The "Healthy" Foods That Are Killing You with Dr Steven Gundry and Lewis Howes

twelve thousand years ago ten thousand years ago we switched over to things that we had never eaten before and those were the grains of grasses and beans now the reason we'd never eaten them before is number one we didn't need to there's never been a documentation of an ape eating grass or grains beans are so lethal that five raw kidney beans will kill a human being in five minutes by coagulating their blood welcome everyone back to the school of greatness podcast we've got the legendary dr. Gundry in the house thank you so much for being here for having me pleasure I'm excited about this and you just opened it up we'll probably leave that in there up kind of your mission is to end disease and then you're saying it all comes through the gut starts and ends with the gut correct everything what we eat can can solve the disease we have within us right based on the foods that we put inside of us it can actually extend our lifespan to potentially things that people can't even imagine Wow and it actually has to do not with you and me and what we conceived of our bodies but it turns out that 90% of all the cells that make you and me me are actually non-human cells they're bacteria viruses funguses worms that live in US and on us Wow and the shocking thing is that 99% of all the genes that make up you and me are non-human genes what are they they're bacterial and viral genes and what we've completely missed from the human genome project is that we have actually very few genes and our genes are about 99% the same as a chimp or a gorilla and we're very different chimps or gorillas and yet we have virtually the same genes what makes us different is actually the bacteria and viruses that live in us of different bacteria viruses and you can actually show when humans evolved from the other great apes that are bacteria actually changed and we can actually identify that point in time that the bacteria made us rather than our genes made us so the bacterias made us human or bacteria made us yeah they actually as shocking as it may seem most of what happens to us is determined by the state and the variation of our vector bacteria primarily in our gut give you an example you can take a bowel movement from an obese individual and feed it to a skinny rat skinny rats love to eat poo and those skinny rats will become fat really because the bacteria have actually manipulated their feeding habits they actually send text messages to the brain to go look for foods that they would not otherwise consume that those bacteria want and we can actually there was a cool study in a marathon runner you're a great athlete so there's a woman marathon runner in England a couple years ago who developed a very severe infection in her colon called C difficile a lot of people have heard of it and the modern treatment of this now is a fecal transplant taking poop from somebody else and shoving it up your ass Wow and you try to get a fecal transplant from a family member because believe it or not family members tend to share or their bacteria I share a lot of bacteria with my dogs and they share with me so they found a cousin who was a good match for her and she got the fecal transplant and everything went well or C difficile went away we going why that and in the next year this marathon runner gained 32 pounds Wow without changing anything and it turns out her niece cousin was actually 30 about 32 pounds overweight and so she was inoculated with obesogenic bacteria and her bacteria these little you know one cell organisms controlled her behavior Wow ha ha ha think about so made her made her more hungry or food yes exactly so she changed the way she was eating because she was triggered being manipulated Wow being manipulated well it's kind of like when you're you know I I love candy and sweets I've never been drunk and I don't drink but my vice is like I could eat cakes and candy and brownies all day long if I choose to and and then when I when I did go off of it it's hard because I just want to keep going back to it until I change the habit fully and then I'm like I don't need it anymore right but it takes that time to kind of transition out of it right yeah these are very addictive foods and it they're they're addictive because what happens is like simple sugars like in candies and cakes and saturated fats like on the icing and you know the coating on the donuts and all used to love them yeah and so these things actually the obesogenic bacteria can actually live on them they love it they love simple sugars they love saturated fats and like oh yeah yeah yeah give me more and they actually tell our brain to do that it's kind of like you remember the movie Little Shop of Horrors with the with the blood sucking plant there's very famous Broadway show sure so Rick Moranis tim has started in the movie and there's this blood sucking plant that he grows and the Audrey and Audrey keeps getting bigger and Audrey has to have human blood and long story short Audrey whenever is Audrey is a speaking part and Audrey says feed me Seymour feed me and it turns out that this whole concept is actually true that are bacteria control