New Rampage The Movie Subject Lizzie Big City Brawl Godzilla Vs Lizzie Lanard Toys Unboxing EP #4

watch what happens with Lindsay and
Godzilla attacked Chi cago who will be the victor okay man be on the lookout we
have a 300 foot alligator and bound tinks are in place soldiers are ready
fire on my command sir did you say a 300 foot alligator
I did indeed soldier 300 foot alligator now get with it our job is to defend
this city whatever means necessary even knew Clara free have to if she goes mad
prepare to fire New Rampage The Movie Subject Lizzie Big City Brawl Godzilla Vs Lizzie Lanard Toys Unboxing EP #4 sir it’s impossible soldier disappear cause it’s every man for
himself this city is going to our only hope of escape is the bridge
everybody head for the bridge head for the he has met this city is going down in
flames what is this look something is coming out of the
river gonna be somebody to rescue us something says to rescue us
Oh God what’s he doing here children jeans Lizzy she comes for the finishing now it’s fast let’s the end the Godzilla Lucy’s dragging him into the river keep watching to find out guys watch the
next episode to see the origin of subject Ralph as he mutates from wolf to
Super Bowls Kanda city survived these three dangers creatures keep watching to
find out okay it’s great to see you again
I’m super excited today I got another awesome rampage the movie toy this is
big city brawl genetic containment division subject Lizzie Lizzie is a huge
mutated alligator comes with action figure
like I said in earlier videos I loved the art work they did on the box I mean
the box is themself walk pretty much as good as the toys I mean I cannot say
enough about this company and guys I’m not saying it because they sent me these
toys because they did not send me these toys I went to Walmart and I bought all
these toys with my money so this company did not send them to me but I love their
toys I also bought all the King Kong toys they made and they are fantastic so
I mean this company does a great job especially this line of toys I am super
impressed so with Lizzie you got job chopping
action spike attack action and she is ready to destroy once again here is the
synapses basically this story of the movie where you got all the rock
Blaine Johnson who is David Koya and he’s trying to save his friend George
the gorilla who gets mutated along with this crocodile and an awesome woman Wow
it is cool I used to play this game all the time on the original Nintendo okay
so let’s go ahead and see what was included in this box and they even did
the graphics on to the side of this box of this just the tail assembly I love
this character so that is what’s in the box before I remove anything one word of
warning though guys these are sharp spikes so I mean I don’t know these are
probably not really curve very young kids because if one of your kids left
this out if you stepped on this at nighttime you could not be happy okay
guys I continue to be blown away with these toys I mean I’ve reviewed a lot of
toys these are super awesome once again the company did not pay me I
mean I bought these toys myself so I mean check out this work on the jaw the
look of the teeth the paint job the act future everything I mean as I open these
sets I like one more than the other if these guys would have got the
Jurassic world lineup dinosaurs for Jurassic world – I will not be scared at
all the fantastic job I cannot say enough about these figures and the toy
sets they are so cool take a look at these guys
this guy’s teeth these are jagged looking teeth like all over the place I
mean it’s just so good detail the paint job everything wicked little eyes these
spikes that pop out there when you push the action button the action button is
nicely hidden here on top of the character there is no screw holes or
anything visible on this guy so I mean it’s I mean if if I’m looking at this
guy here if nobody said anything I will think this was some type of a
custom-made figure that’s like a hundred or $150 so it’s I mean they just did
that great of a job so that our legs move back and forth not too much this
quote does not move but one of the feet do I’ll show you in a minute
super great detail here it is plastic well I mean the detail I love the detail
on this guy let me just tell you that and these spikes here on the back these
are softer but these spikes here they are sharp select I said if you stepped
on this at nighttime you would probably be bleep
let’s just say that does that that would seriously hurt okay so this one’s book
doesn’t move either the leg does continuing on down big spikes big huge
spikes on the tail the tail does swing back and forth so you get like tail
action there so if this guy’s like over here you could just who I am I mean if
these spikes but this is real life and these spikes hit you it would probably
in and then are continuing on same movement as this one this one’s foot
does move I think so you could put this guy in two different positions I’m
wondering that no I don’t think you could stand him but most of these
characters you could pull on three legs there he’s on three legs there without
falling over and you know guys they didn’t even skimp on the bottom most
companies will skimp on the bottom maybe not colored as good or anything or leave
screw holes are there is no screw holes down there I mean I I just can’t say
enough of these characters I mean they are totally awesome and I love the head
of this gaming book inside it is a perfect paint job I don’t see any color
running off anywhere the wicked look design on those this is a fantastic
figure and then even the action figures are awesome I mean they did not skimp
anywhere on the figures or the main characters themselves so this is one of
the action figures from the movie room great detail there I mean if you see the
characters in the movie and you see these characters you know exactly who
they are the first one I showed you was Dwayne Johnson the rock I and I mean it
looks exactly like him so uh full movement on the arm there he does bend
at the elbow his arm will turn 360 at the elbow really good detail on the rest
of the same movement here he’s got a pistol and a holster here but it does
not come out he’s got like knee pads his legs his feet his feet don’t do anything
but his legs do bend at the knee joint and they do go all the way up there so
you could put it on like different vehicles and stuff and here is a good
look at the back of him Oh God Zilla and subject Lizzie for
image the movie have destroyed Chicago that was totally awesome guys and if you
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