Hunting Stereotypes

you mind if I give it a go I've never called in the field so don't have a call though so people I have a call that's a good one right here sir grandpappy gave it to me scoot back just a little bit further stick your hand up high like you're holding oh you looks like an elephant is an elephant yes posted go Street get back here Bo wait for you let him bring the dog hey babe remember that shotgun I was telling you about yeah I'm it Bass Pro right now and they've got a killer deal on it how much Oh three or four hundred okay you can get a purse just keep it under 400 just do a 400 on the car do the rest in cash like that huge book right under now he's running away these expensive on top of the line oh yeah crystal clear box them up for me hey those binoculars I'll take a rifle scope – I'll sir these are spotting scope Oh give me 200 yeah anything are you mad donkey butter is it even don't you seize it this is more of a collector's piece it's got some gold plates ain't no more I want a box up right now all right before you see any major gaps I need to fill go ahead and hit me between the blue wing and Mawlid hate to say it but you know what I'm realizing I'm already thinking the same thing let the other half of the decoys at the house I'll be right back the trigger smooth oh okay is that normal shut the mojo what's the Mojo dude you should that yesterday hit that light comes a group up high over the trees way up there you boys ready gotta go oh dude we saw nine tons of nothing to start but you'll see like 30 years and turkeys yeah what direction they come from East oh they're on the east west lateral line yeah yeah surprised they're still not here Gare let's go the quail are gonna shoot themselves hey I don't have any orange pants do ya my bottom half looks very quail like you have got to be kidding me somebody's got a trail cam up in my area we can solve that problem real quick hey what are you doing my standard issue nice that's good here's a water oh yeah you brought eggs and bacon oh I'll take over medium if you got it yeah my gosh really home with a picture kind of coffee one I'm gonna go with this donuts oh that's not good big but big oh my coffee come on Oh first my teeth here I've always got dopey with me dear a small toothpaste from a mile away that's fresh Cedar's a great masking sin guys covered up and bird sounds like a war zone over here you know the limit 15 right absolutely I mean I already got one alright bomb a couple rounds man man the I said he's not here but he's leave it on the table for us do she even take yeah dude the guy probably worked hard on he feel like he's looking at you I know he's definitely looking at me what's up guys thanks for watching special thanks to our friends at Bass Pro Shops for helping us pull this whole thing off for all your outdoor needs make sure you go to Bass Pro calm and check out their stores too cuz they're pretty neat you want to see our last video click right here sign up for now cooler pounding pounding clothes no you got enough petrol dared do something good Michael Jackson's whoa right finish with it french-canadian slow dance [Applause] Oh wrong end


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