Let's Talk Deep Patterns on the Internet! And How to Fight Back!

our friends are listening to your keystrokes and your voice commands they're waiting for the opportune time to front-run their crappy products that they couldn't sell otherwise on its own merits otherwise they wouldn't be stooping to these tactics others will you know record your intimate browsing habits and sell it to the highest bidder but thanks to GDP our European users now can see exactly where the data is going in to whom is shared it's the law so a user on Hacker News around it toward discussing the topic of dark patterns shared a screenshot as he was allowing you know TechCrunch to you know to use to have access to to the data so TechCrunch here is showing is partnering with Google and you can see Google will then be sharing all that information to it's a screenshot so I can scroll down but you see how small that scrollbar is yeah to hundreds of other partners so basically you know whenever you are you go to not just TechCrunch any big site they based a basically selling what you did how long you were there the day you were there how many times you revisit it they're selling all that to their partners I call them their partners are special friends who are going to be up selling the out of us so it's it's a balance I am all for a no free content online I'm all for journalism I'm all for great sites like TechCrunch which which I actually like a lot but I want to make sure it's very clear and transparent so sad it's only JD PR gdpr that makes them and I'll admit to this it should be transparent to everybody and especially they should not be using you know underhanded or direct lies which is not of case this is very clear right transparent but others aren't as transparent and that's what's shameful you know I've got you know making sure that either they're gonna have the data or you pay for it right but give give give options to people so welcome to the Brown show my name is Manuel I'm gonna please sign up for my newsletter it's right here in the middle of the page this video will be filed on the channels and state of the industry will see all my other videos on the topic of state of the industry good and bad things happening here also you know please subscribe to the channel give it some big thumbs up share it with your friends appreciate it so dark patterns it's definitely something that is given to anything that's underhanded so where they this could using its that the language is not clear or they're basically lying to you just to break down those the privacy walls and take everything from you and share it everybody for free right so here I they're very elusive and they're hard to find but I found my own here Santa Gloria is a coffee shop I like to go to here in Barcelona so it's in Europe and you know like any coffee shops right you get coffee pastries you expect free Wi-Fi if they don't offer it I'm gonna go elsewhere here they are offering it they're going through a service from Internet access area which has a big big green blue button saying login with Facebook know why don't haven't you learn anything from Cambridge analytical I'm not sharing anything through Facebook you know it's just it's basically you know broadcasting it to the world so most people they see this you know there's just no other option they say ok well if I got a answer that email I get it get online I'm gonna have to give them my facebook information so you can scroll down because it's Europe JDP are wait they legally have to tell you exactly who they're dealing with business with otherwise they'll be fined you scroll down and the bottom it says skip and go online immediately okay do you see how to do that no there's no button nothing right this is pretty much of a dark pattern you click on it you zoom in just because you know I mentioned in this topic you see here you know mention you know we care about your privacy no you don't you care because it's gdpr otherwise you wouldn't be doing this and then you if you really cared about it this would be the first option you know login without sharing information or login with information I've paid customer I've paid to go to this coffee shop and here it is it's these four little words here it's a link to get you online so I know about it now I use it automatically a lot of people go there who come with me to that coffee shop with a phone you can't read this it's exact same font impossible to read they just sign in with with Facebook right it's pretty sad so this is a dark pattern there are plenty of other dark patterns so this is a really good paper that was written by looks like mostly researchers at Princeton but somebody also from the University of Chicago they analyzed dark patterns at scale findings from a crawl of 11,000 shopping websites so the good thing about it is they have cliff notes for people with short attention span like me and it tell you exactly what they did so like I said they they analyzed 14 thousands shopping websites and they discovered out of them over 10 percent had dark patterns so things like I just showed you right there so let's go through them this is great so they broke them in different categories sneaking so this is the surprise in your you know in your shopping cart like here it says you know oh you're getting the greeting card service oh I didn't know I was getting that and it's for 4 bucks right the warranty or the screen protector kind of makes you drops into whatever you're buying right another five bucks hidden cost this is always interesting like a care and handling very elusive apparently you know they need a little extra like the tipping themselves before they want to send their you know the product that they're already making you know profit off is just is pretty bad he didn't hidden cost or I hid a subscription right saying hey do you want to get free free shipping and you say oh yeah sure of course I want free shipping you click on it and suddenly you look in your cart and you are getting you're not getting free shipping you're buying a service for a yearly fee a reoccurring fee of something like 89 bucks and they will ship it for free so pretty scandalous let's scroll down to another category urgency oh I love these these are the countdown timer so if you ever work with WordPress the CRM tool they have a hundred of countdown timers and you look at it they basically just countdown once it gets a zero it just goes right back up this tight to nothing it's just BS it's just together oh I better jump in right at night I really want this right you know once you know how this works whatever you can see is tied to nothing it is just BS they have tons of them other ones is saying was this one limited time message for a limited time deal right yeah let's go misdirection I really like this one confirm shaming this is funny would you like 15% off of your purchase yes I like the discount or the other option is no thanks I like the full price they should just say hey no thanks I'm a complete idiot I don't want to I want to pay full price why not right you know I would I'm fine I would click that yeah I'm not kidding I don't want I don't want the discount right this is a fun interesting one to visual inference that interference they're playing with you know UX design to make it look like this has been disabled so people look