OnePetro – Searching and Browsing

Use the search bar at the top to enter your
search terms. Generally, the more search terms you include, the better the results will be.
For example, we can search for “north sea offshore drilling”. Notice the amount of results.
Now, let’s add “Aberdeen” to our search. Notice how the results have significantly reduced?
Have a look at “Search Syntax Help” for hints on using boolean operators and grouping your
search. For example, we can add “AND unconventional” to our search. Notice how the search has been
narrowed down. You will also have the option to display only items published between certain
years, or filter the results using the menu on the left hand side. For example, we can
only browse through papers published since 2015. Further on, we can select a particular
journal or conference, a publisher, or a specific type: conference paper or journal paper. Additionally,
you can use the “Advanced Search” tool to search for details that are more specific.
You might know the author, the publisher, a specific conference or a company. Let’s
take for example, Shell. We can add that as a company to our search. Notice how the words
“affiliation: shell” have been added to the search bar on the top. Remember that you will
have to click on the “Search” button again. When you are happy with your results range,
scroll through the results list to find a journal that you might be interested in. with
OnePetro, you also have the option of browsing through journals and conferences. Just click
on one of the options at the top and you will get a list of all the available journals or
conferences. For example, you can access all papers published at the Offshore Technology
Conference throughout the years.

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