Jason breaks down in tears upon seeing Aira’s new boyfriend | MMK (With Eng Subs)

[WHISTLE BLOWING] To help myself move on,
I distracted myself by joining the cheer and dance team
of the College of Dentistry. [CROWD CHEERING] I heard that Aira would be
joining a competition. I went to the school
to show my support and to see her. Because no matter what I did, I just couldn’t get her
off my mind. [CROWD CHEERING] But like what they say… …regrets always come
in the end. Aira! Oh… – Jason.
– I saw your performance. You still dance very well. Congratulations. Thank you. Where are you headed?
I can drive you there. – Um… No need, Jason.
– Come on. I insist. – Aira!
– Let’s go so– We still have to go somewhere. Um, hi.
I’m Dale, Aira’s boyfriend. Jason. – Come on.
– We need to go, Jason. Sure, take care. – Let me get your things.
– Oh, thank you. When I saw Jason,
I missed him even more. It was like all the memories
we shared together came rushing back to me. It also made me realize that
I never once stopped loving him. But I knew that it was wrong
to still love him. When I saw Aira
with another guy… that’s when I felt
the pain… …regret, and sadness
even more. I also realized how much
I still loved her. [“BLANKO” PLAYING] Aira, dear? Aira? Why are you crying? Did you and Dale have a fight? To be honest, Ma,
Dale’s been really good to me. He loves me very much. But you’re having a hard time. I’ve been trying to love him
the same way he loves me. But why can’t I do it, Ma? I don’t want to hurt Dale. But, dear… Listen… If he gets his hopes up
and thinks that you are able to
love him completely, it will hurt him even more if he finds out that
you can’t do that! Aira. You can’t teach the heart
to love someone… …if that person
isn’t who’s meant for you. It’s just like dancing, dear. Every part of a song
has a corresponding move. If you make the wrong move, then it’ll ruin the dance.


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