How to Optimize Your LinkedIn & Twitter Accounts – Gabe Villamizar

hello everyone welcome to another stew
can experts session my name is Trevor eric’s and today we are excited to have
a social selling wizard with us his name is Gabe Villamizar and he comes to us
from HireVue he’s the social selling trainer and social media marketing
manager there at HireVue. He has over five years of experience in the social
media marketing and social selling space today Gabe is going to be talking to us
and sharing his knowledge about how to optimize our LinkedIn and Twitter
profiles without any further ado Gabe its all yours all right thank you so much Trevor this
is very exciting I’m really it’s an honor to be here talking to you guys
today morning night evening wherever you as a rat by way of introduction Gabe Villamizar is
our and the social media manager and social selling director here at HireVue I
really do a lot of cool technology stuff with video that we’re not here to talk
about that we’re here to talk about social media optimization so how can you
optimize your social media presence both on a personal level and for any
organization that you are working for all or will be working with catch gonna
specifically focus on Twitter and LinkedIn and they are exploding I mean
the last stab that I’ve heard linkedin has has over three hundred and thirty
million members and today is September 2nd of September 2015 that’s it that’s
the most recent state and Twitter as a bajillion people I know the static stop
tracking how many active members there are but there’s so many people on there
in terms of your buyer in terms of recruiters people you can network with
people that companies can every person right whether you’re in college freshman
Junior Senior Software whatever it is crucial and this is gonna lay a
foundation for success of how well you are recognized and how
well you have your social media profiles optimized ok so we’re going to cover
this and let go this is what I look like just in case you’re wondering I had
twenty-seven years old and I’m like you know what I want to be able to go to
conferences and I want to wear have backwards because I want to not change
who I am I hate how people sometimes think Millennials are just disrupting
the workforce and they’re doing all this crazy stuff so a lot of people are not
make fun of me like why are you wearing a hat backwards at conferences I just
don’t care I just I am Who I am and he wants to put haven’t talked in the state
level are but to get to just be who you are you’re saying hostile work really
hard and the rest will take care of itself so if you want follow me on Twitter
at gave beings are and to learn more about be specific topics I created a
course called embed social selling you want to go to you can learn more about social media social selling the process is the
tactics tricks all the good stuff get some of my
background come from southwest airlines have done work for
and I do consulting on the side for SAS software as a service companies and yeah
it’s been great so let’s jump to it I’m gonna show you how this is done so this
is my last flight I love the what and the wife but there’s nothing better than
the how how you execute a lot of people can have a ton of good IDs ideas won’t
get you anywhere I guess I just thought to kids about execution and how to get
the most out of the execution that’s going to help you prepare your career
and thus can help your personal brand or that’s in a secure your job or that’s
gonna build your current profession and kind of get your promotion or whatever
so what is social selling my good friend Koka Sexton says that let social selling is
the finest leveraging your professional brand to fill your pipeline your sales
pipeline with the right people insights and relationships so if you
could use Twitter and LinkedIn to land the job why not do that you use Twitter
and LinkedIn to build your brand why not do that you
could use LinkedIn to build that the Twitter and LinkedIn company page for a
company why not do that right everything’s going digital and its gonna
keep going down we’re going through a digital transformational so let’s get to
it let me start doing a screen share now and let’s talk about what the Freak do
you optimize on your LinkedIn profile certain number one you definitely want
to have a LinkedIn account you don’t you’re missing out LinkedIn’s not just your online resume
LinkedIn is your online reputation case like I said there’s so many
professionals on LinkedIn and don’t wait for her senior year don’t wait till like
the end of your college journey to do a LinkedIn if you’re hearing me right now
if you can hear my voice please get Arlington if you are on LinkedIn great
if you’re not logged in to linkedin on a daily basis or weekly basis you got hope
I said I shaped you’re thinking and kind of show you the value of what this can
do for you so number one please get a LinkedIn account it’s free and you don’t
need to get the paid version and I’m gonna show you how to optimize BHS what
happens is if you’re not optimized then nobody can nobody should be able to find
you and the same applies to say I company page on LinkedIn or Twitter
profile of the company if you don’t have the right keywords the right specific
