Kids React to le Internet Medley

Kids react on funny videos Kids react on good videos viral videos! this episode… le internet medley! *electric guitar music* aw it’s nion cat! ba ba bada badabada ba ba baaah. they’re makin’ fun of keyboard cat? oh my gosh no way u mad bro? oh! nununununu! lolololo oh ok, now I understand what’s going on. they’re like combining all the videos together! i’m a firin my lazor!!(Lazor) that’s ill. what’s this? hahaha oh, that’s cool! oh my god! it’s too much! it’s too much! my brother would LOVE this. this might be the BEST video ever. oh yeah the badgers ha! gihahhaha ahahahaha!! All Your Base Belong to us this is so weird! turtle. that was really cool that was pretty cool. THESE PEOPLE ARE GENIUSES!! QUESTION TIME! so what was going on in the music video? ugh! my brain is like still ugh! everything in the world that was epic. was that 1 video?! yeah. what?! cats everywhere. black friday! er, videos friday! all i’ll say is I love it. all i can say is i threw up all over this video. what do all the things they were showing you do you have in common? viral videos! stuff that’s like, popular on the internet. like, a collision of all these YouTube internet sensation characters like, coming together do you have any idea what an internet meme is? no. not really. i don’t know. a collage of videos? a collision of all of them? so what is it? an internet meme is anything that came from the internet that has spread quickly to lots of people so lots of videos that weve shown you on the show have become internet memes. oh, ok. now that you know what it means, why do they call all it a meme? don’t you mean, now that i know what it MEMES?! ba-dum chh. i don’t know, the word does not really fit the… description. oh my gosh! and then its like “oh my gosh!” i really have no idea how is it spelled? M-E-M-E me-me. it’s all about YOU and what YOU like. So iTS Me-Me And So Did you Like The Song? I LOVED The Song Ya It Was Cool I Liked It everything i like combined into 1 thing u have a favorite part? the “imma firin’ my lazor” i like when they were with the “numa – numa” guy and they were like every part than had neon cat. when neon cat was, like, sleeping and like “aw that’s so cute” so this video had a lot of memes in it. so can you list the things you recognized? ok, uh, neon cat, badger badger badger badger kayboard cat. rebecca black yeah, of course rebecca black numa numa maya hee! maya hoo! firin my lazor. double rainbow. peanut butter jelly time chocolate rain. instead of breathing he was PUKING RAINBOWS! neurotic squirrel awesome face, trololol song, true story, rage faces, the troll face, theyres probably more in here but i didnt spot em. im guessing 5, how many are there? theyres actually over 40. oh my god! what would be a reason that a band would decide to do a song like this? i have no idea. let me ask you a better question. what is a reason somebody WOULDNT make a video like that? if theyre bored, or if they like watch a lot of YouTube videos. cuz you know how each thing seperately is popular? i guess they may have figured that if they brought it all together, that it would get, like, a billion hits or something. do you think it’s a creative idea? yes. yes! no, it’s ingenius, that’s what that was. probably the best idea ive ever seen. would you ever listen to songs by them that had nothing to do with the internet? yes. maybe. mmm. no. no. it’s not my type of music. if they did a regular that has nothing to do with the internet, then I would unsubscribe. so this video came out less than a month ago. so how many views do you think it has so far? i think a million. 2 million? 3 million. a hundred and fifty two hundred and sixty what number was that? three hundred and two hundred and sixty 6 million 7 hundred and 42 pretty close! around 7 and a half million. oh ok. thats a REALLY far number i wasnt even CLOSE to that many. wow.people are fast these days. how are they gonna figure that out that fast? how do people find out about memes? like, how have you ended up finding out about these? years and years of internet surfing and just looking at weird comics, i guess. friends, really. you know, on the side of YouTube, theyres like other videos, like, next to it. so ive watched those, and then i keep going to the side because theyres like similar videos. i find a lot of my videos from you guys. i am up-to-date when i come here. a lot of times i find things when im bored on YouTube. youre bored 1 day and then now you know all this stuff. so why would a song like this get so popular so fast? i dont know, people love the internet everybody will know at least 1 of those things in there, and theyll be like “oh i love that” or “oh i hate that” what other memes do you wish they put in the video oh… im a gummy bear cat lady it’s over 9000. this is the best burrito ive ever eaten the greatest freak-out. i wanna marry him. and what do you want to say to the band for making this video? great job!! two thumbs! amazing! i love you. NOT in a creepy way. you deserve a gold medal. also a nobel prize really thank you everybody loves this!


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