rode to silver rank full game#1 بموت بس

Peace, mercy and blessings of God
 Mohammed Ayman and today We will try to play the rating We want to get to ….. Anything you have set a goal to access the silver Then we’ll see what we want let’s go On the other hand, the remaining 6 matches in the category By the way, I have not played since I will see what I do I love playing with kabkan I expect to get to the first bronze or the last silver If we get to the last silver if our next target is the first silver Or what? let’s go Who hit Why hurt Thanks Captain My country!!!!! What is this, Hebana? He was waiting for me I knew he was waiting for me What is that? He was the last person If I knew I would not have gone out take Ashe 1 He had no benefit to me I am worried The same place The place where I love to play Two jobs What is that Must go out It was not Li’s advantage 2 It is on the second floor
00:06:36,160 –>00:06:39,180
He discovers mysterious and exciting With ease There is no limit here What I did not do really let’s go An enemy outside I will watch it I did not choose his men by choosing his men to wear it We will protect him but I shut up From Shroud now I was horrified You have a player how did you do it ? Same place again Peace be upon you my father We lost  We lost
It is an additional game What ?!!! Why ping 200+ without teeth ? it has finished You have a player unknown Hey Captain What was it waiting for me? Yale Hapel Best What is that He killed her with a knife She was rising I did not expect the match to last for this period There is no such room It was in front of me and I did not see it Oww
Wow I hit I was playing with a strong team the last one It was not useful to me 3 The length of the next video


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