steps of sentence since then nobody may be able to find you because for example
let’s just get to it may not seem so often Association tip number 12 my name
is Gabriel being His are obviously I grew up in Venezuela so gabriel’s when I
moved to America people are making fun of me like Gabriel Gabriela is a female name or a chick I’m not definite gabriel anymore you know so I had to had to go by
different names and PeopleSmart people start calling Gabe and I had a little
bit of an issue because I used to be a sales guy and when I hopped on the floor
and i would tell people my name is Gabriel but then when people try to
connect with me on LinkedIn they were typed gabriel but it couldn’t
find me what people type my name on Google right
mind and wasn’t there because I was Gabe and vice versa so whatever it is
whatever name that you go by that you want to be known if counsel or make sure
that name is consistent on every single social media network that’s why it’s so
important that if your Twitter handle and we’re gonna go over the second make
sure that your name Stephen but you go by Steve and you tell your clients or
you tell your professors are you tell everybody that you named Steve make sure
that that’s the name that you want to be known for number one, as long as it’s professional and
that’s a name that you haven’t ever seen your profile so then I changed my name
my Twitter my LinkedIn my facebook my instagram everything to be as Gabe Villamizar so
that’s optimization tip number one optimization tip number two is your
headline right here actually your photo so please don’t have an unprofessional
photo I have a PowerPoint presentation of crappy photos your photos get their
fists and photos thousand words or something like that and it’s very true
so make sure your photos professional don’t have a very pixelated image how
one thats current one that looks like you don’t have it with your spouse or
your dog or a celebrity that you took yourself you will just have it on your
face and so that when people see you around the halls that people are
recruiter is trying to go after you and miss you in real life you gotta be able
to identify you and same when you’re networking because there’s nothing worse
that lets say you go to a networking event and then you find somebody and I’m so and so
and you like and they tell you your connected with them on LinkedIn and then you go
home and look at that like holy crap but he never made that association because
they are so different in real life congressional picture so Nick have a
picture as professional that’s the right dimension and that’s up to date so
that’s optimization take number two number three is is the key words and
it’s very highly optimized so for example my position you scroll down for
a little bit it’s called a social media marketing manager so because I want to be known for
and found for those keywords I want to put it in here and you can edit those by
clicking on the little pencil but I also want to be known actually, I’m a director, I haven’t
updated my linkedin profile but also want to be known for the other words so what that
means is when people search for social selling on Google I want to be the
profile that comes up when people type social media marketing I want my
LinkedIn profile to come up people type social audience I want my profile to
come up so I think very carefully whether this specific keywords that you
want to be known and found for two or three words for a company what are the
key words that company wants to rank for both on Google and on LinkedIn because whenever people search on Linkedin
Google’s google’s going to serve them the most relevant type of results that’s associated to
that set of keywords or the set of words and he could rank for specific words
there’s a lot of power of being on the first page of Google at say you get a
lot of traffic get a lot of recognition you might get recruited more you’re
going to get more business etcetera so do an analysis of what are the key
words that you want to be known for sort you’re a student if you’re in graphic
design you might want to include those keywords right into photography if
you’re into journalists as studying read some of those blogs and see what are
the key words that you want to be known for sale that’s number three let’s recap
number one your name picture remains consistent number two is your image that
you’re up today and nice and cleaning number three is your title don’t have it
be just a set of words make keyword optimized for its your location and
industry so a lot of course I live in Orem Provo or Provo Utah nobody knows what
the Freak that is no people who are in Utah or think of Utah immediately think
a salt lake city so let me watch you put the city at the Capitol or the most
popular city in your area that you’re close to that area obviously you don’t
wanna lie because this is gonna give you more exposure because people know what’s Salt Lake City at least for me, people know what Salt Lake City is
versus a little town in the middle of nowhere and make sure your industry up-to-date so here at HireVue, we build
computer software for companies so make sure this is up to date the next
thing is gonna be your contact info this is by far he added you I teach
this to people on a worldwide basis either face-to-face, or online and this is
