Moshi Moshi Talks | S01E04 | Why you need a Website?

Moshi Moshi Everyone. Today we’ll be talking about “why do you need a website?” And everyone has got their website done in the industry. But frankly telling you, having a website is not going to sort your problem. You need to have a good website. I am going to divide my talk into three separate phases. The first one is gonna be about “why do you need a website?” the second one is “what can you do with your website?” And the third one is “what kind of website should you go for?” Okay? So website is not e-commerce anymore. Website is commerce. Yes my friend, Website is commerce! 88% of the people who are trying to make business currently, or trying to purchase a product, first come to your website and whether they are buying online or offline is completely irrelevant. But they come online and they check about your business. So website is no longer e-commerce. It is commerce now. People are trying to make business just on the basis of your website. So yeah website is commerce. Website is your 24/7 sales person. You have a sales team, they sleep, you work at 8 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours, or whatever time. 10 hours they sleep. website is the only sales person that works 24/7. Your sales person can cater one person at a time, your website will be able to cater to 50 people at a time. Your sales person might fumble at times while talking, your website will always be fluent. Your salesperson might not be able to talk about various clients, what you have done for those clients, Your website will always be visible, equal to everyone that this is the kind of work that I have done for my brand. So yeah, your sales person will fumble, your salesperson might not be able to tell the best things. Your Website is the best sales person that you currently have. Mind you I am not asking you to replace your sales team. No No No, you should not do that. I am just asking you to give them a tool. A tool that is supporting them, a tool that is helping them to portray their service. A tool that is gonna make their art easy. Art of selling is going to become easy if you have a salesperson like a website in your company. Website is the most important judgement tool present currently in the market. Your competitor wants to judge how your company is performing, they will go to your website. Your prospective employees, they want to see how your company is doing, they are gonna go to your website. Your Partner companies, who wants to partner with you, probable partners, they are gonna go to your website, check how the business is, check how the company is performing. Anyone, everyone. currently the only source of information for your company is your website. They don’t talk to employee and ask how your company is doing, no. They are gonna go digitally, they get a very unbiased information when they go to a website. And that’s why im telling, website is a very strong judgement tool. So make sure you are prepared when someone is judging you with a good website. Imagine you are opening a saree store, you will be spending round about 5 crore rupees to completely come with a store. Come up with a good lighting, good furniture, good setup. Now If you open let’s say, an online store you are able to experiment your business at 1/10th of the cost and now let’s say, you open a store. You are only able to cater, let’s say, 10 km radius of your current crowd. Now if you open a website, you are able to cater on everyone who is searching for a saree. So imagine, website you are spending 5 lakh and you are spending 5 crore rupees for your store. Store, you are covering 1 lakh people and in your website you are covering millions of people who are searching for saree all over the world. What will you choose? Website right? If you are smart enough! I think my pitch was really really really clear? and I am sure you want a website now. But I will sell you on the other part of what can you do with your website? Okay? So let’s say you are product based company and a product based company can come up with a website where they can sell their products online. Currently what is happening in the industry, people have started testing products online. So let’s say you are a product based company. Let’s say you are selling sports material and you are selling these balls and stuff like that. So if you want to test the market, how the online market is, start selling via Flipkart, Amazon and all these areas, and then start building your own website. What is happening is, Flipkart, Amazon and all these marketplaces are they are charging 20-30% of the product margin. And I am sure you don’t want to pay that over a period of long run. So what you should do is, you come up with your own website, you sell your products online via your website and let everyone know about your brand online. So the best way for a product based company is to go online and start selling online. But test the market with a marketplace prehand so that you know there is enough market demand and you can spend 2-3 years to create a good market for your own Brand. So what is happening with Amazon, Flipkart and all these companies are they have, since they are selling from nose pin to aeroplane, they are not able to focus on one product at a time. So anyone can create their own niche market, if you are selling, let’s say, sports material, you can sell your own, you can come up with your own sports based shop and try and focus too much on the market and people will know about you just by the product that you sell. So you create your own niche market via this. So website for a product based company is the best thing to go for. Okay! Okay! you are not a product based company, you are a