QuickHMI | Using HTML for integration of external websites

One more way for working in QuickHMI is the using of JavaScript and HTML coding. For example, you can integrate external websites into your visualization projects. For this you need the control “Html Box”. This you can find on the left side under “HTML”. Drag and drop it into the workspace. OK. Now double click on the “HTML manager” in the “Project explorer”. Use the plus button to add a new element. Now you can define a code for the new element or copy an existing code into it. After this save your entries. Now connect the HtmlBox with the created Html element. To do this, click on the HtmlBox and select the created element under “Html” in the control settings. In this example the element “Block 1”. You have integrated an external website into your project. Now you can show it in runtime mode. All information about the runtime mode can be found in our extensive software documentation in the “Runtime mode” chapter. This is linked in the video description.

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