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In a deadly force encounter stopping a threat might mean pulling the trigger a lot more than you think it will Hi, everyone. This is John with today’s active self-Protection lesson out of Indianapolis, Indiana We are going to see here a long-standing neighbor feud that boils over into a gunfight It’s going to teach us some important lessons about the legal use of Deadly Force. We’re also going to learn about stopping the threat reliably and the Incredible resilience of the human body The men in this video have a long-standing feud. Go read the news stories on my web site They’ve interacted over a dozen times and had a lot of problems They’re having a problems over this fence interchange here So this guy’s going over calling them all kinds of dirty names and stuff if you go watch the original then it gets on his mower now the guy on this side of the fence is going to go and see what he’s done and It’s all going to go south in a minute So let’s listen in on the gunfight as it happens, and then we’ll come back and start to assess and learn some lessons if you were counting that with 16 toting gunshots and Now you think gosh man this guy’s got to be completely out of the fight 16 gunshots have gone off But what you’re going to see is I think our defender here has gotten completely out of the danger zone this guy who is shot in the chest four times? Gets up and walks off They actually the paramedics found him in his kitchen, and he is currently in critical condition last I checked Let’s go back and learn some lessons on this one as always eight lessons on our website And you know the thing that I want to talk start talking about here is these escalating verbal conflicts very difficult here But you got to watch your ego and you got to try to just be at peace with the people as Possibly as much as you can because this guy has a gun on him that the the lady who’s in whose house? he lives says he actually took from her and didn’t have her permission to have they asked did this guy really need to come into A gunfight well it starts going south? When this guy has messed with the fence and called him names and whatever and our defender is coming Over to see what he’s done and to undo it, so this is a long simmering feud you know a chance you can deescalate Because what happens here you see you can see right now that right through the fence We can see that this guy on the mower has drawn a gun He’s gotten a gun out of his pocket and brandished it now where I live in, Arizona We call that aggravated assault that right there brandishing a firearm assault with a deadly weapon Aggravated assault depending on your jurisdiction this guy is just threatened deadly force against you and our defender can certainly Fear for his life there, and he notices right here He sees finally oh my gosh that guy had a gun on him now I’ve been paying some attention to this really kind of work through the video very carefully and one of the things that you can see Here is from the time that he sees. What’s going on You can see right here in the video that the guy on them on the mower his arm is down He’s got his arm down at his side and our defender is going to get his gun up and you can see That the guy on the mower his arm comes up as well And that first shot is so close you can just see his gun here I think he beat him by point one point two It was very very close now that first shot as you can see does something to him a call that the fifth factor, right? Fudge I’ve been shot puts one in and put the second one in him right there And you can see the guy starting to respond to that That’s why we say you want to be first the first person to put shots on-target Generally wins the deadly force encounter So now more shots start coming. Why? Because the threat is still up. Now our good guy here Finally stopped shooting and he recognizes, okay, wait a minute I have to assess those first nine shots that he took they came very very quickly He shot very fast to try to see over his sights and end the threat now You got to reassess and say is there still a threat around? But you got to do so in smart ways don’t put yourself back in the danger Zone What our good guy decides to do here is go up and check and you have to take another shot here decides to retreat? We jokingly you know called up a tactical hokey-pokey here you go You know put your whole self in you take your whole self out instead Just take your whole self out get out of that danger zone as fast as you can now as we continue on here I think from listening to the other shots I think these six shots if you watch the video actually come from the guy on the mower that he’s just kind of shooting Randomly the reports are different I’m not positive on that but that’s a good reason to get out of the danger zone if indeed those shots are his and finally we want to recognize that even when a Suspect is down They may not be completely out the human body is remar be resilient, and you can the stretch can re-emerge So if you’re not a law enforcement officer as soon as you get that threat down Get out of the danger zone because if this guy had more rounds on him he could continue to be a threat Thankfully our good guy got himself out of the danger zone got away from there So he wasn’t a threat so let’s learn here about de-escalation about being first to put shots on-target about responding effectively to Deadly force Encounters and about getting out of the danger zone to cover our ASP


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