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because Lunox is not getting banned on ranked games I will show you how I use Lunox in legend rank I also included the right and wrong things that I did but before we start I just want you to know that every weekend we have a giveaway if you want to join, what you need to do is Like this video, Subscribe then share this video to any social media platform then screenshot and send to master the basics facebook page also include you ID# and IGN it must be complete just like the example because it’s required and also include #justmasterthebasics I will announce the winner every weekend that’s why you need to finish this video, and if you are not yet subscribe hit subscribe and the notification bell shout out to our shoutout is for the first 10 only, so if you want to be shoutout, hit the notification bell to be notified if I have a new video ok? let’s go as you can see, this is Legend rank because I don’t have Lunox on my main account for Lunox you must use mage emblem then you need retribution to make it easy for you to take the buff Lunox is also a good mid laner because she can rotate fast here I noticed that Dyroth is taking the top buff, so I need to take the bottom buff instead of rotating to top, I will just rotate bot and because there are 3 heroes here, we can’t clear it fast and we need to go defensive here I used the retribution a little bit late because I’m still thinking if I can use it. i should be using it for the crab if I use it when I reach the first jungle creep, it will be cooldown already when I reach the crab Dyroth did a good rotation here because we are able to take the top crab now I plan to take the bottom crab if they are taking it, I will just try to steal but because my retribution is still on cooldown. it was hard for me to steal it my mistake here, we should’ve get back when I was not able to take the crab so when Guinevere caught me, I died Khufra didn’t buy roaming items that’s why I don’t receive much exp we were able to make a trade because my teammates on top was able to kill the enemy there I will fastforward on the boring parts here you will see that Dyroth and Hanabi is taking the turtle so we need to go there to help them remember that if you are the one who has retribution, your priority should be to take the turtle first it will be easier for you to take the turtle if you use your skill and retribution at the same time here, because they are going in 1 by 1, we were able to kill them and take the turtle it means we are leading on this stage here we need to take some objective, so we need to push mid lane but because enemies came, we were not able to take the tower the enemies were a little bit aggressive here but if you are a mage, you need to target who you can reach because you need to be alive after a teamfight here, I didn’t force myself to kill the enemy because I don’t have mana after I regen, I need to know where should I go or what objective should I take to know that you need to check the minimap as you can see on the map, I can take the buff and take the crab but because Aldous is on top, if top crab is open he will take it if bottom crab is open, the enemy should’ve taken it because the lane is advanced for now I just need to farm if you want to improve your map awareness and rotation, I made a guide that you can watch here you can see that Guinevere is killing Hanabi we can now go bot and because Guinevere’s skills are on cooldown, she can’t do anything and we can kill her next, you will see that Guinevere didn’t take the bottom crab maybe because this is just legend rank that’s why she didn’t take it remember guys that Crab is important because it gives you additional gold and because turtle respawns we need to take the turtle I didn’t use my ultimate on turtle because I’m thinking that enemies may come just like this, the enemies came, if there will be a teamfight I’ll be able to fight because I have my ultimate here I’m waiting for them to go back but because they advanced it’s easier for us to kill them. Rafaela was able to escape because of her sprint you can see that will kill the marksman first because he is more important but in a teamfight if the support has good positioning, it will be hard for us to kill the marksman here as you can see on the minimap, the enemies are coming the reason I was signalling gather for us to kill the minion wave we really need to get back because there are no enemies on the map if we were a little bit late on getting back, the enemies should’ve caught us that’s one advantage of having a map awareness here, we are just waiting for the enemies to come to us, but because they didn’t we just need to get back to farm crab respawns that’s why I went back to top lane but the right thing here is the Hanabi should be the one on top and I should be on the teamfight because Marksman should be focused on farming and split pushing on early game but because we need to push some towers, I am the one who does it the problem is, the enemies was able to kill my teammates that’s why they’re able to take our 2nd tower here you would notice that Aldous is 0-2 but he is the 2nd highest in gold and our teammates are already blaming him for not joining the teamfight for me it’s ok that he doesn’t join the teamfights on the early game as long as he was able to stack properly but because the enemies are leading that’s why our teammates is blaming him remember guys if your teammates are blaming you, just ignore them and focus on what you need to do you will notice in this teamfight that I’m not going in front because if you are a mage just target the one you can reach and if you are slowly taking the lead on the teamfight, you can advance the mistake I did here was I didn’t cast my 3rd skill early that’s why I was not able to kill Rafaela if you want to understand the role of a mage, I made a mage guide that you can watch here the enemies want to kill my low hp teammates that’s why I was able to kill Rafaela but there is a mistake that I will make on this teamfight most of the time when we are using Lunox’s ultimate, Chaos because our 2nd skill doesn’t have a cooldown we are still pressing it even if we can’t kill the enemies just like what happened here if I was not able to kill Gusion, I should’ve click my 1st skill twice then I can click my ultimate so I won’t die, and it’s also possible that I’ll be able to kill them but because I misclicked, that’s the reason why I die you would notice that for every wrong decision that I do, it led to my death here I know we are on lead, and I think Aldous is already strong because he was farming too long what I need to do is shove top lane, then go bot incase we need to take the Lord remember guys to pressure 1 lane first before taking the Lord so that there will be 1 enemy who will defend when you are taking the Lord but because Dyroth was caught here, there is a possibility that the enemy will take the Lord if they will push, we need to defend first if they will take the Lord, we need to try to contest it here, Khufra also throw I didn’t know why he go against five enemies, but because he died, it’s harder for us to contest the Lord as you can see, Aldous made a good decision here just to split push instead of defending because he will not be a huge help in defending here my only plan is to steal the Lord and get back and because the skill of Hanabi and my retribution hit at the same time, we were able to take the Lord here it’s hard for me to be alive, that’s why I just fight back but because Aldous came at the right time, we were able to kill them we are able to take the Lord and kill the enemies that’s why we are leading even if Dyroth and Khufra throwed if you will also notice my item build, I built neckace of Durance here to counter their heal this item is a good counter to Uranus and Rafaela and the reason why I build Concentrated energy first because it’s good for Lunox’s first skill and also Gusion will not be able to burst me easily if you also want to understand how to counter build, I made a counter build guide that you can watch here Rafaela made a wrong way you should not walk outside your base when there is a teamfight, because you can be caught easily specially if you are a support who needs to be at the back of your team you will notice here that Aldous is already strong this is the result of him focusing on farming later on our teammates will praise him, the one who blames him earlier and lastly if you will check my score 8-2-14, and our kills is 25 it means I was with the team on 22 of the 25 kills that we have it’s the result of a good rotation hope you learn a lot from this video, and because you reached the end of this video I want the winner of the giveaway to be the one who reached the end of the video for me to know if you really reached the end of the video, you need to answer my question message on my facebook page the answer along with the screenshot my question is, if you are able to watch my 1 tip to reach mythic explain it to me the best answer will be the winner of the giveaway and if you are not yet subscribe, hit subscribe and the notification bell always remember if you want to improve #justmasterthebasics I’m out

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