NINJA WEAPONS MYSTERY BOX to Battle PROJECT ZORGO (Gadgets Unboxing Haul Top Secret Clues of Hacker)

what is up ninjas last night was crazy we even come to this strange house here that someone left us a map to and last night someone was trying to break in they were wearing a hoodie I don't know if they were a hacker or whatever but they left this box right here we have no idea what's in this box we're gonna open now we brought it outside we didn't know what was in the box and we don't want anything dangerous to happen inside a house yeah let's dig in here right now v will you hold the camera yeah okay I'm a little bit worried to open this box I don't know if I open it up and who knows guys thumbs up thumbs up to open the box it's a little bit risky but I think we should probably do it because I really want to know who left it I'm gonna do it very you know I want to back up I'm gonna come in it hide down here wouldn't be behind this tree job okay are you ready yeah I'm ready three two one nothing there nothing I think it's safe all right I think you're gonna like what's in here V but wait but there's a note here all right what is it Chad and V we need to be prepared for the doomsday date ve project Fargo yeah in the projects Oracle video they said the doomsday date is and then they had a bunch of symbols a bunch of you guys were trying to decode it it said like key equals s I'd like to help you rebuild your arsenal so I ordered some ninja weapons from Karate marcom I'd like to share some secret information but it can't fall into the hands of projects or go oh well we look at the signature guys leave a comment below if you remember where you've seen the signature before I've definitely seen this elsewhere and then he said use these weapons like a fruit ninja to find out that secret information if you guys have been watching for a long time he and I used to chop up fruit with ninja weapons so he wants us to do that again but I don't understand how that's gonna reveal this information V there must be something more to it than just cutting fruit wait a second do you remember when we went to the caves B and we found that fruit that said crack open the fruit or something like that and there was a message after cracking it open maybe this is the same thing you're right oh wait we don't have any fruit here though yeah I didn't I didn't see any fruit hey wait let's let's go inside the house maybe the safe house here has some fruit all right okay so anything the first place we should look is in the refrigerator yeah maybe there's some fruit in there empty nothing in here freeze yeah check the freezer anything in there maybe let's check some cupboards here some cups whoa bingo look what we found watch it fruit all right here you go be your favorite let's see what happens with these let's take those take this outside okay so we've got a bunch of fruit and so almost I almost wrap the watermelon don't roll away let's let's see what ninja weapons we got in the box huh I think I found the first ninja weapon that I want to start with B is the black out combat fighter combo sets oh wow and you know this is actually the same tool it's used by the Marines oh and look at there's even like an official seal of the Marines down here alright let's see what is in the box a little bit nervous because what's gonna happen will we use it yeah and then what is the secret information gonna be that we find out from using these right all right so this comes with two tools the first one here appears to be a dagger it comes in a little nylon sheath to protect yourself you can wear it on your belt Wow be look at this knife wow so this is a USMC stainless steel knife and yeah that is sharp look at the handle on this it's got like a rubber grip handle any idea what this is for oh look like you can dab stuff with it it's for breaking glass break exactly exactly oh this would have came in handy when we were trapped in the Tesla yeah 24 hours are you ready for the line one V oh he's ready for the line oh yeah let's take the sheath off here look at that very nice long blade and then down here at the bottom by the handle we have a serrated edge good for like sawing branches and things like that or if he what fruit should we chop up first with these blades how about my favorite the watermelon the watermelon yeah all right I did see another stool in here it's not the same stool but you know it's time for a new stool right mr. watermelon this one does not have any googly eyes on them though you guys remember that when we used to put little googly eyes on our watermelons I do and like headbands and all that stuff you know it's the guy who left us this note was a true fan I think he would have put some googly eyes on his fruit plate you might be asking where are the weapons Chad well I've already attached him to my belt try watch out backup I'm backing back up so I have no idea how using these weapons is going to reveal information you have any idea V no idea at all yeah boss you better watch out mr. fruit I can't tell if he's a freighter because you don't have any googly eyes yeah should we do it what should I show use the big blade so I hold up the small when I say the big bite should I use the big blade or the little blade the big one big one alright okay B let's chop some fruit a clean slice whoa that was almost way too easy this is a very sharp blade I'm ready to eat some watermelon right now no no no you know it's from a hacker potentially so let's not eat it that's true might be poison okay so I just chopped it where's this information that we're supposed to learn about project Azure go yeah I don't know I don't see anything in here at all well if they're anything in a khole here no nothing in here let's see the other piece here I don't