Sitka Snippet Video – Bookmark Toolbar

This short video shows how to configure
a bookmark toolbar for Sitka’s Evergreen you can use Chrome’s bookmark feature to setup a toolbar with staff client shortcuts. First you will need to
configure Chrome to display the bookmarks bar so in your Chrome web
browser click on menu and select bookmarks and show bookmarks bar this
will enable the bookmarks bar I would suggest that you first add a bookmark to
the staff client login page. So navigate to the staff client login page
and you can click on the little star to bookmark the page when you click on the
start you’ll get a quick menu option for the bookmark and you can give it a name
so we’ll call this one login and we want it to be on the bookmarks bar so we’ll
just call this done and you can see that now we have a link to the login page
I will also recommend that you add a bookmark for the offline circulation
module to any workstation that is going to be used for circulation transactions
just in case you go offline so we’ll navigate to the offline interface and
again use the little star to create a bookmark and we’ll just leave this one
named offline and leave it on the bookmarks bar and now you can see we
have log-in and offline and I’ll click login and it takes us back to the login
page now you can also create bookmarks for any of the staff client interfaces
so I’m going to log in and there’s already the home link but if you wanted
to create a bookmark for home you can just click on the star and I will call
this one splash page and leave it on the bookmarks bar now more likely you’ll
want to add things for like the check-in screen and so if you go to the check-in
screen and click on the star you can call it
check-in and it will add a bookmark to your bar now once you have some
bookmarks set up on here you may want to manage or rearrange them and there’s a
few different ways to do that you can drag and drop your bookmarks right on
the bookmarks bar and so let’s say we want to put offline at the end if you
decide that you’ve created a bookmark that you no longer want you can
right-click on it and just delete it for more advanced bookmark options you can
open the menu and select bookmarks and open the bookmark manager from the menu
button you can add new folders and you can see now you have a folder here and
then you can create bookmarks within that folder I’ll go back to my original
tab and I want to add a purchase order search so for this one when I click the star
I’m going to choose the acquisitions folder from the folder drop-down menu
and I will call this peel search and then hit done and now you can see my Pio
Search bookmark is listed under acquisitions thank you for watching this
video and for more information please visit the bc libraries cooperative

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