The Benefits of a Digital Marketing Course

Are you thinking about a career in
marketing or even more specifically digital marketing well so are you in
about a hundred and fifty thousand others in today’s video we’re gonna talk
about the benefits of marketing education and specifically taking some
sort of course or program on digital marketing if you’re planning on starting
an online business a digital marketing agency or even a personal brand of some
kind or e-commerce store so if you’re on the fence about taking a course of some
kind in digital marketing stay tuned we’re gonna discuss why you might want
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marketing course so the job market for digital marketers is expanding rapidly
as a matter of fact by 2020 they think that there should be about a hundred and
fifty thousand more jobs for digital marketers and not enough demand to
supply those jobs and the reason why is because most colleges still are just now
introducing digital marketing as a concept into their programs it was not
even something available when I was in college just a few years ago so it’s
something that’s still new and they’re still trying to figure out how do we
teach everybody about this and so really there’s a lot of you know limited
options outside of that a lot of people aren’t going to school for digital
marketing degrees they’re still learning how to do it either by bootstrapping and
learning themselves or by going out and finding some course of some kind that
somebody else out there who’s got a ton of experience with digital marketing has
put together for people who are wanting to learn more about it so what’s really
cool is companies are really starting to see the importance of this education and
the best thing is you still don’t have to have a marketing degree or a college
degree to get the job done really people want to see that your
able to produce results and that you’ve been through some formal kind of
training that actually goes into you know how to run these campaigns that was
taught by someone that actually has experience right and so that’s what we
want to talk about today and talk about what these benefits really are if you’re
considering well what do I do what really is a benefit of a marketing
course so the first thing I want to talk about is structure and that’s what most
people don’t understand they try to go on and say that you can just get on
YouTube and watch all the videos you need which that might be true but if you
don’t know really what you don’t know then how are you ever going to know
right basically what I’m trying to say is you can’t determine what the
structure is if you’ve never done it before there isn’t really a guide on
here’s the structure of what you should learn step by step so that being said
you should actually go and find a course that provides structure for you that
you’re comfortable with finding the areas that you need covered that you
aren’t really sure about that you haven’t really learned about in the past
and take that course into consideration because of what it’s actually laid out
in the table of contents if you will of the program the next thing that a
marketing course is going to provide you is a community of other people that are
going through the same things that you are right now so the cool thing about a
lot of these people who start courses is they usually have some sort of open
community of people who are actually going through that program at the same
time and that allows you to communicate with these other people get feedback
give advice work with other people on projects get ideas really it’s a great
way for you to communicate and stay in touch with people who are doing the
exact same thing you’re doing right now so they’re going to be able to relate to
the experiences you’re going through and help you through those situations yes if
you’re kind of new to all of this and you haven’t actually gone through any
kind of training whatsoever and you’re still kind of considering well do I want
to start a marketing agency maybe do I want to try something else what I want
you to do is this check out this training that we put together on
starting a marketing agency in 2019 right up here and by watching that video
it’ll actually show you another link that will give you a free two week
training on starting your marketing agency so check that video out the top
right-hand corner Like I mentioned earlier the industry in general is not at the
point where people have to have a college degree to get the job or a
digital marketing agency that’s really the coolest part about digital
marketing a lot of these jobs are things that people really pick up freelancing
so for example web development Photoshop and editing video editing copywriting or
just writing in general these are all skills that people learn just picking
them up throughout life it’s not something that you necessarily have to
have a college degree for but you do have to understand how those practices
incorporate into digital marketing strategy and so that’s where the big
kind of miscommunication comes when people start looking to hire other
people like well we don’t necessarily have to look for people with degree but
if you really want to stand out from the competition with your agency or be it if
you’re trying to get hired by an agency what can make you better is a course
just like this one that we promote or just like any other marketing courses
out there that are taught by professionals the biggest issue is that
most people look for a course based on hype instead of actual results and so
just make sure you do your background research to find out if it’s gonna be
worth it for you Oh have you ever taken a course before if you have write in the
comments below which course you’ve taken I’d like to know leave it regula okay
thanks oh and if you’re enjoying today’s video
with that thumbs up button for me just so that way other people just like you
can see this information so you’re going to want to look for a comprehensive
course that covers all of the major core concepts of digital marketing which I’ve
coined as SWEPS which stands for social media marketing web marketing and design
email marketing and automation pay-per-click marketing otherwise known
as Google Ads and search engine optimization which is you know organic
search engine results plus it’s cousin content marketing which is the CM that
you’ll sometimes see in there so those are the major things that you’re going
to want to learn no matter whether you’re starting an e-commerce business a
marketing agency a personal brand whatever you’re trying to do online you
need to understand those core concepts so that’s why I recommend when you’re
looking for a course you’ll want to find something that goes over all of those
concepts and how to incorporate them into a comprehensive campaign a
comprehensive campaign sorry that allows you to build a strategy that’s going to
get results now guys to wrap it all love the biggest
thing that most people do is they make mistakes in their marketing strategy or
just their strategy in general when going out there and trying to make money
online so for example agency owners will typically go out and start trying to get
clients for their business just because they think they understand Facebook
marketing when in reality you have a lot of other things
you’re gonna want to learn first before you just go out there and start getting
client thus they go out and get a client and then they fail to get results
because they only focused on Facebook and creating content when really it was
about much more than just running Facebook ads for that business that’s
where a lot of people make the mistake is they go out thinking they’re prepared
but they really didn’t put the time and effort into the education side of it and
you guys hear me talk about this all the time to get results for those clients
another issue could be something like you not having your team in place to
start running these campaigns and building the strategy and building the
campaigns outright you don’t have that team in place but you just sold ten
services to a potential business you should at least have been reaching out
to people on upward or those ten services you plan to provide where you
even decided to actually go out and pitch that proposal to the clients so
that way when you do close them you come back and you’re already in the process
of finding people to fit those jobs otherwise you’re gonna spend the first
four to seven to 15 days trying to find people to fill jobs for work and then
that’s gonna delay you on everything else just make sure that you’re doing
the right things taking the right steps and really committing to the education
and not only that but to understanding the processes it takes to either start a
business and become successful there or to get into a digital marketing job role
at another agency and work your way up to a management level position they’re
finally put in the work because the courses are only as good as the amount
of work that you put in to learn too many people out there think I’m gonna
take one course and I’m gonna spend 300 bucks and I’m gonna practice it for two
weeks and now I’m a pro guys that’s the most backwards thinking I’ve ever heard
of do you think a lawyer or a accountant doctor you know anybody with a real you
know professional style job a general contractor even do you think these guys
are going out there and learning for two weeks and then going out there and doing
all of these amazing professional style jobs no they’re doing it for years and
years getting experience before they even call themself a professional so
keep in mind guys that even if you finish six courses in a matter of four
months you’re not a professional still you still have plenty of room to grow
I’m still growing and learning all of the time and digital marketing because
things continually change but also there’s new things that I want to take
on or new areas of digital marketing that I want to try and master because it
really does take years and years of experience to be able to say that you’re
a master at something that’s it for today’s video guys thank
you so much for watching since you stayed tuned to the end make sure to
check out this video up here in the top right hand corner on what Billie Jean
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