(PC) Fictional College Hoops 2K19 V3 Roster Released!

what's up everybody want to let you guys know that version 3 of my fictional college hoops has been released and this update we got 10 new teams bringing us to a total of 70 teams and then we got a bunch of fixes for jerseys colors accessories just a bunch of fixes overall for the mod itself so let me go ahead and show you all the new teams real quick quick so what I've started to do was started to replace the classic team so there's like a good 45 50 classic teams or something like that I want to get a total of 90 team so I want to do 38 classic teams so I may just do 10 teams at a time of you the next update to be another 10 teams I don't know but it seems I gotta here now is the Terriers Ramblers Bonnie's Red Storm Arizona State Texas A&M South Carolina DePaul UMass and Murray State like I said the rest of these teams I'll probably try to replace those out with some other teams but for now those are the new teams that we got at it and this update I did get a chance to fix the issues with accessories so now instead of black and white socks whether you're away you wear the black socks and your home you weren't white socks you know now we're the accessory colors are your team so South Carolina with this Jersey is black so their socks will be black with the home jersey they'll be white but I fixed that for every team in the game now so I mean that was something I was bugging me but that's not been fixed so South Carolina just take a look at another team real quick so again every court I tried to stay true to life as much as I could as far as making the courts and doing the arena yeah so we got new teams a man hopefully I can get my hit my goal of 90 teams total but if you are a new user that's downloading my for the first time you have to download the original files then you have to download the update if you are a returning user meaning you have the model already from what I updated it for version 2 then you need to download just the new update v3 all the links will be in the description make sure you guys set me up with any questions comments concerns I'm out

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