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HP Web Services are available on HP’s line
of web-connected printers. These printers connect directly to the Internet,
and with HP Web Services enabled, allow you to print to your printer using HP ePrint. You can also access and print preformatted
web content, using HP Print Apps installed on your printer. And on certain printer models,
some print apps even allow you to schedule when you want content to print automatically
on your web-connected printer. And, to help you manage both ePrint functions
and Print Apps, HP provides a free HP ePrintCenter website. To use Web Services, your printer must be
connected to an active network providing Internet access. HP ePrint is a free service from HP that allows
you to print to your web-connected printer from any location where you have access to
email. It’s as simple as sending an email to the email address assigned to your printer
when you enable Web Services on the printer. No special drivers or software are needed.
If you can send an email, you can print using ePrint. With ePrint you can print a picture of a funny
puppy you met at a coffee shop, or a document. ePrint supports most file formats, including
PDF, HTML, and standard text attachments, as well as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and
Outlook. Once you’ve enabled Web Services on your web-connected
printer, and your ePrint email address has been activated, supported pictures or documents
emailed to the address will be printed on your web-connected printer. To reduce the threat of a virus or phishing
content, HP ePrint provides spam filtering, and transforms email and attachments to a
print-only format. To protect your printer further from unwanted
print jobs, viruses, and SPAM, only provide your printer’s email address to those you
trust. If you’ve set up an account on the ePrintCenter
website, you can also use ePrint settings to control who can send emails to your printer. When you first set up your web-connected printer,
the control panel display gives you the option to enable Web Services. This option appears after you’ve connected
your printer to a network that provides Internet access. When you are prompted to enable Web Services,
touch OK. These screens may look different based on
which web-connected printer you have. All of HP’s web-connected printers have Web Services
menus and ask similar questions. If you choose not to enable Web Services during
your printer’s initial setup, you can do so at any time. Depending on your printer, touch
the ePrint button on the control panel display or on your device. When you enable Web Services, your printer
connects to the HP ePrint service and prints an Info Sheet. This sheet contains the information you need
to add your printer to your HP ePrintCenter account, and get the ePrint email address
assigned to your printer. Once you’ve signed up for an account on
ePrintCenter, you can sign in and view your ePrint job status and manage your ePrint printer
queue. You can also use ePrint Settings to create
a list of those you will allow to print to your printer’s ePrint email address. While
setting up the list, you can also enable or disable the sending of email confirmations
to those on the list. In addition to ePrint management, ePrintCenter
also allows you to add, remove, and configure print apps for some printers. For more information
on print apps, see the video “Introduction to HP Print Apps”. For help with ePrint, print apps, and your
printer, click the Help button at the top of the ePrintCenter webpage. After highlighting the Help button and indicating
that it has been clicked, the following Help page is shown. Web Services, including ePrint, Print Apps,
and, on some printers, Scheduled Printing, provide new options and flexibility on your
HP web-connected printer. Use ePrint emails to print photos or documents
from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop when at work or on the road. From your printer control panel display, use
print apps to print pre-formatted content like projects, recipes, coupons, travel information,
and more. And, on some printers, schedule daily printing
of a newspaper or weekly recipe suggestions using scheduled printing.

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