by far the most underutilized least complete LinkedIn this right here and
I’ll go over this real quick and why did you and they say well I don’t want to
have all this information out there my privacy and whatever all I am
telling you these are suggestions if you want to rank high if you want to have a
complete profile be changed its really a game of who has the most complete
profile because in the end you’re doing Google a favor if you can communicate to
Google certain actions and keywords they are doing Google a favor and return as a
reward in our ranks you very high and the same and linkedin works the same way on
the search engine when people type for sample social media right and If I were to do this search how does it determine who’s gonna show up in that results whoever has
the most complete profile and whoever has the most optimized whoever has the most
connections and things of that nature so that’s why it’s important to complete
this contact info of your profile so what I’m saying here is, make sure you
have your telephone number your address that you don’t wanna clear
crystal address them put to work address make sure you connect your Twitter profile a lot
of you may say well Gabe, I’m not on Twitter. I’m only on instagram or I’m only on Snapchat
or whatever it is we’ll make sure that you have a Twitter profile even though
you’re not gonna be highly active because what happens is Twitter and
LinkedIn in the eyes of Google they have a high PR meaning page rank there’s a ton of valuable Search Engine
Optimization or SEO and Twitter and LinkedIn. So if you do a lot of link building meaning if you
identify right here and I’m telling LinkedIn and Google by the way this is my
twitter profile right here at Gabe Villamizar and this is the company that I managed
you want to make sure you include upon here when you do that click on the local
council in asking sign in one more time and yeah yeah right here let’s go back
to my profile so it’s really crucial that you complete your contact info just don’t
leave it blank, okay so IM right here it’s instant message I really don’t have
any value in completing this that’s why it’s blank so let’s recap again make
sure you have your works you now company right now the Personal Email
push your phone number to your work address or you’re not working right now
then put up I would recommend putting your personal address so maybe leave
this one blank where your Twitter profile at the company’s profile if
you’re longing that we chat is a service that took off like like a glass and a
year I’m testing this out to see how much important this is a lot of the
things I love to test a lot of things everything out showing right now is
because I’ve tested it myself and it’s not just that I think it works I know it
works so I’m seeing how much importance on how much relevant is this gonna give
me on Linkedin completeness so and the website is very crucial allows you to
put three types of websites ok and what I recommend is that you per either your
personal website if you don’t have your first name and last name dot com so for
example my name is Kay views are separate he told you make sure that you
might want to stop right now the number 12 in incognito window using Google Chrome on the top right
where there’s three little lines click on the link in new window and what’s the
first thing that comes up when you type your name case you know what that means it’s an
unbiased search results that’s not taking my consideration is
not taking my location consideration and any other searches
that I’ve done in the past certain area non-biased so so you go to
google and type your first and last name what results come out so if your name is
John Smith John Smith and they’re gonna be a million Johnson that’s right you
might be in bad luck but that’s not the point the point is what comes up when
you put your first and last name and if you’re not ranked in anybody’s then
there’s room for improvement so six months ago treat year 8 p.m. is are
there used to be this mission of Columbia unless you’re welcome addition
he was but recruiters would always believed in our recruiters when you
apply for jobs they always google you and they search for young Terry and on
LinkedIn that’s just literally been or buy all recruiters do that now a days
and one of the recruiters was trying to small talk with me and he’s like Jeter
you magician the side because I saw that you did a magic show over the weekend
and I like doggy me what he talking about he’s like my Google doing an act
on you so ever since the recruiter told me that I’m like I’m not a problem that
other day to be in a czar and I want to literally every single result search
engine result has 229 and what gave you are so since that day a year ago or two
years ago I will I went on a mission to do that and you can see here every
single search result now is on it and she gets here the first ones LinkedIn so
there’s a ton of value on a chair right now you can do this very easily and the
second search for such as Twitter so that’s why it’s very important that you
optimize your LinkedIn profile and now all you come across professional on your
network and your and people perceive you thought leader professional that can
