New Communication Sites in SharePoint: How to build an impactful site in under 10 minutes

Hello and welcome to Microsoft Mechanics
Live coming up we're gonna take a look at SharePoint Communication Sites a
brand new way for you to publish your content and reach a broad audience and
further power your organize organizations Internet
we're going to show you how you can in under 10 minutes create a fast and
beautiful internet communication site that works across devices use our out of
box site design tools to quickly get started and incorporate your own look
and feel you'll be able to author pages that use SharePoint web parts to add
rich capabilities and pull in data from other services even third parties and
interact with readers get usage information and see how your sites and
your content are doing and to do this I'm joined by Dave Cohen from the
SharePoint engineering team give him a warm welcome
thanks Jeremy great to be here all right so communication sites they're
a brand-new way to publish content to broader audience but what problems are
we solving for with communication sites well we built communication sites to
make it easy to build a fast and beautiful mobile ready intranet site to
share your finished content and messages and to reach and interact with people
across your organization we're seeing many of you build these sites for events
campaigns product launches for teams to share their insights and expertise on
topics and many other scenarios where the key component is to communicate your
message broadly and effectively all right and you say it's fast but we're
gonna put this to the test we're gonna challenge you we're gonna give you
precisely 10 minutes to be able to build out a communication site now we're gonna
let you do a couple of things so redundant items you know I don't want to
watch you load an image six times individually or you know load in
documents every time and have to see that so we're gonna give you a couple
leeway there I know you've got some stuff kind of pre-prepared some
documents so let's put ten minutes on the clock
are you ready to start with ready all right your time starts right now
all right well I'm gonna start from the SharePoint home and I just click this
create site button and I'm given two options a team site or a communication
site this site is going to be a resource for my entire company and so I'm gonna
choose communication site here I can see different site designs that we've pre
provision for you and sorry so these are these are
templates and you've got a couple of different options that you can use but
you run out of time Dave I am sorry the topic site here is a great site design
for information dense sites we have other site designs like the Showcase
design that's great for when you have beautiful images lots of text but it's a
fairly static design I'm short on time today and so I absolutely want to start
with one of our pre-canned designs so I'm just gonna give my excited name
contoso it's so easy he's not even like urgently still cool up here he doesn't
even care that's that's true now course I run into
a demo bug uh-oh demo bug yeah my my taskbar oh how do I should hide the
taskbar what are you trying to do hide the taskbar oh don't worry about
hiding the taskbar it's okay I need to get to a button oh you need to get to a
button behind the taskbar all right let's uh let's uh let's try it
out eleven enough try that is it still being hit by the taskbar yes
Wow we literally ran through this ten minutes ago all right let's let's um let's
not go fullscreen on that on that let's see if we can see these are these are
some interesting things to work all right we're good right I'm still good
now it's never gonna happen at eight eight minutes it's 15 seconds can you
still do it all right so because I was a little rushed I
picked the wrong site design but no worries I can change that so I'm just
gonna quickly go in here I really wanted the showcase but like I said the site
design I'm not locked into it I can change it all right hurry oh no I'm
gonna change it to layers I'm gonna add three layers there we go worries I'm
gonna leave news I'm gonna delete this and I'm gonna delete this and I'm just
gonna this is a real this is a real yeah yeah this is this is like three seconds
left and rehearsal so we just lost a minute on on troubleshooting taskbar
issues okay all right all right so the first thing I want to do now I've got
the site set up back to where I want is I'm going to create a page to link my
visitors to from the home page of the site so all right so is written sub
pages now underneath the communication site given a couple different page
templates to choose from and just like the site designs I'm not locked in any I
can start with whichever I want I'm gonna pick single column okay okay so
now I'm gonna name this page it's gonna be program overview good name okay I
want to update the title image we know what people have some really great
images that they they want to be on this site I didn't get a chance to upload to
upload the images that I wanted to I get a little flustered so I'm just gonna go
into my overview folder choose this go luckily I'm on a pretty fast demo
Network I hope excellent so it's great about the title region is not only can I
drag this this image run to where I want it to be I can actually tell it where I
want the browser to focus that image on in smaller screen resolution so as it
shrinks the size of the image it's keeping what I tell it to in focus all
right now minute 30 seconds so now I already have the text
of this page ready to go I'm gonna copy it I'm gonna paste it okay looks good
the formatting held exact going okay I want to add an image so now what I'm
gonna do no pressure no pressure whatsoever right
now and this music is intense I am gonna I'm just gonna drag this image I don't
have time to play around with uploading it Oh boom I just dragged an image into
the rich text editing web part and it made an image web part alright but I'm
not happy with this I want the image in text to be side by side at a time so
yeah thanks Jeremy so I'm gonna go down I'm going to open the toolbox I'm gonna
add a to column section to my page go up you forgot the L you gotta go back I did I
forgot the L back to the checkpoint who gets that I'm gonna cut that add a rich
text part copy it in alright that's great but now I want this image to be
next to it that's as easy as drag and drop boom there we go time check five
eighteen alright so next thing I want to do I'm gonna add a three column section
because I have a bunch of documents that I want my my site visitors to see so I
add a file viewer part I'm gonna upload from my demo folder nice so this is
gonna take the PowerPoint it's gonna drop in a nice thumbnail view of it in a
sec but you got to keep going I do got it you only got four minutes and 56
seconds okay time's running out I got this don't you wish all the web devs
that we're building these sites for you on-site we're working like this with a
10 minute clock if you ever thought that we weren't committed to performance and
SharePoint let this convince you all right so this is risky you're gonna add
Yammer to the site I am gonna add Yammer so Yammer is an important part of
the kink the conversations that happen across my company all right and I really
want to bubble those up to my site so I just drop a Yammer URL into this part
there we go I'm gonna choose top conversations because I want the most
interesting conversation to come through to this site okay you got 4 minutes and 18, no 16 seconds that looks
good I'm gonna publish this page all right so
