Principles of Marketing: Market, Media, and Message

Three m’s of marketing Market media and message you see by understanding the foundation of the three m’s and marketing. It’ll help you give you a better foundation how to structure your marketing strategy when you have a better Foundation, it gives you a better perspective on how to structure things correctly so that when you don’t miss the basics, it’ll help you reach the next level in the game. All right, let’s get started. All right, the reason why the three m’s of marketing is so important is because you need every single component. Are you to have a successful business and the funny part is every single business whether they’re aware of it or not actually use all three principles. You see think of it as like a multiplication, you know media times Market times message. Now, if you have a zero in any of these then you’re going to get a zero at the end because you need all three components put it simply your Market is the people you’re selling it to your message is like the thing that you’re trying to sell or the way you’re trying to convey them persuade them to buy something and your media is the way that you Transmit that message to the people. Now, you can see why you need every single component in order to have a sale. Let’s start with the market. All right. See the market is just people that you’re trying to sell it to so if you’re trying to sell ice cream, then your target audience is people who want to buy ice cream. If you’re trying to sell vegan ice cream while your target audience is a little smaller and its people who want to buy vegan ice cream. If you sell dog toys. Well, it’s people who want to buy dog toys that your target audience pretty simple right? It’s really Important that you pick people that actually buy what you actually try to sell instead of saying what they want to buy is you people are a little sneaky, you know, they try to sneak their way through so instead they want to make themselves look good. So if you use the best way to figure out what they actually buy is just to see them in action see what they actually buy. Now. There’s a whole another video just like going through market research and how to choose your target audience correctly, but we’re going to simplify things for this video. Alright, so the first thing you want to do Want to pick out who you want to sell to now, this could be simple. It could be something that you want to sell like high paying high clients for like a software to be to be owners, or maybe it’s just something you want to sound like a commodity like a Walmart style and saw a lot of things to people and consumers but to sum it up the Market is just the people that you’re trying to sell to that’s it if you can understand your Market really, well that’ll give you a huge advantage on how to craft your message, which is the second part of the M crafting your message. I say this is probably the most Most important and probably the hardest one to master because writing and persuading people does Is he finding the people that you want to sell to is a lot easier than trying to sell them the specific product, you know, just just an ounce of someone just trying to sell something you just like a sudden repulsiveness that there’s something to it unless you find it extremely valuable to you. Now. The message is just whatever you’re trying to say to your consumer doesn’t mean you’re actually telling it to them. It could it could be a blend. Like a door-to-door Salesman their media and messages actually talking to person and Word of Mouth but it could also mean something like a sales copy or an online sales copy where you know you there’s that giant long page or even something as simple as an Amazon product description. You see it’s not the actual transmission of the message yet. You see that’s in media but the message is just trying to persuade him to buy from going from point A of either not knowing your product or knowing what your product is, too. A point B where they just really want to buy a product now. It’s really important to get your message correctly and your Market correctly because no matter how great you craft your message. If you try to sell pet food to someone who doesn’t even have a pet and hates pet food. Well, they’re probably not going to buy a product. Whereas let’s say you have like the perfect audience, you know, they’re just so eager to buy cat food, but you sell dog food you are like oh crap, man. I should and I should have known I had to buy cat food to sell them. Well, the probably not going to buy your dog food because that’s not what they want to buy. That’s why it’s really important to make sure that it all lines up together. I’ll media is another thing to master but it’s I’d put it at I put it right next to the message. You see the reason why is because media takes a lot of forms right now. It tastes like Facebook ads takes the form of Google ads YouTube ads. Let’s see. What else Direct Mail there’s a whole ton of customization for each specific advertisement depending on Do you want to do I take this for example Facebook ad optimization? There’s a holders people who have jobs on just optimizing Facebook ads because they know the the know the algorithm a little bit and just because they know a little bit that gives them a better edge and a better chance for them to have the message correctly crafted to the specific audience. Whereas someone who just goes on Facebook ads for the first time, you know, they just put like pet owners and there’s a yeah, let’s try it sell it it it might work but they don’t have it that that competitive. Edge to them. That’s the same thing with every single type of advertisement that you try to do now. It doesn’t take a effort. Yeah, say when you’re starting out I’d say you should just focus on just starting out with one platform and just trying to figure out how to master that specific platform. You see just by mastering that pacific platform what’s going to happen is you’re going to start to know the ins and outs to updates, you know, the little things that people don’t really pay attention to but you notice because you’re just constantly using it that’s advantage of using media now if you craft your message, Really? Well your media really well and you pick the correct target audience and you just know the ins and outs of their desires while you’re going to have a pretty baller pretty baller combination. You probably make a ton of money. That’s why when you’re doing marketing. It’s always good to start with the basics. You want to figure out who your Market is how you’re trying to send that message and what exactly are messages and you see just by focusing on just these three components you can figure out okay. Let’s try it. Let’s try to change the target. Our audience may be Specific audience of pet owners may be it has to be specifically dog owners. Whereas let’s say maybe it’s the media maybe Facebook ads isn’t working out maybe YouTube ads will work better for our product. And usually the most of the time the problem is comes with a message. This is the message of like optimizing of how do we get someone to be persuaded to buy our product now just by focusing and cutting into these three slices it gives you a lot makes it a lot easier to figure out where the problem is if your product is not Not selling that’s what I’m saying that when you understand these foundations, it’ll give you another perspective and have you better chance to succeed in your business. Well, that’s all for today. And I hope you found something useful. If you did, please give this a thumbs up. Alright. See you later.

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