help you get a job easier it’s going to help you networking grow your brand faster and help you rank on Google and there’s
a ton more value that can help you sell more than a sales position so I’m trying
to get to hear is make sure that in the website if you have your you don’t have
a personal domain a website or blog I highly recommend you gotta go
our Bluehost and buy a domain actually go and buy a domain that is
your website at least you secure the URL gonna build it and put it in here so
what I’m saying here as I work for hire you and I want to quit can kind of talk
of Greece little settings right here now I could easily parts company website
because this is the heart of you double and teach but I don’t want to do that
what I want to do is click on other and other less many critics he work right
here so I want hard you demo so when the crawler cross this so they can go
crawler is this this bot right that cross everything that’s on line from top
from the very top to the right and in down so when the Google crawl across
this is gonna crawl ok KVM his arse profile has a website this is hired you
tomorrow and next to that is the hard you dot com slash like that so what i’m
trying to communicate that Google is that this website is relevant to me and
it also has to do with it so what’s cool about this is you can’t weep and add
more as CEO juice to your LinkedIn profile so if you want to be associated
herself with your company can do that your website has tons of values while
you are so see yourself to the University you go to you can do that
there’s a ton of value and customizing DC-three websites you can do here so I
recommend doing some one has to have your company has to maybe with your log
or wine that has to do with your personal website this is my course he’s actually have to
update this one this one is called and got social selling thats for sure dot com so I wanna put
here and so short selling and so that’s that and then blasting and contact info it’s
gonna be here this section right here your linkedin url by default Lincoln gives you i Rondon you are out
there is finally looks freaking ugly what that means it’s gonna be / in / and a bunch of numbers and characters OBX 3201 G A six
so far so what does that mean that means nothing so you want to communicate to
Google right but you are not a bunch of random characters that you are specific
person with the first name last name so what you do icon lets you shoot you over share in
this new window and then click on the little pan and then on this little pen
right here what you want to do is put your first name and last name change
your first name last name mistaken then you are in trouble just kidding you’re
not try then your last name first name your first lasting a person’s taken then
maybe go for first name middle initial last name that’s also taken them do a
last name middle initial report first name if you are John Smith good luck
that’s going to be super hard but again the chances of somebody having your
first middle and last name lower whatever you do try to stay away
from members and try to stay away from you can do any characters or spaces are
symbols but whatever you do try to have your first and last name somewhere in
the in the uro so that way you communicate to google and it looks
cleaner that you are the person who were saying you are let me go back here so
again that’s your contact info SEO search engine optimization juice
right here and you can have ranked higher for keywords and the websites and
you specified and moving on here actually one thing before I am a long
while you do these website changes I’m sorry he’s LinkedIn profile changes you
want to make sure that this standing right here to notify your network has
turned off meaning Microsoft right now so there’s no do not publish publish any
update to my network about my profile changes what happens is if this is
turned on like this then all those changes that you just made to your
LinkedIn profile what’s gonna happen is its gonna blast everybody that’s how you
connect with your niece and you gonna come across super spamming people gonna
hate you unfriend you block your whatever you want to make sure that
before you make any changes in momentum already you click on you know I don’t
want to display any changes that I make and you always want to leave this off
unless you make a job change when you make a job so you wanna come on tell the
whole world like to get out I have a new job likely do that so that’s another
training will be on here so we keep moving on and another great thing that
she took advantage of is your LinkedIn publishing platform meeting has allowed
you to do you block person on their platform and every single time you do a
blog all your connections get notified on their smartphone or tablet or desktop
so it’s pretty cool because if let’s say you have a blog that the downside to the
blog with its not really downsides to having a blog whenever you have a blog
on a different entity online real estate or a website or whatever it is you have
to write the article which we have to do to Arlington as well but then you have
to drive traffic from the Internet to your blog just heater article and dozen
times a little bit time consuming sometimes you may not know how to do
that what’s cool about LinkedIn is as you read the article here all your