our behavior for instance you can take depressed mice and put their bacteria in happy mice and those happy mice will go rust will go hide in a corner and come out in fact in the 1930s oh they did an experiment in a back in those days most really depressed people were institutionalized so they did an experiment where they gave them all colonics and cleaned out the really old ones and then they gave them fecal enemas from happy people no way and about two thirds of the depressed people got happy and were released in the 1930s Wow so I mean it's just you start looking at this and go whoa you know we're probably looking at the wrong stuff for instance one of the things that I'm talking about in Berlin in October at the World Congress of microbiota that's what the study is we now know that you can take bacteria from young animals guts and put them in old animal's guts and the old animals will become young and now way I like what's the Fountain of Youth no way so they like their cells will get younger yes what they'll have youthful energy or what all of the above they will actually extend their lifespan by about 30% what yeah because here's the deal what what what I'm trying to get people to understand is this is not about you and me or what we conceive as us this we're just a condominium for the people who really run us and these are all these little one cellular organisms and what we're beginning to realize is we're a condominium for these bugs and we're their home we've exchanged them living in us and actually taking care of us for food and shelter for them is great I know and the really cool thing is so we can take bacteria from young animals you know and put them into old animals and the bacteria say man this place is decrepit you know I need to do a complete total renovation here because this is where I'm stuck and I better make the best of it and I want everything to me nice you know it's like you know gender firk Asian neighborhood and this actually what they do so they actually instruct here's here's the take-home message they actually send text messages to the mitochondria and you probably know all about mitochondria the little energy organelles in the brain right there in every one one of you but the brain has the most of us and these produce energy these mitochondria are actually engulfed bacteria and as strange as it may seem the bacteria in your gut send text messages to the mitochondria that say guys new sheriffs in town clean up your act we want you guys working and humming on all you know heat cylinders it's kind of like general Kelly coming into the White House and total disarray it's going okay guys no more of the silliness and so we now have discovered some of those compounds that the bacteria in your gut signal the mitochondria to regenerate themselves and it's I mean it's opening up a whole new areas that we never even dreamed of Wow so you're really like a hundred and seventy years old huh yeah well people have just been manipulating all this for the last 15 years mine I'll show you a picture when we're all done knows me and Mehmet Oz standing together when I did a show a few weeks ago and one of us is 12 years older than the other person and you would not guess by looking at our skin who's the old person and it was the young person Wow and I was showing this picture to David Sinclair from Harvard who's one of the great anti-aging researchers in this country and actually in the world and we were discussing some ways to manipulate mitochondria in the brain and I said let me show you picture and he's looking he says okay so Mehmet's a lot older than you right I said let my here let me show you my driver's license he said wait a minute how old are you and he said can I have this picture and I said yeah he says I'm gonna put it on my tox vtwo because what I've been doing for the last 17 years is giving my bacteria what all the research that I've done and many other people have done would predict that my bacteria pretty doggone happy with what I'm doing for them and they're exchanging that happiness to say man this is a great place to live and we're gonna keep this placement nice and nice and just happy and so yeah and so you you lived in a blue zone is that right then yeah well Melinda's a blue zone that's correct but when I was living in that blue zone I was eating a low-fat vegetarian diet I was running 30 miles a week I was one of these Clydesdale runners I weighed 70 pounds more than I do now really yeah that was a lot of unhealthy people in Blue Zones too oh yeah and I have the vegans that just are overweight and you're like how are you yeah wait yeah well it actually is because you're giving your bacteria the wrong stuff and that's really part of the plant paradox the plant paradox is that there's certain plants that absolutely positively do not want us to eat them at all and add all Constanza more chopped and slice them or skinned them doesn't matter they were here first and they had a really great before animals arrived because nobody wanted to eat them and my you know my my research at Yale was in human evolutionary biology so plants have the same evolutionary drive as animals they want to grow and they want to have baby