know it looks like a pretty clean cut here do you guys see it wait a second I see something a little bit suspicious I'll that even get in there let me want to use my I can't even use my fingers to pull that out let me pry it open with this sword here go whoa let's see what is this here looks like a piece of paper rolled up really really wet must have been in here for a really long time they're gonna know it's some sort of note it's extremely hard to read huh I came and read it I can make it out I think it says youtubers going to attempt going to attempt something steal just deal that okay so says youtubers Project zargo is going to attempt to steal that what does that mean but you know it looks like it's like totally ripped you know I have recognized this because remember the last time we saw a purple writing it was all ripped up into multiple pieces and we had to piece together oh I think we have to find more of these let's see what else is in this box I am really digging this check this out remember these video yeah well I don't seen any of these shapes before though I've seen some of these shapes I haven't seen this one it looks like a Christmas ornament Christmas you know you can hang these on the Christmas tree that's I guess that would be like the ninja Christmas tree okay so this is a six-pack well it is windy out here no joke don't get blown over V this is a six pack of ninja throwing stars let's see what we got here wow this is a big case we've been this boxes throat is blowing away I guess I should be opening these but it's so windy I guess huh guys these are the real deal the real thing you got to be very careful with these be a lot more careful than that okay comes with a Velcro pouch here and there's a bunch of little tiny pockets luckily these are wrapped in plastic so when they fell out they were fine and they're nice and sharp so I can just open up them very easily just like that I've got all six of them opened up here check it out we've got a 5 star ninja star another 5 star 1 a 3 star one which kind of that kind of like The Legend of Zelda doesn't it that a 4 star one another for this one is actually I'm gonna use this one that kind of reminds me of Legend of Zelda V since you're such a good counter you can have the six-bladed one and what was really weird was in that cupboard of fruit was a water balloon and a smiley face water balloon not quite the same emoji water balloon that we used to use but definitely the guy who left us this stuff has been a big fan I guess or at least has been studying our videos you knew that we used emoji water balloons so he didn't cook it the right one but close enough you know got the slow-mo camera set up right there are you ready mr. emoji all right give me a countdown be it's got wit you say like notes or anything big huh is there a note inside here no nothing yeah and it actually feels really good I haven't done this for so long but I don't know why we stopped doing it yeah I know we just got kind of caught up with like this hacker coming after us so we haven't done our ninja weapons for awhile the next ninja weapon in the box is it says survivor on it let's see if this can make me a survivor Hansie oh my goodness this looking beautiful already look at that wooden handle oh my goodness look at this thing whoa this is an interesting shape beef all my goodness look at this do you see this do you see this look at this thing this is a honkin huge blade it's got like multiple blades all over it be and there's a little hook right here and there's a blade inside here and then it's got a serrated edge right here oh my goodness wow this is this is kind of scary this is this is a big blade beat this will pretty much chop anything we want a chop I think even something extremely hard and difficult good job I think yeah I think it'll chop a soda no problem futuristic ninja machete versus the 2-liter soda mmm do you think this is gonna be tough guys do you think I'll be able to chop through this I mean you picked a path opponent I agree he's got this very hard shell right here it's looking like a protective shield around him off the swing really hard but thankfully this blade it looks pretty bad but if you know what I mean yep totally bad that okay I don't see how we're gonna get any information out of this soda but who knows I've seen weirder things in my life yeah orange you glad you met me today huh I don't think he's gonna say yes I don't think he's gonna say yes after this ninja chop are you ready oh yeah 3:1 look at that soda hole oh look the camera got wet oh my gosh this blade is covered in orange it smells very orange II smell delicious wait a second I see something here V check out inside of the cap here V yeah it's right inside where the cap is exactly I could probably just like twist off the cap I guess we could have opened this the easy way instead of the ninja way no the ninja way is always better and way more fun way more fun yeah somehow this did not it's only got a couple of drops of orange soda on it thats miraculous yeah it's like really clean okay there's a company that's been storing the DNA of do you guys know what DNA is speed you know what it is ah I think though it's like your fingerprints in a way like people can identify you with your fingerprints you can also be identified with your DNA let me see if these fit together wow this one is so wet no it doesn't look like that fits together there okay so it says there's a company that's considering the DNA of youtubers and it says project Zorro is going to steal it I think that's a bad thing because we both know that projects our goal has been trying to hack youtubers if they're able to get the DNA of youtubers that means they could probably like impersonate them they could pretend to