Las 7 ubicaciones más aterradoras de Google Maps y Google Earth por Angel David Revilla

One of the many utilities that technology offers us is to help us solve mysteries of life and the world But in fact, what it has done the most until now is helping us find them Google Earth is an excellent example of it and on the 6th of October 2005 When high resolution photos of the whole globe were taken by a satellite until having created a full map of our planet not only a world of intriguing, mysterious and suspicious images was opened for us but also disturbing and incredible That help us understand better a place that no one knows is this marvelous but also inhospitable and terrifying as it can truly be Our world In this video you’re going to see lots of weird locations Some, can get to be disturbing Others, entail a mystery that until today no one has solved And all of them share a similarity: They are a 100% real These are the 7 most terrifying Google Maps locations Number 7 A lot of times discoveries are made that at the end of the day end up being a simple coincidence of nature Not only in this world but in Mars as well Many conspiracy theories have been demolished by something as simple as the position of the sun and the position of shadows in certain geographical areas But there comes a point when the accuracy of some images is so vast that trying to explain it as a product of pure luck seems an impertinence And this is an example of it It is known as The Face of Satan It was located on the outskirts of Atlanta in The United Sates And it was found by chance by an Internet user who immediately took a screenshot for posterity on the Internet Do you want to know something interesting? The city of Atlanta, in the state of Georgia, is one of the most religious places in the whole world And an even more interesting fact is If you read the description of the video, you’ll find the coordinate to see this image yourself just a click away But mysteriously, the face is no longer there Maybe because of superstitious people that modified the land Number 7 Number 6 While it was possible to witness its horror, The Lake of Blood in Iraq was by far one of the most unpleasant locations on Google Maps Fortunately, such a hideous photograph was preserved to its history on the Internet No one knows why there was a time when this lake was completely red Some said that it was a result of sediments coming out of the sewers as a result of pollution But that theory doesn’t explain why it only happened to this lake instead of to the rest of lakes as well But this event has another explanation way worse It is known that close to this area that is located in the city of Baghdad There are some slaughterhouses It is thought that due to the poor environmental, sanitary and police controls of that country, useless animal remainders are thrown out to this lake Transforming it in an horrific and real blood sea Maybe this country’s authorities Have already taken action on this matter since by clicking the link in the description of this video, you can fortunately see that nowadays it looks clean But the fame it got is indelible Number 6 Number 5 There are only a few more depressing things to do on the Internet than exploring through Google Maps Pripyat ghost’s town specially when you see the wheel of fortune of the abandoned theme park It’s located in Ukraine, territory which used to belong to the old Soviet Union Here happened the worst accident in history Chernobyl If you search well, you can see the abandoned nuclear power plants But by far the worst part is the ghost town next to them The entire place was necessarily evacuated Not even animals are able to live here Those that managed to live probably died from radiation Abandoned factories, abandoned buildings, car cemeteries Pripyat is a truly spectral town and a quite lugubrious place to see on Google Maps Number 4 Caverns are seen as terrifying places for a good reason They are terribly hostile places to human beings Which doesn’t mean they are uninhabitated Some are really deep so exploring them is extremely difficult and dangerous As a result, it’s unkown where the deepest and most inhospitable ones end I introduce you the most myterious cavern in the world It is located in Antarctica Its entrance is colossal And until these days, there hasn’t been a human being on the face of Earth that has explored it It was discovered truly recently in 2003 And maybe it is the first of many deep caverns that are located in the polar territory Other caverns have been discovered But none as colossal and strange as this one Some people say that such entrance is too weird to be natural They think that it was built. From that moment on, there had been a lot of theories Some say that it’s related to aliens Others are convinced that it’s an old abandoned nazi military base Whatever the case may be, you can see it yourself in the description of the video Number 4 Number 3 The third position is not related to someting mystical or mysterious but to something horrific and pernicious And it’s worse this way, as it confirms the horrible and real nature of this place I introduce you Linfen Known as the most polluted city in the world People that live here have a really low quality of life But even worse; a very poor and insignificant life expectancy Linfen’s inhabitants die young and sick The probability to develop cancer in this place is huge And it’s a cruel and hard proof of human’s misery It’s hard to think that places like this one still exist It’s a large city heavily industrialized Urban order is nonexistent There’s a distinct lack of environmental authorities The constructions were improvised and factories and their endless steaming chimneys are far more important Which are alongside residental areas The fact is that it’s terrible to see this through Google Maps because as soon as you do it, you’ll notice that the images aren’t clear All of them have a heavy gray cloud Don’t worry; it’s not your internet connection neither the map being pixelated It’s just the intense smog that dominates this place And the best way to realize how much there is, is by comparint it to your own city with Google Maps if there’s a case that your city is known for its pollution you’ll see that your city is nothing compared to Linfen Number 3 Number 2 Unfortunately, there are worse things than number 3 We’ve already spoken about the most polluted city in the world Now, we’re going deeper to explore something worse This is Chittagong’s port in Bangladesh But it’s internationally known with another name that, honestly, suits it best: Hell on Earth This is the most polluted place in the world It’s a place where ships are dismantled that not only works for Bangladesh, or colossals like China or India, which are neighbour countries but of the whole world Ships, cruises, ocean liners, oil tankers… All types of boats are thrown here when their use is no longer needed And the settlers of the place dismantle the boats to sell their parts or fix them With the naked eye, it looks like a place out of this world, like an apocalyptic thing Something out of a devastated extra-terrestrial planet is more like it The sea is infested with oil, Fuel and damaging chemicals The air is almost flammable Oxygen has a high venom percentage Water is black The land became mud or quicksand The air is corrosive And just because of the homicidal nature of this place, Life here is not worthy Working here is a death sentence And there are settlers from Bangladesh that do it, and are systematically replaced year by year Many die, and others arrive They sleep and build little markets, citadels and bars inside the abandoned ship’s carcasses When the night comes, they make campfires in bogs of oil Without a doubt, this is probably the most miserable place in the world Number 2 Number 1 It’s really difficult to beat the second place But there are many locations that, if put together, do it by far If there’s a World war III These places will have a key role to play in order to annihilate our society the way we know it And here, the end of mankind, or, at least, a loss of 90% of human lives of the world could be orchestrated I introduce you to the censored locations of Google Maps By global power orders, these places must not be seen by anyone They belong to nuclear installations Do you know what’s the worst part? That they are distributed all around the world including some that are outside the boundaries of the countries that own them It’s all a military scheme that surrounds the world Of it, only one conclusion is settled: If these places are activated someday, No one and nothing in this planet is going to be safe If you liked the video, please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends That would help me a lot Subscribe and add me on my social media I’ll be waiting for you This is Dross and I wish you a good night


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