seeds I'm gonna protect themselves and they want to protect that I'll die exactly so when animals arrived they had a problem because animals can run they can hide they can fight the plants are stuck but plants are chemists of incredible ability so they can turn sunlight in the matter like around your wall here Wow and so what they use is chemical warfare to actually defend themself offend themselves and to even make animals do their bidding because for instance oh just throw an example most plants want you to eat their fruits because the fruit please easily go recede them yeah so you'll eat their fruit the seeds in the fruits are inedible and you'll either spit them out or if you swallow them they'll survive going through your intestines and you'll poop them out someplace else fertilize and with fertilizers it's perfect yeah and they're away from mom and dad so for instance if an apple you know falls underneath the apple tree that poor kid doesn't have much of a chance because mom or dad is gonna shade them the next year but if it gets carried off you know you've been a hundred feet away and then gets dropped the plant does this on purpose and in fact you and I love fruit because you and I were designed to eat fruit once a year in the summer to gain weight for the winter so it was a really good trade-off between for instance great apes and plants but the fascinating thing is manufacturers food chemists know this and we are drawn with color vision and only animals that are fruit predators actually have color vision because you want to know when the fruit is ripe when it has the highest sugar content right and the plant wants you to know when it's ripe because that's when the seed finally has an impenetrable shell and it doesn't want you to eat it before that time so it tells you okay now's the time the shiniest object it's time to eat it yeah yeah you know so what colors does it use in general it uses reds and oranges and yellows to – no ripeness so the next time you're going down the snack aisle is looking for all the great Munchie stuff you'll be shocked that most of the companies use oranges reds yellows to get your attention because it goes direct into the deep center of your brain and says oh that color means I should eat it I'm going to get a lot of calories and I'm gonna be the big winner for the winter Wow yeah if you're doing that every day baby you're oh yes it's always story fat for the winter that's exactly right and that's part of the plant paradox is that once upon a time we only had fruit in a very limited time period now we have it accessible all the time there are no 747s bringing blueberries to Costco in February they've just weren't so one of the weird things about our computer program is like Tony Robbins is always fun to say we we were on version 1.0 of our operating system we've never had an upgrade and the same goes to the foods and the plants and the fruit we eat so we were supposed to eat fruit once a year and when we were eating fruit our brain says oh my gosh it's summer winter is right around the corner you know we should eat this stuff because winter is a tough time whether it's dry season or rainy season a cold season and we better store up fat just like a bear bears eating all those blueberries and Huckleberry's and they're storing fat for the winter so if you're eating blueberries at Costco in February that came from Chile your operating system doesn't know it's February and says heck it's August and winter is right around the corner so I better eat some more of this stuff and this is one of the things that's happening to us in particularly in American society but now most of the Western countries yeah we're eating things that we have no business eating really 365 days a year and most of us are just getting ready for the winter that never come especially then live in LA yeah it's never get cold yeah never comes you don't need a store that fat you really don't but that's you know that's part of the problem Wow so huh what are the main plants that we should never be eating then okay real quick up until ten thousand years ago we lived primarily on the leaves of trees and we ate tubers that grew in the ground like a sweet potato yam they're actually pretty darn good for you you know you were actually designed to eat them and twelve thousand years ago ten thousand years ago we switched over to things that we had never eaten before and those were the grains of grasses and beans now the reason we never eaten them before is number one we didn't need to there's never been a documentation of an ape eating grass or grains beans are so lethal in that five raw kidney beans will kill a human being in five minutes by coagulating their blood what five Rock kidney beans Rock any means in fact you know most people have heard of the poison ricin the white powder you send your elected official oh yeah lots on the way to Washington there's no surgery till ricin is the lectin of the castor bean and we'll talk about lectins next a lectin is the plant defense system these are proteins that are designed to basically kill us in one way or another and so rice and so powerful that about four molecules of rice and will kill human being instantaneously