How to use TeraCopy to copy and transfer files faster | video tutorial by TechyV

Hi, this is Lesan Pasio from Today I’m going to show you a quick
review on Teracopy, the fastest window copy tool. One of the most common complaints about
newier versions of Windows is the slow copying speed, especially while transfering lots of files. If you want to speed up your copy or if you regularly transfer large amounts of data and have to stop the process to perform some other intensive task, this program is just what you need. Teracopy is a compact program designed to copy and move files at it’s
maximum possible speed providing the user a lot of features. Copies files faster. Teracopy uses dynamically adjusted buffer to reduce sync times, pause and resume file transfer, error recovery, interactive file list, shell interation and full unicode support. To download Teracopy, go to this URL and you can find the downloading link
here and click on it. You can see that the latest version of that, teracopy is being downloaded. Please wait until the download is complete. The download is completed. Go to the download folder and double click on the Teracopy file. Give permission. And then you can see that the Teracopy set up has started. Click next to continue. Accept the License Agreement and click next. Click next and here you can see that it asks for the destination location. You can click browse if you want to store the Teracopy in
another location. This is the default location and click next. Here it asks for some additional options by creating a desktop icon and associating Teracopy with .md5 and .sfv files. I recommend checking this create desktop icon and clicking next. The Teracopy is successfully installed. And click next. It asks whether to launch Teracopy. Make sure it is ticked and click Finish. This tiny little thing is the Teracopy, the fastest copy tool for Windows. Now let’s copy some files and test our Teracopy. I have some files here. Let’s copy this folder to this techyv folder. This select Copy or press control c as shortcut or do whatever method you traditionally use, press copy and paste it here. You can see another Teracopy window. There is 180MB file to be copied. Click start now to start the copy. You can see that the copying is under process. Its fast, very fast and it’s done. You have copied the file to here. The best part of Teracopy is that, you don’t have to play with lot of settings and it acts as a just normal copy tool. But it always copies much much faster than the standard Windows copy tool. You are watching a quick review on Teracopy, the fastest Window copy tool. This is Lesan pasio from Signing off.


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