Sagittarius welcome my warriors This weekly reading from 9 to 15 September, his son is and you’re here tarot my channel j I’d like to invite subscribe to activate the bell I reach all my notifications Comments tell you and tell me what country are your behalf to get you present when I’m doing my meditations before starting these readings also reminds me your fingers up and share this video to reach many more Sagittarius aver warriors let what They are the energies that you are going to crown uy throughout this week you have the letter conditioning this letter is telling you that You have to stand firm will be a week in which you can not afford that people around you try to change the way you are treated to change or manipulate you have to stand firm and be always you obviously very respectful always within things kindhearted making good to others but You definitely have remember that you are a person special that you are a unique person my degree of Sagittarius and you can not continue to allow people to your They are acting around here that seem as sheep want take that title the king of the jungle you want to take that title of an important person and You’re one more speech during this week you’re going to be able to note that you you’re going to stop being a sheep rather than you go to stop following the herd and going to to highlight its own light and obviously this can make you also feel a bit remote or isolated from other people and you to realize who are truly with you because appreciate your friendship seen in a relationship with you and those who simply They have been there to get some sort of profit and this is a good thing because you can simply remove from your path all those toxic people see them Sagittarius not have allowed you to see the light that you have not allowed out forward you are falling behind and will be a week where you’re going to break all these molds and you’ll stand out to shine as you indicated and It’s something you have to accept that you you’re not one of a herd You are someone special if you’re someone different and that you are saying here this letter you want also some kind of idea that you could have had implanted in your head since You grew that perhaps can not be employer that you can not have your own business if you’re a girl you can not be independent Remove all those stereotypes and all such ideas as these conditionings the letter says you have been able placed you since you came growing because you can be and do what you always want it do not hurt to no one stay with me until the end because Once we reach the end of this reading there will be a question interactive where you can ask whether or no and you choose the letter of the letter you will answer yes or no if you’re working now what is the advice for you I speak here of a departure or separation speaks also of a possible trip you might be performing at your job or you talk about but some sort of transfer talk that at this moment with this letter conditioning and this letter 6 swords at work where you will You find there are conflicts there difficulties but I see you out of all that I see you away you from that situation either you move you change to another department to another branch you’re leaving to another other city ​​or another country or person you It is causing all these problems because of that flock of toxic people there one who is the leader or the leader who is the who handles make life impossible that wants you to formes part of it also speaks as if They were trying to make some sort of in your work and want like Your form is part of it but in the end the day you do not want to join the union that definitely speaks here in work will have the change to see that this separation trip where you leave behind a difficult situation and problem and you’re heading to waters far quieter and this will benefit you both you and your family too so that those who are working to They are going through a moment difficult in which you do not want get up to go to work you feel that there is an energy too toxic in your office that during this week from 9 to 15 September will change quite radically you will benefit you my warrior Sagittarius if you are looking for work what are the energy for you if you are looking for work Sagittarius from 9 to 15 September you out the letter from the queen of spades you go to have a very important communication You you can be talking to someone that you may be doing some sort job interview this interview It can be telephone or may be in person but I definitely see with one person interviewing you He wants to give you a job opportunity If you’ve been sending your resume If you’ve been sending your documents to find a job you’re going to call and this letter is indicating here I definitely going to have that communication and that will be very good for you You could sneak around interviewing a woman is the person who will do the interview dress remembers going according to where you are going to receive that interview also when I was seeing this picture I have placed your spiritual guides in the mind vision image of a person perhaps as walking center commercial or streets that have shops and seeing a sign that says xxx requested person for a working position so he begins to out this week to look for jobs also in companies or places that are near you or in the city where you mark live because you can get a job of some of these Instead you have placed on your door or in your window or an ad where you are saying people are needed to help this people are needed to work you look for it there comes the opportunity to work if you are in a relationship in these moments the letter that comes to you is the letter the tower and looks and has much to do that the letter of conditions because there may be someone which it is in a relationship in these moments whether you just made boyfriends a week ago a month ago They have five years of being together or years married and you are talking about things among some of you Obviously this is a general reading This does not apply to everyone could be quite difficult in which They are thinking about the couple separated and this separation has much to do with the fact that your partner is you dominate your partner tries to do you do what your partner gives you the Win and you feel this conflict as let you not be a person independent who has provided be as if you were a slave like you were a slave bring me this jump me Prepare the other it brings the other shows go to waste here Come here to sit here where you’re who you’re talking about what you’re and doing this it has been a constant in your relationship and this It has definitely come to harm you in such a way that you no longer take it anymore It could be vice versa could also be your the person acting as a master and your couple who might still be already feeling like right now it just has to end so adapt to your situation and your relationship but there is definitely here relationship will be ending and ends of ill-treatment If you are single which is a look at you I want to quickly mention the letter to you single out the letter from xota It speaks of swords that you can be Knowing this week less person your going to be a person who can have energies a little immature still a little child will still failure as that growth is a person could be someone of 40 years but just have an attitude immaturity as it could be also 20 year old person has an attitude immaturity no matter how old we are not talking their attitude and have that attitude as Immature an attitude which still It can act as well as to and if you hear let’s do, let’s jump will Let’s jump is when you’re suddenly in a situation like that good calmly let’s have a coffee we to talk but definitely you He reaches someone will come to this person if you manage to handle that immaturity and you manage to understand then you could definitely be having a good connection with this person no is that going to meet the love of your life and you hunting but if you can not handle that connection will be important Learning that person has to you maybe this person wants to help also you break those patterns such molds and enjoy a little more of the life so do not go him to reject not when you know it could be vice versa and you are the immature person also without disrespecting but be like that later comes the question Interactive stay here and let me to then see the lucky numbers for you this week remember that if do random play responsibly and some of these Numbers can be some kind of meaning in your life it is also 7 1 is the 1 and 7 wow wow wow Sagittarius is marking 17 you so strongly pay attention when you see This amazing number around 1717 You can mix it as you want, you can be 11 can be also 77 71 you can use the combinations you most also like this could result 17 represent day or date Birthday someone to your around What is the lucky day for you with a day full of positive energy my Sagittarius warrior you out in the letter that tells you the Saturday Saturday will be the day important to you on Saturday 14 one day filled with many emotions News and positive things that will help change your life using this day also you begin to manifest writes in a document on a sheet a pen there record your dreams your desires the things you want to be manifest in your life will pass then with interactive question remember to ask your question of whether or not so you can receive a message from part of your guides are for that question both need an answer Sometimes the answer may to be two if they can be two can not be even I can not respond this moment but we will see that have your questions ready if you took the option is not the answer in this We do not at this time if you took it Option B is ready with your question the answer to you is yes yes certainly it was not my warrior Sagittarius alone at this moment you appears the following video you I recommend and at the top is the link you have a query private with me and I am jot decree bright and progress


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