there's a great study that was written up in one of the journals about few years ago they decided to have a healthy eating day in Boston yeah and they serve the kids beans mmm and because it's so healthy it's part of the blue zone yes and they had 30 or 40 admissions to the hospital away with severe diarrhea hypotension and it turns out that it was all the fact that the beans were undercooked and beans are a plant baby and we're not supposed to eat those so no beans no beans zero beans unless you using fresh lime is no black none of that we should've beat you should mean you weren't designed to eat it you have no defense if you pressure build pressure cook it it's fine pressure cook it what does that even mean put it in a pressure cooker pressure the modern pressure cooker is as easy as a rice cooker got it it's one touch it's not your grandmother's pressure cooker that blew up in the kitchen and then it's okay to eat yeah so you can pressure cook beans now the other thing we weren't designed to eat grains no answers click less before you start there how much of it can we eat it doesn't matter once it's pressure cooked you obviously everything in moderation but I mean yeah well like I was 20 beans are gonna kill me or what no if you pressure cook them they're fine so good oh yeah and we talked about how to do this in the plant paradox but my personal feeling is the only purpose of eating a bean is to get olive oil into my mouth and we can talk about that as we go along okay so grains for instance everybody heard about gluten yes all right so gluten is a lectin and again a lectin is a plant's defense system it's a protein that actually is designed act like incoming guided missile attack on the inside wall of our gut and these things actually pry open the lining of our gut and actually break through the border really yeah you really do that's what causes eczema and bingo breakout yeah exactly acne brain fog irritable bowel this is actually all part of that process and so it's fascinating to see people who either have come to see me or have even read the book and then write on Amazon oh my gosh you know I had this horrible eczema and now a month later it's all gone and all I did was you know take grains and beans and nightshades away from my diet and everything got better so that brings us to the second kind of group of things we shouldn't eat all of us are not from the united states america were actually from europe asia or africa every one of us yeah so and even our native americans are actually not Native Americans they're from Asia you know get over it right so none of us were exposed to an American plant until five hundred years ago when Columbus started trade so getting to know a new plant a new lectin in five hundred years his speed dating in evolution I just don't think it'd be done for instance the Italians refused the tomatoes for two hundred years after their native son Columbus brought them back because they knew how dangerous they were they were part of the deadly nightshade family and they when they started eating them they always peeled and deseeded their tomatoes because the peels and the seeds actually have the vast majority the elect ins and it's interesting years ago I was did my fellowship in children's heart surgery in London England and I had a house officer from Italy and he invited me up for pasta and tomato sauce so I thought it would be nice but bought a couple cans of canned tomatoes you know help out sure hey and he looks at he says why did you bring me this we can't use this so I said what do you mean you have canned tomatoes he says it's got peels and seeds you can't make sauce with peels and seeds what am I gonna do with you you can't use peels and seeds I said why he says they're deadly and I said really he says yeah everybody knows that and then I thought back as a child my mother my grandmother was French and she taught my mother that you always peel and deceit tomatoes before you slice them and serve them so until I went to Yale I had never had a slice of a tomato with a peel and a seat Wow and it this was you know this has come from cultures for instance peppers peppers are the same way they're part of the nightshade family you'll never open a glass jar of Italian bell peppers and see peels and seeds because they're gone and the most striking thing is the Southwest American Indians always peel in DC their peppers before they eat them the hatch chili roast will be happening in another month and what do they do they roast their chilies peel the scarred off part deseed them and then they eat them or they make them into chili powder right and you know you can prove this in your grocery store buy a can of green chilies chopped green chilies oh I'll put it up you won't see any peels and say it's because they're gone so tomatoes and peppers eggplant potatoes and potatoes you know the if you peel them and see these theories say for correct but you can't pressure cook them and they're fine they're okay yeah got it now there's two American beans that everyone should stay away from peanuts are not a nut they're being 94 percent of human beings carry a preformed antibody against the peanut lectins we can take rhesus