connections are going to get another fight so does the marketing for you so
that you get a lot more views and connections and stuff like that so
that’s pretty cool this is just launched last year before moving on to uncover Twitter and
other LinkedIn company pages stuff you want to make sure you have a summary you
have rich media types link don’t make your LinkedIn profile just really really
boring like a resume resumes just a bunch of characters make it very visual
make it very pleasing to the eye so the way you do that is that you can specific rich media types you can add
either videos you can get PDF so you can add slideshares PowerPoint presentations
and it makes it more pleasing it is more like a collection of things that you
were you’re proud to show to the viewer that comes through LinkedIn profile so
you can see here the way you ask them if you go to a specific position you click
on the little plus box and you can add them right here that pretty URL or
upload a file so again it makes it very pleasing to the eye and makes it more
interactive and less boring and also as you like your linkedin profile you want to make sure you want as much
as you can write about the things that you’ve done whether you aware of where
you work that only works instead of being qualitative data have quantitative
data other kind of talks a lot about what you did what value brought to the
organ stations and things of that business things of that matter so
complete your profile right at the decisions the company that you work for
and and and be sharing content on a weekly basis hopefully I’m not getting
into this one last thing before I move on to optimize your LinkedIn company
page you want to make sure you have a harder right here that’s related to
something that you are interested in the company he works for the way you do that
you click on Edit background and you can use one of the headers that linkedIn has
or you can upload specific image that you like so as you can see here this is
a new image everyone has a story itself learn more at and that’s
that so it cuz I am the social media manager
here I hired you manage that hard you thinking company page and the same tips that I just took sure
told you apply to a LinkedIn company page what you do is make sure you have a
summary again at each set of keywords and paragraphs explain what the
organization does again you see you wanna be quality quantity quantitative
data about what the business does and you want to complete it as much as you
can the more detail you give to Google LinkedIn the high bidder rank and more
exposure unit get on the internet make sure that they caught you actually kind
of shows what your company does and then another good thing to do is you can
actually share content about your company as you can see here assets going
down we can see how many impressions clicks interactions that engage in each
of the post that we do get and it’s very cool beaches are followers gets engaged
with this type of content and we can talk to a lot of testing and things like
that so this one got five thousand impressions 46 link click link clicks 16
interactions and 1.0% of engagement and now there’s a rule that I like to call
it is the rule eighty percent of the things you post don’t talk about it don’t make it be
about your company make it be about industry related topics about breaking
news and things like that and then a 20 percent of the post you do making me
about your company because people don’t go to social media people don’t go to
LinkedIn or Twitter to just be sold to people don’t want to just read a bunch
of stuff about your product twenty-four seven people greater social media to
learn to chat with people to stay up-to-date so if you do that you have
higher probabilities of people are reading your content and ensuring your
stuff and the same way you would share your content about the specific industry
that the company you work with the same applies to a LinkedIn profile
highly recommend that you share on a daily basis and yes I said daily basis share updates about what you’re
interested about things that you care about things that you would like to be
known for etcetera because the more you share that more
exposure you get and they better have a type of network you can have tracked and
you gonna grow your network and you gonna build your personal brand and
things of that nature so that’s i know i just one super early frost on LinkedIn
optimization but God is preached overview on LinkedIn optimization and
importance of that let me go back to Twitter so on Twitter is very simple and
connect two minutes to explain this really what the does it it’s the same I
wanted to be pretty consistent in my LinkedIn profile so you want your
Twitter handle list already told you about the crying he needs to be
consistent and I highly recommend sustained damage on every single profile
that you care about so that way people are able to recognize you for far more
on the search engine or when they searched for you make sure that your
Twitter handle it is the same one as your first and last name some dude camp
to me his Twitter handle as men rock 8209 they did you really want to be
known as an Emirati teach you are Ryan when you tell people and what people
search for you on the face to come out we’ll probably not that’s right so you know whether you’re