at it as well I gotta go yes right because this looks like this completely grayed out is disabled this is definitely deceptive practices pretty bad and apparently you can click it um trick questions this is always sad when I use like these double negatives you have a pop-up that come and says you know you know no I don't want to go there are you sure you want to go and how to cancel button so you don't know if you're cancelling going there cancelling for not wanting to go there right very very bad double negative is rebadow smo s– you know most people for not not native English speakers they have no idea what you're talking about pressured selling right is the never-ending upsell oh but well throw in this for an extra well throw in that you know it's kind of funny when you're watching the infomercial on TV with the guy who's really good at it but you know seeing that kind of stuff constantly automated in an automated fashion is just sad social proof this is always funny to Jaclyn from Jacksonville just save $52 blah blah blah oh if she say $50 you know I'm Jacqueline and I should buy that dress too right yadi yadi had a pretty bad scarcity right this will they give you a stock only three left in stock you know you got a hurry well you know you go back to the site they will always say only three left in stock obstruction obstruction right this is this is you know this is pretty bad basically they allow you to do something really easy but to cancel or customer care it's very complicated or you got a fax between you know 1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. on Tuesdays right so easy to buy very hard to get out and finally a force to action where you know you there's no other options right you say I am NOT a robot and yes you know you you want you know you basically have they have you opt in we're all users I'm not a robot but they'll have you automatically opt in to you know to get to join some kind of plan whatever so really bad very sad check out the paper it's at web transparency that siesta prints in the a do for / dark patterns I highly recommend this really good stuff so you know they are illegal things right so and we do see them come out and use for example this was just made the news while back TurboTax was hiding the free the ability of having free tax services in the US you have to have be able to you know to get services to to do your yearly taxes for free they say it somewhere and then it's extremely hard to get to kind of like what I'll show you that coffee shop you got a dig-dig-dig they're not gonna make it easy at all and they're getting sued and good for them also that happened to 18 they were tagging extra costs at the end from the advertised price they got sued they lost they have to pay back so I'm very happy about that and you know people legislation is taking notice here is a bipartisan legislation against dark patterns from both Senator Mark Warner and Deb Fischer from Nebraska Mark Warner from Virginia Deb Fischer from Nebraska they are you know wanting to raise awareness and they want to make these things illegal the problem is a lot of this stuff is very hard to prove it's illegal here is the typical you know 1199 this is this predates the internet but it's exactly the same concept is basically you're thinking that Oh 1199 I'm gonna get this deal for 11 bucks this is awesome it's 99 cents away from 11 and only one dollar once sent away from 12 right so you're really getting it for 12 but these are psychological things and there's nothing illegal right that's the price we decided to just you know to make our salad right boom right there's nothing but there are definitely some illegal ones where you know they're blatantly lying to you or advertising something and giving something else and these people get sued and I think that's great that they're raising awareness for this so there is a way to fight back this is from Mozilla and a Firefox they come up with it and they came up with this great tool to fight back and stick it to the advertisers basically given him the middle finger so I made this video a while back where you know I'd do a lot of financial videos and I had this ad about scooters following me forever just because I saw some funny shape scooters one day in the streets I'm not interested in buying scooter but I saw them and I'm like what's going on I looked online because I was just curious to see you know what what are the trends in scooter and this ad this particular ad was been following me everywhere on all sorts of different sites it was so annoying I mean and I'm sick of scooters you know everywhere right so this is exactly what they do here so here you can choose between four characters hyper beast filthy-rich doomsday or influencer and they're gonna open over a hundred tabs right says let's let us open a hundred tabs of pure madness to fool trackers into thinking you're someone else so I'll pick out one with a filthy rich and I started having all these ads for Ferraris and Ibiza vacation at the very least is fun and it was nice to get a break for from seeing scooters all the time so before I started because it does open a hundred tags in your browser so we're gonna I'm gonna do this this right here and you know hopefully it's not gonna crash my browser let me just plug a book I mean I wrote here it was unrelated on this topic it's called you know defense against the dark digital attacks and in it I travel a lot and I oftentimes want to be able to work safely from wherever I am coffee shops Airport I'll talk about VPNs I talk about you know moving most of your work to the cloud so if somebody steals your laptop you're back up and running I use talked about service like Google Voice where if some of my phone breaks I can borrow other person phones and I can start receiving calls within minutes so all this little tactics I've used to keep me up and running and working and making sure that I'm not dependent on hardware they take away my hardware it breaks I lose it I and I never lose anything it's backed up and I'm up and running so this book check it out you can check it out on on Amazon constantly put my first and last name you'll see all my books and this book is right here defense against the dark digital attack so please check it out and now I'm gonna open this so it's simply HTTP four slash four slash track this dot the link is that easy so I am gonna go with influencer and what it's gonna do is it's gonna open many many many browsers many tabs in my browser so let's see what happens so we're gonna open a hundred tabs to make you look like an influencer yay advertiser will now think you obsess over skin care routines holistic remedies astrology and meditation apps and of course pushing the likes and subscribers on your vlog Wow yeah like skin care and I like subscribers okay warning this will open 100 plus tabs in your browser be prepared are you ready yep okay so it gives you a warning you gotta allow pop-ups which I did allow okay so let me try again oh here it is open a hundred tabs thanks there it is look at them coming in opening up I'll try to click on one see what it is about it's moving in too fast so in case I did disconnected it's just the whole computer crashed there it is I'm now gonna be an influencer thanks for watching

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