How to Send Bulk SMS from Internet 💻 (PC) to mobile 📲 in India from excel! Call – 8839573188

Hello friends. My name is Ranvijay Today we are going to learn how [to] send bulk Sms to our panel First of all you have to type the bit of blue dot my samus Marcom [-] like [-] to the website you will find five pages home about us Like what services we are providing pricing pricing Provided here Contact and login page on who page you will find one – – our Gateway section Which you can check Sms Delivery time suppose we are putting one number eight nine eight [nine] one six one one six two so Sms has been signed successfully on this number if [you] have already username you can go to login if you don’t you can understand you from here? Thank suppose which account you want to create client account reseller account your username your name your email Id you’re working mobile number here we will log into already having username client When you will enter in your account, you will find dashboard There you can Choose all the activities per ton by user in their account the suppose Sms scientist wake to total transactions total monthly expenses and refund three fronts in the science if you will which are same as through Promotion those Sms will not be delivered on [D&D] numbers and will be refunded instantly? Here you’re in your promotional route you have 15 Sms transactions zero promotions and [ur] ID six Sms Suppose if you want to send a Sms what you have to do is just [take] [all] messaging thence an Sms from? Here you you have to select a route to which you want to push our services either we are Selecting promotional route for sending Sms if [we] just want to send Sms Directly you have to just type numbers In this format and suppose if you want to send a sms through excel what you have to do is just maintain excel file Here you heading global example a column B column mean C Column amount D column date mobile numbers eight nine eight nine [nine] six hundred and sixty Second number nine [Table] one two five nine seven one here. We get named Harvey Sam Among one five one when z one Date [14] time 2015 14 and 2015 save this file on your computer [here] as we are sending it on text off name sample file Come back to Sms panel. Just upload that file. Just we have created sample file Here you have to select the column on which mobile numbers has been put here We are selecting mobile number column If you just want to send text Sms, just type your sms hello, sir If you want to push [plus] smsed you have to select this option for back push this option Vcard Unicode unicode in the sense you can send Sms in different languages here 18 languages are provided by us for sending Sms like suppose you will select a Hindi language and type hello it will automatically convert into the same language Dynamic Sms here. We are going to send a dynamic Sms for text you can also preview Sms like hello So how it will look on user mobile? We can check through So now we are going to send Dynamic Sms What you have to do is just type a message and put hash B Hash so it will automatically put names from the exam like excel file your choice of hash Please be alone you [hear] it’s showing how much characters you have used till [long] if it will exceed 160 character It will show to Sms count here. You want to share [dual] this sms for future event or future date You can put date here in Time here. We are sending it right now. So we have selected sign now button now launch campaign Total Sm Estimated to total Sms and [2] and cad is deducted to Current balance is 13 isomers if you want to send another Sms click here if you want to check delivery reports you can click here Like from here. We can check delivery reports See when Sms has been delivered the number was D and e so Sms has not been delivered on the second number? You can download also the reports from here You can check your schedule Sms from here Total transactions in your account for [this] Sms types [who] graphical representation of your campaigns here is developers api section? Developers api section in the sense if you want to push a so much through your website or software all you need is the Api’s here All epa’s samples are provided like your order key is provided here api key If you want to apply Shore Sammis api that push us MSA pIv card unicode apiary table? All sample a pages are provided here XML ApI parameters are provided For sending Sms user log user log, you can check how much? Sms has been deducted and credited in your account like for a last campaign when SmS has been deducted the [preferred] log this is memory funneled up for 20th October 2015 on Tan 8 and he caught different on this number See here you are seeing 13s amazing promotional route and five refunds this month here If you will refresh it it will show you 14 Sms one Sms refund for last campaign Here on dashboard you can check [your] latest campaigns latest transactions You can also manage your contacts from here. You can create groups and contacts suppose if you want to take Sender Id what you have to do is just click on Sender. Id add new Sender Id You should be Sixteen six alphabets long not less than that and not not less than or not more than that save changes Like this under Heidi has been sent for approval Same way templates You can upload your templates from here by clicking on add new template Thanks for watching. Thank you


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