monkeys our cousins give them peanut oil and they will develop atherosclerosis heart disease really if we take the lectin out of the peanut oil and then give them the peanut oil they will not develop heart disease so if you get lectin free peanut but there is no such saying it okay so get almond butter ins yes it's much peanut butter now stay away from eliminate one percent from your absolutely we can take and this has been done man feed them peanuts take their bowel movements feed them to rats and you will grow cancerous cells in the rat colon because they've been exposed to the peanut lectin oh yeah love peanut butter oh yeah you know I can that was much always I want and I went to medical school in Georgia you know Jimmy Carter you know man peanut sir yeah no sorry little bit it's gone gone say goodbye this will help me live longer have a happier healthier body and then I won't have to operate on you you know when you have coronary disease and you go what I'll eat so healthy I'm having my peanut butter how many surgeries have you done Oh over ten thousand ten thousand the RET is out of this the record now someone said is a record-setting heart surgeon heart surgeries no yeah no how many heart surgeries 10,000 10,000 10,000 yeah what's the cause of these heart diseases so it's a reason why you have to do so many of these it's all in the plant paradox so 17 years ago I met a guy by the name Big Ed it was a 30 38 year old guy who came to see me at Loma Linda because I'm one of these surgeons who will operate on anybody Wow yeah take the rip big n 500-pounder Gaddy actually when I met him weigh 265 pounds but he had such extensive coronary artery disease that you couldn't put stents in him you couldn't do my passes because there wasn't a place to land and he was from Miami and him be going around the country carrying his angiogram the movie of his heart his cardiac catheterization everybody's turning him down and he finally after about six months of this comes to see me and I'm looking at his angiogram and I'm going uni you know I don't like to turn people down but everybody's right you know we're not gonna do you any good and he said well wait a minute here's the deal doc I've been on a diet for the last six months and I've lost 45 pounds now this is a 265 pound or sitting across from me it looks like a you know biker big gut and he says and I've gone to this health food store and I've taken all these supplements and he actually brought in this shopping bag full of supplements he said you know maybe I get something in here and I'm going yeah right you know I'm kind of scratching my professor beard and saying well you know I know what you good for you for losing weight but it's not gonna do anything in here and I know what you did with all those supplements you made expensive urine and I really believe that so he said well come on you know it's been six months I've come all this way what would it hurt to get another angiogram another cardiac catheterization so we we get a new cath on him and in six months time this guy cleans out 50% of the blockages in his heart mmm 50% gone good was pretty darn good it's unbelievable Wow for instance statistically on the best statin drug you know like Cresta or lipitor with the lowest levels of LDL we scientists at the American Heart Association get crazy if after five years your plaque burden has decreased a half of a percent Wow then we go crazy and we go oh my gosh this is a miracle it's the greatest drug discovery of all time right here we go really so this guy 50% are gone in six months so I actually was so excited I operated on him and did a five vessel bypass but what if I knew what I knew now I'd say hey great you know another year this will all be clear going you won't need this so I I start talking about what he did on this diet and lo and behold he get started on this enjoyment timeout you know I said I had this crazy thesis at the only University that I did for four years back on Dark Ages of human evolutionary biology and my thesis was you could take a grade-a change its food supply and change its environment and predict you would arrive at a human being and actually successfully defended it and God honors blah blah blah and so I had given it to my parents and went off to be a famous heart surgeon and so he's talking about this I wait a minute you know this is my crazy thesis and Here I am this big guy you know running and I'd pre dad you were yes 15 years ago 50 years running and eating a healthy low-fat diet and all the doctors seem like they're bigger yeah exactly and you know we're giving all this advice and so I called my parents in San Diego I said hey you know we've got this thesis mmm oh yeah you know it's in the shrine turtle football room that's right so I sit sit send it up to me so I put myself on my thesis and I lost 50 pounds my first year you know lost another 20 pounds subsequently and I've taken it off and then I started putting my patience you know at loma linda i operated on on this program and the blood pressure went to normal their diabetes went away eight their heart disease didn't come back and so after about a year of this i was looking in the mirror on one friday and i said you