download Jimdo creator in your
mobile phone if you don’t need to use a laptop so that’s all guys thank you and
have fun making website you


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