service company? Ok cool. So, for a service company, again website is as important as a product company. As I mentioned in the first talk, 88% of people who are trying to make a business decision are coming to your website and deciding your business. For a service company, capturing a lead is very important, you cannot be present on google and showing ki oh I have a brand, I have a brand. No, your website will be standing every time someone searches for a product. So When someone searches for, let’s say, best spa therapy in bangalore. You should be present there. You should have a good website that looks good, has a recapturing form that tells about the services that you are going to provide, that tells about your timings, about everything and anything that you want to them to know about your business. If its present there, You are going to get business on the basis of that. So having a good display website for a company like yours is gonna make a lot of sense. And you will be able to generate good number of leads, Because, People are going online to check about something like this. Understand the motive of your website is to elevate the brand and not to degrade it. The website should tell about your website better than you can. So I get calls from companies, and when they call us, I try and go and check their service online or check their product online, its really poor and when I meet those entrepreneurs and I see their products or see there service, I’m like the way you explain your business, its not showing in your digital platform. And that’s where the whole degradation is happening. It’s very important, your website should elevate your brand, should tell what the product is all about, what the service is all about, better than you can So it should always elevate your brand. What is happening in the tech industry currently is, there are so many themes available in the market, people are copy pasting each others themes. There are thousands of themes present. So what generally we do when companies approach us, we don’t come up with an existing theme design. The Idea of a website is to create a brand experience, so what we generally do, we create a brand theme, We we give a brand PDF rather than giving them a ready link. We come up with our own theme. Let’s say, a brand is into gifting. We’ll come up with theme of gifting, we use GIFs or animation to elevate the website, to make it look better, we’ll create the whole brand theme in a PDF copy and then go for development. So we will not be picking anything which is present online, this way what is happening, you are getting to know the whole industry in and out by just seeing the website and able to experience the same product directly. I’ll give you an example of Floresta what we did was, these were vertical theme forest apartments, so what we did, we have a time-lapse of the apartment, we use GIFs to show how near it is to the beach and the whole apartment was built by biophilia architecture. And everything, the theme of the whole website showed the vertical theme, the vertical forest theme that the brand wanted to know or wanted to be communicated. So its very important such websites create a demo for the brand itself. So when you want to know how the apartment is going to look or.. how the brand is going to be looking. Generally what companies do? They have a website, they show they are coming up with an apartment, X area, these are the features. How does it matter? If you come up with a website which shows Okay, this is a product this is near to a particular beach and this is how it looks this is how creative it can be, what will you buy? this one? Or this one? You will buy a creative one You will try and always visualize the apartment. so coming up with a theme based website is a very poor thing to do. Create your own identity for the business and come up with a design which is completely based on your theme. What your brand is going to be selling and not with an existing theme which is present in the market. We did something like this for Louverline. Louverline was into blinds, so we have shown the website, there is an option of checking all the products, what type of products do you want? When you click that, you demonstrate the product. Imagine a sales person doing it, it looks very poor. You cannot really show and demonstrate the product. In this website, we have shown how you can use the product its something that creates an experience for the brand. So always with your website, your website is your experience centre. Try and create a whole experience for the brand. If People like your website, they are going to like your product for sure. so if the website is sorted, if you are able to create a whole theme for the brand, people are able to understand what you want to be communicated, how do you want it to be communicated, people are going to buy your product. Website is just not a placeholder in your logo or in your brochure, it can do much beyond that. Use your website as a weapon for your business, use your website as a marketing tool that can run your business throughout. If you can use your website well, you can rule the industry. There are companies who have started from scratch with 2 people, 3 people just by having a good product and a good website, they are able to sell heavily and they can create a whole business model out together. So try and come up with a website that creates an identity for you and just not a placeholder. Because website is just not a bare minimum thing to have. It’s a tool that you can use for your business and create a whole different identity for you. Hope this is clear and you will be coming up with a good website very soon.

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