know i can't do what i do anymore cuz i can teach people how to avoid me so i actually resigned my position my wife still calls it black friday when was this fifteen years ago you resigned i resent being chairman of heart surgery at loma linda Wow just because you felt like i wasn't solving the i wasn't solving the problem it was just putting a bandaid on it the surgeries the surgeries yeah I was just yes famous for four-time five-time redo surgeries on somebody who kept clogging up their blood vessels and it's like you could fix them up but it's like you know okay they're gonna be back in a couple of years yeah so yeah so I set up an institute in Palm Springs where all I ask people to do is every three months let me take about ten tubes blood out of you and we'll send it to some labs I have insurance will pay for it Wow and see what asking you to eat certain foods does and asking you to take certain supplements that you could find at Costco or Trader Joe's does and that resulted in my first book in 2008 called doctor Gondry's diet evolution but then subsequently I've seen about 50% of my practices autoimmune disease and people would come in and say hey what do you know about autoimmune disease and I go and don't know anything about on the immune disease but I'm a transplant immunologist and that means how do I get the immune system of you to accept the heart of pig for instance and I'm actually hold the world record for the longest peak to baboon heart transplant 28 days that's the world record so I started manipulating the immune system by food and sure enough you've got an autoimmune disease we can teach you to get rid of it changing primarily getting lectins out of your diets and changing your gut bugs to be basically friendly gut bugs and the friendly gut bugs actually tell your immune system that hey guys we're all great down here we're down at the beach we're singing Kumbaya beautiful bonfire and your immune system is basically the cops and the cops go oh yeah we know these kids great kids let's go have a donut and now so that's how it's supposed to be but let's suppose a gang member moves in to your neighborhood now all of a sudden you get you're putting up bars on your windows and you got neighborhood watch patrols and you're shooting guys with hoodies without asking questions so what's happened to most of us true some of the foods we eat like all these wonderful snacks we're talking about we've we've let these gang members loose and the good guys actually can't eat simple sugars and these saturated fats they they want leaves and they want to burrs where they die off they die off exactly so the gang members are running rampant and now your immune system is going oh my gosh you know the city's taken over by gang members and we're gonna have armed patrols everywhere and anytime we see anything that looks a little odd we're gonna shoot and ask questions later and so what's happened to everybody with autoimmune disease is their immune systems just hyper on guard because it's no longer getting the messages from the good bugs show out everything's cool you know kumbaya love love love peace and love and that's what's happened and it's it's so cool to get somebody who can just you know change the food they they may not want it initially but when they start feeling better yeah they go for instance on Monday young lady 36 years old lives out in La Quinta you know was sent to me with what's called chronic pain syndrome you know a lot of doctors toss this office oh you're crazy or you're depressed or yours anxious and you treat them with in a depressant and she was in constant pain it was so bad that she actually had to work from home he really couldn't move and a kid and a husband and right so she had heard about me she said you know I've heard about you you know what do you think I said you know come on let's let's do this I said what's happening is that your pain is actually coming from nerve cells inside your gut that are being stimulated by rogue cops if you will and they're trying to tell you that you shouldn't move so let's start so I saw her a couple months later in January February and I said how are we doing she said you know the pains less but it's definitely still there so I said well you know just stay at it if you can feel a difference don't give up yeah yeah so I walked in on Monday and I almost didn't recognize her huh and I said she's got a giant smile on your face I said so you know how you doing she said perfect I said what you mean and she says do you know what it's like to not have pain and I said well yeah I do now he said she said I forgot what not having pain feels like Wow and it it's amazing she said I just feel great I you know it's been so many years I'd forgotten what you know feeling normal felt like she said but let me tell you a story you can't cheat and I said yeah I know that but how did you find out she said well you know there was this office party a couple weeks ago and all they had they had some had some chicken and they had some nachos and they had some guacamole and she said I noticed that the guacamole had tomatoes in it believe it or not guacamole is not have supposed to have tomatoes your your listeners