you got a page done. so now I could help people find this page but I'm not ready
to yet I'm still building my site so I'm gonna go back to the home page and I'm
gonna edit the hero web part that was incorrect go back you're gonna edit the page and
point this hero web part to the page that I just made now awesome it's right
here in recent pages it's saving me a ton of time the next thing that I need
to do is copy and paste all the text that I prepared because oh man am i
running short on time you got 3 minutes and 37 seconds it's like when
your manager says hey I need a site and you didn't do it and then he asked you
where the site is you can do it very quickly
we saw a really, we saw a really cool trick yesterday where you can use the
rand function from Excel and Word it will just automatically generate
paragraphs of content so we did say that I'm gonna cheat a little bit I'm just
gonna point I'm just gonna point the other tiles in this hero web part to
some images you saw how easy it is for me to create pages that I could actually
link to all right but for the sake of this demo I'm just gonna point them at
images so my home page looks good I don't think my managers really gonna
click through to those anyway all right and the nice thing is like any
engineering you can adjust scope based on the time that you have and you can
see I keep telling my keep telling me they hear a webpart to automatically
pull in the images from the pages that I link to and that's really saving me a
lot of time right now so last one all right upload it okay how much time do I
have at 2:33 all right I got this and you might want ads it might not want to
add the description oh but you're gonna go for it anyway look at that he's brave
I am brave or dumb whichever okay right beautiful so now so
I added an image gallery part I have a bunch of images here that I just want to
go and quickly upload my original intention had been to preload them
before you load them into the site assets right after I created your right
some parallel process but I I got flustered in so I'm going work on
some other stuff all those guys load up alright so last thing I want to tell
people who they can get in contact with today I'm Andy he's actually sitting in
the audience today okay I'm also gonna add Alyssa in this demo program they're
responsible for the cheaper of course right no I'm not I didn't mean to chew
up your time no because you know honestly I don't want Jeff looking at
this soon all right Mike through all right uh my image
gallery didn't load that's okay oh I got this he's got this we've got another way
there's always more than one way to do it yes there we go one of the cool
things that I can do is I can upload these images just directly to the site
assets library they should upload as long as the demo network doesn't go down
and as they upload I'm gonna tell this to just go and look at a document
library actually this I haven't why we're at the last minute ago looking it
open in alright save and close okay now also I'm going for gold I want to create
a news post news post in 48 seconds alright alright so I already have my
text actually I need need an image so I'm gonna upload an image quickly and
he's not even going for the default ones they're already there in the folder no
he's going for a I have an image that I know I want no don't worry about
refocusing that one you got 28 seconds alright alright this is the last thing
he's doing though 21 seconds I want you guys to count out down on 10 and okay
I'm back on my homepage all I need to do publish the homepage share the site it's
open to my whole org I'm gonna share it with 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 shared with everyone you did it then the
SharePoint socks congratulations thank you alright but we're not done we want to
show some stuff now that it's all built because we've got some more things to
show right because now that you've got nothing if you've bait this time
one second you've built your Communication Site looks beautiful page
underneath it a news post all those things but hey you can you can do more
now you've got a mobile site that's ready to go as well right yeah that's
right so my boss is waiting for my site he's on the going I'm just gonna give it
to him I'm gonna send him a link and he can open it on his phone so can we
switch over to the phone there we go what do you guys think it's all mobile
responsive everything's looking good and in the portrait mode all right it's got
my news post it's got the images and it's got people web part now so my sites
here it's ready I want to tell you about two more things so something that we've
added to communication sites and modern pages is the ability to interact with
your readers and kind of get an idea of what they're doing on the site so the
first thing I want to show you is on the page that I created that overview page
you can see at the bottom of the screen a little section that says comment count
so now my readers can actually go and comment on my site I can reply to them
and so it creates this interactivity that we never really had before and
then nope ah cancel thank you no and then can we switch back to desktop
that's the last thing you need was the battery of the phone today yeah yeah
thanks that would have been that would have been fantastic yes huh I have a
charger right here just in case so as a site owner the other thing I want to
show you I'm gonna go to a different site because that's a brand new site
there's no usage on it so I want to show you some actual data on the site usage
page I can actually see in the last seven days how many unique viewers went
to my site how many site visits I got and I can actually see the pages and the
documents that are trending the most so we've really upped the level of
interactivity between site owners and there
and given them better analytics and how their their sites are being used but you
said there was two things there's another thing you wanted to show right
yeah so lastly we announced Hub Sites this week and Hub Sites are a huge new
feature you can attach any site to a hub and I'll actually show you what that
looks like I'm not going to demo attaching it to a
hub today I just wanted to bring up a hub that already existed but you can see
that the hub has a global navigation it has its own branding and that's
basically how you can ensure that when you attach a site to a hub that
that site gets the look in the feel of the hub its global navigation and then
conversely the activity from the sites that get attached to the hub
flow back up in an aggregated way to the Hub Site itself so lots of really great
updates for communication sites and SharePoint you built an awesome site
media-rich in about ten minutes everybody what do you think of that so
if you're watching this if people are watching this watching this at home
where would I go to get started well Communication Sites are in production
today so the easiest thing is to just go to the SharePoint home in your
organization click create site and get started the SharePoint community is
awesome both online with events everywhere and happening all the time so
definitely check those out and check out the resources that the link shown to get
all the details what you can do with SharePoint Communication Sites I'm
awesome Dave thank you again and you beat the challenge it must have been the
argyle socks with SharePoint logos on them of course you can keep watching
Microsoft Mechanics for the latest updates in SharePoint and beyond across
all of Microsoft thanks for watching we'll see you next time!


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