be them okay we got to figure out there's obviously more because there's ripped edges along the bottom here so hopefully we find some more in the next fruit this is just like a black mystery box here any guesses V what's in here um I'm gonna sing a sword I'm liking the look at this so this comes with another sheet you can wear this one on your back like that pretty nice oh I think something that I like yeah your favorite V size Kuna these are called kunai for UV they are the light cute but deadly well put these back in its little pouch here each one has their own little pocket yeah which is nice but let's check out the big blade huh that's more my size okay here we go oh my goodness it's beautiful check it out against this white wall here that is one tall long blue blade it's got a nylon wrapped handle here very nice gripping now it's got some holes right here a lot of people ask what are those holes for a lot of people debate over it I think it's to make the sword a little bit lighter so you can swing it faster the only thing that might have a harder shell than the soda might be the pineapple pineapple what is it called pineapple Apple pen I've got a pen oops that's not a pen I've got a pint wait a second okay let's just chop you don't know the song anymore does he want to stand up I do not know mr. pineapple you are gonna stand up for me whether you like it or not okay you will listen to me pretty please pretty please stand up we need to get the bottom a little flatter now we got a nice flat bottom we never like flat bottoms including pineapple bottoms this time I'm gonna try a little different swinging technique I'm gonna try a spinning slice ooh fancy you know I just noticed this thing has a little ring on it so I could give it a little spin like this easy peasy pineapple squeezy I give it a little haircut here I'm not seeing any sort of note are you v/o nothing in here here you check it out Bea you got to be careful around the store guys this is the US real-deal sword you can't be just goofing off with swords you gotta be careful okay otherwise you chop your hand off just like we almost did there nope nothing in here let me cut this again real quick right here B huh I don't think there's anything in here no luck with the pineapple we got to find more luck the next item in the mystery box here is no it just came with plastic bubble wrap let's see what it is oh oh I think I know what this is B this is actually a tool I've never used before but I've seen it I believe they're called Mei piercers does a bra swing right here attached to a metal pointer on both ends so this ring here you put your finger right through it your middle finger goes in just like that and then you can grip it just like this oh but wait there's more it spins like this it's not super reflective to do that during battle except for it's a good way to like stun your opponent or kind of confuse your opponent they'll be like what is going on there's things like spinning in his hands a distraction a distraction technique a little bit there we go no but you hear it Hey well I'm distracting you I'm gonna grab a cantaloupe and the cantaloupe is gonna be distracted let's go Bo we've got cantaloupe right here did you get scared by the boy I did oh they going to injure it is pretty windy out here all the Sun so we've got a cantaloupe here we're hoping to find some more notes inside I'm gonna get down nice and low I'm gonna give us a nice spin chop are you ready mr. cantaloupe I don't think you ready I think he can tulip take it that was a really bad pun cantaloupe I can well wow that went in there really really easily Wow there we go check that out oh cool the problem is these are great for stabbing and poking and jabbing and flapping and flipping and flying and wearing out the jewelry maybe it's a great ring will you marry me Oh would that be funny if someone proposes I've always loved UV please say yes anyhow we've got to get into this these weapons aren't gonna do the best to chop it in half why don't we just grab my blade here and chop it in half and see what is in here right B yep open up oh my goodness wait listen inches Bob yeah right when I chopped into it and move my sword out this just flew out whoa too much stuff flying around here we have blades flying around cantaloupes and then pieces of paper I don't know how this guy got so many papers inside of fruit like is he a magician or something yeah must be is that why you keep disappearing if I'm assuming if the same hacker person yeah because the hacker that we've been chasing Dookie like disappearing when we chased them okay yep it's another part of a note here we all be coming to the safe house soon what wait here because this is the safe house yeah so the person leaving us these notes is gonna be coming here soon oh my gosh yeah good thing we can protect ourselves we don't know if this person is a good person or a bad person they might be good because they've been giving us ninja weapons all right so these guys go together right here these two on the top so this bottom one does not fit in there so we're missing a piece right here so that means we need to go chop up some more fruit there's some more ninja weapons in there I think I saw some spy caches in there as well so guys we're gonna go over to B's video right now click up there we gotta solve this puzzle we gotta see who is coming over here and who is leaving all of these notes so shout out to all of you notification ninja thank you for getting here in the first 60 minutes of every video I'm showing your comments subscribe to both me and V let's go over to B's channel right now and finish this note if you want some CIBC merge click up here and be you know what to do


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