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On this video we’re going to talk about the three essentials that you absolutely need for your podcast website design My name is Kamala Chambers. I’m a Launch Strategist, and I’m also the host of the Thriving Launch
Podcast. The first thing you need for your podcast
website design is a clear call to action that gets people opting into your email list. This
is something a lot of people miss out on with podcast, but it’s essential so you can continue
to nurture your relationship with your listeners over time.
Your podcast should be bringing you in business, and having people on your email list is the
best way to make offers to people, and to get them engaged over time with you.
Now, let’s just talk a little bit about those opt-in boxes and where to put them. You want
to have one opt-in box at the very top of your website, above the scroll line. That
means it’s right there. They don’t have to scroll down to find the opt-in box.
The second opt-in box you need on your podcast website, it’s a little bit annoying, but it’s
a pop-up. You know those pop-ups that come out and say, “Hey, opt-in for my mailing list”
or “Opt-in to my newsletter” or “Opt-in for this free offer.”
I know those are annoying, but people use them because they work. You’re going to get
more people opting in through your pop-up on your website than any other place.
The second thing your podcast website needs is you need to put your latest podcast episodes
on your website homepage because Google recognizes websites that are constantly producing fresh
and new content. One of the best things about having a podcast
is it gives you a new and fresh content. Make sure that’s showing up on the homepage of
your website. The third thing your podcast website needs
is it needs an excellent podcast player. If you have a well-designed podcast player
on your website, people are going to want to click “Play.” They’re going to want
to listen to the show, and that’s what it’s all about. What’s the point of producing it
if no one’s listening? Make sure you have a well-designed podcast
player on your website; one that encourages shares and encourages other people to embed
it. They could take that content and embed it on their website, which means more listens
for you. We are going to include a link in the description
about a podcast player we love to use. It’s called
Cool Cast Player Just some bonus tips. Your website should be mobile responsive.
You should have a way to contact you on your website, and also, you want to make sure it’s
optimized for SEO so when people search you on Google, they’re able to find you.
Here’s a supercharged bonus tip. Make sure you pimp out your About Page because
that is the second most visited page on your website. Ensure that you have an About Page,
and that you pimp it out so people know that they can connect with who you are and what
you have to offer just by reading that page. If you’re looking for more tips on how to
grow your following with podcasting, how to attract new customers and clients, we have
a free training for you, a whole free guide book for you on how to get started with that
so join us over there. It’s at paid2podcast.com
and there’s a link somewhere in here too.

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