Make Money By Typing/Writing $30+ Per Hour (2 EASY SITES)

that's right in this video I'm gonna talk about how you can get paid for typing yes that's something believe it or not you can actually make money with I know some of you have some fast hands out up there and I want to show you how you can make money from it if you literally have like no job right now or you do have a job and I don't know you're bored and you just want to make some side income I'm just gonna get put this right out there okay because I don't want to make this sound bigger than what it is okay for some of you but this room require a little bit of skill okay and for those of you after you watch this video saying I don't know that I would be so good at that I'll let you know how you can acquire this skill to get paid and this is also something that's totally legit and people like have this sometimes as like their full-time job but first before I get into this I want you to go ahead and like this video right now if you're interested in seeing more videos from me showing sites ways ideas on what anybody can do to make an some extra money online or possibly make a full time income online like I'm doing I'm on Google I'm gonna go to a site called scrying scribe a is a cool company that connects people who can type really well with businesses or people who need you know their videos transcribed audio files meetings podcast conferences I think as you can see actually it's showing you right here what he can transcribe here so basically you're turning audio files into texts there are many companies that need this done subscribing is something you can you can work you can work for this company and they will hook you up with jobs and other companies that need you okay to transcribe their videos or whatever it is okay so when you first go on strike accom this is really what people would see if they're looking to buy into this service if they're needing something to be transcribed but we're gonna actually do is go all the way down to the bottom and what you're gonna do is you're gonna come way down here and click jobs okay and this is going to kind of give you a little more insight on what it is you're going to be doing this is where your circuit to get an idea of if this is gonna really be for you or not like I said this does require a little bit of skill but I will show you how you can get good at this still if you don't have it right now you'll need good communication skills proficient in spoken written English excellent comprehension of American British Austrian and Indian accents okay responsibilities okay transcribe audio files into text review audio transcripts for accuracy we're verify that the transcripts match the audio okay that's so basically proofreading other people if they've done a good job or not okay interpret the spoken audio and identify contextual mistakes okay correctly identify each speaker and the transcript and label them correct correct spelling punctuation grammatical mistakes in draft okay you get alright let's say if you want to apply here you'll click here it'll take you to where you're gonna start your application process for scribe okay now this is where you're gonna get a little bit even more insight on what it is you're really going to need to be doing and all of that as you can see they pay five to twenty five dollars per audio hour now let me break this down that does not mean necessarily that if you've been just trying to just transcribe a video for an hour that you're gonna make this basically each file you get to transcribe is not an hour okay I just want to make that really clear it's not like an hour alone okay there's short files as you can see 10 minutes or less and you have to do those that enough to equal an hour obviously to get paid out here you have to have a verified PayPal account that's when they pay what's cool about scribe II because I've seen some other transcription platforms but they all usually have like a high threshold for you to get paid out and for this one all you have to have in your account in your scribe II account is a dollar and you can withdraw that to your PayPal account so for those of you who really really need some money you know if you build up your account to I don't know how much you want you can literally just cash out okay even if you have a $1 in your scribe account this guy goes transcription process again now this is also something you're gonna obviously need some time for okay this isn't this isn't one of those get-rich-quick jobs or anything like that this is far from it actually to be honest with you but I've gotten a lot of requests from people literally wanting me to break down like jobs they can do online that they can do or easily learn how to do and this is one of them on scribe II you know some of these platforms paid more or less as you can see if you just only wanted to transcribe you can make 200 to 300 dollars monthly if you wanted to do transcription and review other you know work of others transcribers you can make 300 to 500 if you want to do this plus proofreading that's 500 or 700 and then this one here is 700,000 so there's some people that love this kind of stuff so I got some reviews on scribe II okay so we have perfect for some extra cash okay that's pretty cool this one this person says boring and long you know obviously there's gonna be negative and positive reviews about really anything out there so it's up to you to basically decide you know who you're gonna go aside but the you know negative or positive I tend to focus on the positive so this person you know like I said I don't know what they were expecting maybe they thought they weren't going to make a whole lot of money in one hour but like I said you know this is something that you're definitely gonna need some time with you know if you saw my other video yesterday that was something you didn't need as much time to do this is something you're definitely you know you're thinking about really doing this consistently if you can spare two to four hours a day doing this stuff you know that's probably what it would take for you to make you know some decent amount of money for you to want to keep doing it and so like I said this isn't something that's like a get-rich-quick thing and this one's is a great way to make a few extra bucks this person you know understood the expectation level that they should have for something like this so maybe one objection or maybe concern you may I was like well how good do I have to be at typing so you know I did some research on you know how fast does somebody really need to be to be a transcriber and so you know I found that slide if you click on this and I'm gonna get to the mobile version okay in here in a second but basically there is no set kind of speed or whatever but you know most companies obviously the faster you are the the more words you can get per minute the better so most transcriptionists can't type at least 50 words per minute there are sites out there you can go on that you can practice okay on your typing speed so if you're a little bit slow then take 20-30 minutes a day go to the ones practice sites and just practice okay you'll more than likely get good so let me get onto this a little bit longer because as I was doing research on this I was like you know what I'm kind of decent at typing on the keyboard even though I've been making money from home for six years and for some reason I'm still kind of slow typer I'm like I'm much faster on my cell phone so this should transcribe me company is one you can do on your phone okay literally on your phone and so this one right here is one thing that I could say like anybody with a smartphone that texts a lot your own social media a lot you probably have some fast thumbs you can probably get pretty good at this one if you're not good at the you know traditional computer to a computer desktop keyboard method I throw in a bonus one here this one is Rev calm okay this one is really good for beginners okay like if you are a little maybe you maybe you type 20 words per minute or 30 words per minute this is one you can start out with you know and make a little bit of money now what's really cool about doing this is that the better you are you kind of like get promoted on any of these platforms really so if they're saying that you're really getting good at this you're you're you're submitting a lot of work you can get promoted and actually get paid more money per transcription you do and on rent from what I was looking into a Reb is one of the ones that pay a little bit higher maybe you're not a beginner if you're already if you already know you have a crazy speed count for typing maybe you just want to go straight to rev com go through the application process and get started if you're somebody just wanting to make a little bit of extra money you know on a monthly basis you're not trying to learn something that's gonna have you go through some huge learning curve then something like this would be ideal for you now I want to say this if you're interested in wanting to know what my number one way I actually make money online full-time there's a link in my video description below you can click on to check out what I do it's more for serious people it's for people that you know want to eventually be like their own boss literally work for themselves it's not something that's gonna be for everybody but I will say it's something that anybody can learn if they put their mind to it and I'm willing to show people okay so anyways click that link another description below if you're somebody wanting to make a little bit more money and want to break the cycle of the rat race and learn some skills that you can apply to a whole lot of things in this life okay so today's that's it talk to you guys later again like the video subscribe if you haven't already and comment your thoughts on this video


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