in professional world or wherever you are make sure to secure your first and last
name that that’s taken to the same tactics and strategy that showed you for
nearly 10 URL try last name first name you can only do so many characters on
this but again i didd about your first and last name and you can rank very high
you gonna have been known we found people to be able to find a lot easier next thing is gonna be your Twitter bio
right here this is very very very important so I can put my title here for
these words and then I put the company that I work for and make sure you don’t
just put the company’s name but you take the company with that handle because
again this is link building so I’m associating myself with this company I
click on this it takes me to the party Twitter profile going back again so I
would put my position and the Twitter handle it I work with that I recommend
putting choose to rehash tax that you want to associate yourself with so I put
social selling venezolano and Mormon meaning I associate myself with these
three things aspects are just like categories click on this hashtag right
here it takes me shows me every single person thats tweeting about the house
that social selling these are people that I’m I wanna and track list and it
shows me this person tweeted about social science five minutes ago this
other person at eight minutes ago and so on so again make sure you at 223 have
sex if you had too many can you come across family is like those Instagram
post that you see that people to predict when did you put your house thanks in
your Instagram poster or or or tweets looks very very lucky and send you miss
take stuff like that makes you can also add another website here and it’s
hyperlinked automatically I that’s optional bit for sure to make your title
at the company and a treehouse 23 have sex then the other thing is you want to
play again this this city where you live in North the most common city to the
more well-known city where your closest to and then again you want to make sure
you linked your LinkedIn profile remember I’m a LinkedIn profile
hyperlinked the contact info to my twitter profile
so again this is linking link bill link building 101 I’m telling LinkedIn that
this is my twitter profile and I’m telling Twitter that is in my
LinkedIn profile so that would that have that helps Google say ok this tour town
this link in our related because there’s link building they have the first name
and last name was saying they have the same keywords there there whether
analysis they do it’s gonna take care and that is a pretty much again I highly
recommend you tweet daily basis don’t be too spammy if you wanna learn
more about that and other courses of this nature again and that social
selling dot com I’m gonna be launching this pretty soon that’s LinkedIn and Twitter optimization
let me see here let’s go over some questions that actually looks before
move on some questions so what does the whole process look like right shows you
right here on your presentation about it so what you do what I can show you
what’s the optimization after you optimize whether you are your own a cell
something online or you’re trying to find a job online or work for a company
and you’re doing this you want a researcher by research the recruiters
research jobs after researching and identifying what you want to accomplish
that you want to engage with those type of people and their you want to take
those relationships while engaging with people flying that that’s the best way
to strengthen relationships and to actually land jobs that way because of
the whole relationship with online then it’s not going to build this fascist
past its potential that’s why I highly recommend you take a conversation I’ll
fly me over the phone or in person with a person to person you’re trying to get
ahold so this is like it just came up with this whole strategy to social media
structuring process of how to get the most out of social media and you would
follow these four steps so that’s that and let me see if you have any questions
here want second when should I upgrade my
LinkedIn account to a paper version that’s a great question so if you are
going to be looking for a job hardcore maybe your first of all this is a great
question I hate it when people we’re about to graduate and they’re like oh
not have to improve all pretty serious now I get to look for a job way before you graduate meaning six
months or more actually eat at least a year before you graduate like hop on the
LinkedIn clean up your LinkedIn connect with people build your network so that
way Europe ahead of the curve you’re ahead
of your competition cool everybody else is graduating with you I highly
recommend that and you gonna be a public competition so that’s that now if you’re gonna go and do you really
want to take this serious in 2010 the level I recommend and you’re trying to
find a job I highly recommend you get the LinkedIn protruding amigo here it’s it’s called the the job
hunting license or something like that the job call it the first month I think it’s
free and after that it’s $50 per month I and it’s very very pricey but the way
you look at it like this is $50 can help me find a job that the answer is yes
