Polishing Motorcycle Metals To A Chrome Like Finish – Chemical Guys Moto Metal Polish

What’s up guys welcome back to the
Detail Garage. Today I’ve got my buddies Harley in the shop
because it has this haze, scratches and water spots on the chrome. One of the trademarks of all Harley’s is the
bright luster of the chrome. Today I’m going to bring back the brilliant
shine using Chemical Guys Moto Metal Polish. It’s a cleaner and protectant for your chrome
pieces specifically for motorcycles. All you have to do is shake it up to mix it
all together. Take an applicator and I’ll apply a few drops
because it is small areas that I’ll be working on. Then work it into the area starting with the
intake cover. This is taking off all the haze or build up
that’s on it and removing the water spots to leave behind a high shine and durable protection. After working it in I’ll take a clean microfiber
towel and wipe it off. This way it will unveil the high shine. It’s already made a big difference from how
it looked just a few minutes ago. Now I want to start cleaning the cylinder
heads because they have some grime, water spots and it looks like someone wiped a quick
detail spray on leaving streaks behind. This polish is safe for any type of metal
work like chrome, aluminum, polished metal and stainless but I’m focusing mainly on the
chrome because this is bike is covered in it. Again using my applicator just working the
polish in and it will start hazing up and that’s how it works into the surface and I’ll
wipe that excess off. So moving right along I’m going to start polishing
these chrome exhaust pipes. It also has a little bit of a haze on it which
is typical because as these heat up and things land on it the debris will cake on there making
it difficult to take it off. Using this metal polish it is super easy to
clean it off and give it a nice high shine. I’m only applying a very little bit to this
applicator because not only am I working on a small area but also this product stretches
a long way so I only need a little bit to do a large area. Working back and forth this is taking off
the grime and debris, water spots and contaminants to bring back the high shine and then I’ll
wipe off the excess to unveil the finished product and also the protection which will
protect it from water spots and debris from dulling out the finish. Now using my clean microfiber towel I’ll wipe
it off. The polish has taken care of that haze and
all the contaminants that landed on it are all gone all that’s left is a high shine. I’ve already taken care of most of the chrome
on the other side and now I’ve moved to this side. Starting off with this foot peg this is something
that gets abused because it is something that typically not gently put down by hand it is
kicked with their shoe and it gets scuffed up and it gets dirty which dulls it out so
I’ll start by cleaning that and polishing it using the metal polish. Same application style, work it into the area
back and forth. It is taking off all the haze and boot prints. it is going to protect it and give it a high
shine as well. While I’m down here I’m also going to take
care of this belt drive cover. This is also something that gets a little
abuse because it’s down here by your boots and when you’re shifting gears your boot will
scuff this up. As I’m buffing it off I can see a night and
day difference from how it looked earlier and now it has a high shine which has a lot
of reflection. Damn I look good and this bike is looking
pretty good too. So guys you see how easy it is to get dramatic
results. If you like this product check it out on our
website ChemicalGuys.com. If you liked this video be sure to give it
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