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hello how you I hope you're doing fine some people like to get nostalgic they want to go back to the previous years of their childhood or when they're in college and listen to music from that era from those years any one of them if you are they probably this video is for you please watch this video to the end and I'm sure we will love this video thanks for watching welcome back so in this video I'm going to take you through a website which will actually talk about Easter year's music and it will play for you wherever you want to if you do too personal music from the year 2006 or from negative 46 you can find in that website so let's go to the website and take a look the website are talking about is limit what FM this is the website that you see on screen now it has a lot of options where it actually takes you to the Easter years of your life or to the years before you were born and plays music from that time will you come to the website and is call down you can see a lot of things they're listed in that website like it talks about find number one most famous persons with your first name we have click on this link then probably you can go to most famous people biological birth signs and zodiac before we continue let me tell you that this website is based on the u.s. our UK maybe and it will serve bitter to the least speaking people because these first names are not truly updated you will not get Rock Indian names or maybe leaves of other regions or other countries as well okay but the music is truly there if you want to listen to music from that old era you can obviously go there okay so you can scroll down and see a lot of trivia run up for links which you can visit and get a lot of information from those previous years okay on the top you can see number one on your birthday this is one of the very interesting things that this website has now it tells you the number one song on the specific day when you were born or whatever day you are interested in so if we scroll down you'll see find out the number one song the day you were born okay this is the list between peak on this you take you to one more website or one more page where it says birthday song with you later got FM slash birthday song here you can choose the date on which you were born or any other date that were listed on will be August 15th 1947 and the old gate this is the date of for Indian independence and also my mother was born on this day so I click on find number one song and this was the song which was number one on the chart lists on 15 August 1947 this smoke smoke smoke by Tex Williams okay so you can click on here it will play the video from YouTube hey bud yoga respond no fool but I got a coup now when you scroll down furthermore you can see that there are different links saying number one famous person born on August 15th then what are the first movie part number one movie the day you were born you selected it there as well okay so lot of sponsored videos as well or links to the whole videos in this link as well okay so these one of the good things on top you can get charts these are charts from different years okay you find top pop song charts from 1955 through 2015 you can click on this and then selecting here that you want to look into did the piece and apps then they have trivia radio lists and video blog now all these are different ways of getting in touch with the music of the eastern years you can actually go through each of these links and find out more about this okay now one thing before I in this video on the right column you can see this list here right top 10 songs in 1978 now this list is updated whenever you refresh this website when you go to a different link this list will be updated and the year will be different okay so on the radio page you cannot see that list but you can see the radios or the music from different years starting from 1900 whatever music they could find there Atlee uploaded eat here right so you can actually select it here from this list and play the music that you want to now if you go to a different link like the video blog you can see the list of video blogs here these are blogs with videos and you can see the list here has changed to 1982 now okay so this gets populated on its own and the year gets changed on an annual basis there is no fixed rule so that's how you can come to this website playback dot FM and you can find out the music from the old and golden years so that's all in this video I hope you liked it if you did please give me a thumbs up and share this video with your friends and family I'm sure there are a lot of people who look for this kind of nostrils it boosts in their life and they want to go back to the yesteryears and listen to music from those old years right please write in comment and let me know how you like this video and if you want to have this kind of videos in the future as well that will let me create more such videos on different websites different the informative and exciting websites which are there on the internet if you have come to this channel for the first time and you have not subscribed yet please go ahead and subscribe as I create this kind of videos very frequently on this channel thanks again for watching thanks again for being with me please stand sending out from the Indian pleasure take care bye bye

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