Search It Up – But What Even Is The Internet?

(Intro Music) Jack: But what even is the Internet? (Whale Sounds) Jack: (whale sounds) Jack: What are you playing, Maya? Maya: Hehe, it’s not a game, Jack. It’s a website. Jack: (whale sound)… Can I see? Maya: Look! Whales can talk to each other even though they are miles apart. How clever is that? Jack: Super clever! How did you know it? Maya: Well, I searched it up. The Internet is amazing, there’s loads of stuff to do. Maya: I can message my friends, send them pictures, listen to music, I can even watch films. Jack: And play games? Maya: Yep, that too. Jack: But what even is the Internet? Maya: Uhm, well… It’s like huge and it’s everywhere… Maya: and it’s made up of everyone’s computers and tablets and phones, all joined up. Jack: Wow! But I don’t understand. How? Deh? How?! Maya: Well, it’s kind of like the whales. Except computers use signals called wifi to talk to each other. Jack: So like how we talk to Freya. Hey! Can we show her the whales. Maya: Yeah, hope she’s in… (connection sound) Freya: Hey Maya, hey Jack. Maya: Hi Freya. Check this out! Freya: Cuuuute. Jack: And clever! They’re talking to each other just like we’re talking to you… (whale sound) Freya: You two are nuts. Gotta go! Bye! Maya and Jack: (whale sounds) Maya: Today we learned about what the Internet actually is… Jack: …It’s big and it’s everywhere! Maya: We call it a network, because it’s made up of tons of connected computers and devices like… Jack: …TV’s and laptops… Maya: …and we connect on… Jack: …tablets, phones, watches… Maya: …and the way we connect is with invisible signals… Jack: …called Wifi!!! Maya: So, if you still don’t get it, just watch our film again or ask a grown up. It’s that easy. Maya and Jack: Stay smart, stay safe, stay kind. Jack: Wah! hahaha

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