then don’t see it as a cost for juz see it as a platform enables you to land
$50,000 per year or $60,000 or whatever job you land which I’m really confident
I use it done and i’ve landed on my crops through LinkedIn see it does it
does it cost any should take you shouldn’t take more than a month
sometimes maybe two months to find a really good job on LinkedIn or to build
us so that’s it you’re trying to find a job I highly recommend you upgraded to
your trip paid LinkedIn account now if you’re selling a home recommend using
LinkedIn cells navigator paid version because if I were to do a search right
here and I would put VP excels what happens is its gonna showed me twelve
thousand people and you’re like well that’s bullcrap posit that there’s only
twelve thousand people who has the key word BP’s of cells well that’s because the link is limiting
the data that I’m able to see the free account if I were to get the link to
sell navigator dan is searching its gonna show me like a million people so
the paid version your cell sky you wanna have access to data you get the paper
person which is it again 50 to 70 bucks per month so those are
the two instances looking for a job I recommend it paper for at least two months yourselves
I recommend it because gonna have to close more deals faster so jealous
recommended all the way as long as you’re in cells use it pays off and
accelerates the whole cells process so that’s how you would answer that number
two is there an easy way to find like-minded people on Twitter Linkedin
that would be important for me to follow or connect with a great question so the
best way to do that is to miss the start on LinkedIn if you want to find like-minded
professionals then there’s a few things you could do that if you go to education
and university finder its gonna show you people who have gone to university or
universities in your neighborhood or your town or city you can connect with
so for example I want to you can search for that here now if you’d know what’s
University you want to you then first and fourth I want Utah Valley
University ok so that’s the university right here dad what you can see here is that you
can see students and alumni and it shows you hear the people who are you and why
are you not connected with who are part of that alumni or recurrent students so
it’s a great I recommend connecting with people in university and so that’s so
you can look at people in your university look at groups of linking
group so I can say social media pressure on the last as a little taco wheres s
groups so I’m searching for social media groups and it shows me the group said
they have that have the key word social media so this one tells me almost one
million members and are in this group and you want to see similar groups click
on this right here you can get gone down and you see all these groups and what’s
cool about these groups let’s just click on CBS one you can see who I what type
of people are posting you can interact with them in connect with them and you
can even see what they’re like what kind of content they’re posting so if I want I like what jodie leasing out click on
his profile and I would say hey another thing you want to do you no matter what
you do always customize your LinkedIn profile invite you never want to have to
make just the default I like to think and network first of all he doesn’t know
who I am so I come across like a stopper that doesn’t know so you might want to
say hey Jody notice that you are posting at something spicy article in the
meeting and their social media group really enjoyed it would like to connect
with you to expand my network down so that’s a LinkedIn Twitter what I like to
do is click on hashtags cash thanks you can follow people who are using the
hashtag so I click on this and it shows me who has the word hash that I so like
social standing there in their Twitter bio so you might want to call these
people and that that’s a good one to start connecting with like-minded people
on Twitter so that’s why it’s important to use hot sex Russo CAE yourself to
that category and for people to network to be fine you a lot easier as well as
the two ways that you can i connect with like-minded people and it’s all about
your network said there’s a sign that says that your network is your net worth
and I’m a huge believer that I mean I believe I graduated what two years ago
and I’m Rd speaking at a London conference in like next month I’m doing
webinar site done so much and I never would have thought that after I
graduated I would have been aware I am today such a short period of time but I
highly a trip type back to my association with LinkedIn and Twitter
and how serious I took the responsibility of building my network
interact with people engaging and really trying to connect and try to help other
people in my network and the rest is history so try to educate as much as you
can that’s that’s a really great way to
connect with other people yeah I could talk about this all day but running out
of time so thank you so much for joining me here
again if you have any questions you can find me on Linkedin at KGB in Hisar and
if you have one learn more about this than you can find that social selling
dot com that’s it thanks for joining guys and how to go on


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