should realize that guacamole should not have Tomatoes letter she said I figured well the safest thing to eat is to put some guacamole on my plate and have a piece of chicken cuz you know I want to be nice she said I'll tell you within and or my left elbow just started throbbing and then my hand started on that freezing up she said I actually had to leave the party and go home and she had to lay down and I couldn't get up for about two hours and she said and I was trying to be good and she says it's it's amazing that you know this could do this Wow yeah this is crazy yeah so you said you essentially can't was you know we're doing heart surgeries 10,000 of them and said I don't want to be offensive here I'll make sure I'm saying the right thing but you're now essentially a functional med doctor yeah I don't know in a sense Rick without with all due respects to Mark Hyman yeah Jeff bland created the craze of functional medicine and just a friend of mine I don't know what functional medicine right right right what I do is restorative medicine right all of us have the power to heal ourselves now the guy who said this was Epocrates and Hippocrates brilliant he he believed that any organism had the ability to have perfect health and that every organism had the ability to achieve perfect health as long as the obstacles to perfect health were removed and Hippocrates believed that the physicians job was to identify the obstacles to that organism having perfect health the patient and removed them from the patient and what a patient would do the rest yeah so what what I try to do I basically do detective work and I think I'm pretty good finding the obstacles and many of those obstacles boolean or not are lectins and the other obstacle is you got to get the gang members out of your gut by basically starving them to death and giving the good guys what they want to eat starving them of the lectins starving them of simple sugars yes and lectins and saturated fats like remove those things yeah they they have nothing to eat and they leave for instance I'll give you an example of something interesting we actually have bacteria in our gut that enjoy eating gluten elect really yeah they love it but if you go gluten-free they leave because they got nothing to eat yes and then a lot of people who go gluten-free and don't notice a whole lot of difference or they just get frustrated and then they and they have a couple pieces of bread or pizza and then all of a sudden there goes you know what's because they're bugs that could defend them against gluten gone are gone and believe it or not gluten is kind of a low level leptin there's far worse though the worst ones are in the hall of the grain so for instance this whole whole grain goodness this only started about 50 years ago this thing has a whole grain goodness yeah we've gotten sicker and sicker and sicker because the outside of the hall has the lectins and we've been throwing it away I mean really the French seriously would they have a whole grain quistis aunt or a whole grain baguette really and the Italians you know whole grain pasta well now it's appearing on the menus because the tourists one is one yeah but the Italians would kill themselves right right yeah the first thing I opened up right here is the most popular nut is not a nut the peanut cashew cashew is a nut – I can't eat cashews no the Amazonian Indians always threw the cashew beam away what if what if I manipulated in a certain way and make it into a sauce and you could pressure cooking I can pressure cook cat Hays then I can eat it yes and stay away from chia seeds no chia seeds all the things people tell you to eat right now of course and that's why everybody's getting sicker chia seeds there's two human studies that show chia seeds promote inflammation in human beings what else do we need to be aware I used to be a big fan of cheese what do you eat your eat what you're supposed to eat you're supposed to eat leaves you're supposed to eat tubers like he c'mon like sweet potatoes like rutabagas you're supposed to eat tons of olive oil time tons I use a leader a week of olive oil though you drink it or you're cooking oh no I pour it on everything oh really Wow the only purpose of food is to get olive oil into your mouth is what I told dr. Illes a few weeks ago just think the only purpose of food is to get olive oil in your mouth in Crete and Sardinia they use a liter of olive oil per week a Spanish study of 65 year old people for five years making them use a liter Volvo per week against a low-fat Mediterranean diet at the end of five years the olive oil users had improved memory compared to the low-fat diet the women had 65% less breast cancer than low-fat Mediterranean diet and they had less heart disease liter week olive oil later week does not need youth huh yeah it really is although olive oil it's a secret it's a secret okay there you go that's the secret there's so much more I want to learn but we are limited on time here so make sure you guys get this book the plant paradox the hidden dangers in quote unquote healthy foods that cause disease and weight gain by dr. Stephen Gundry I have one final question for you because there's a lot I want to learn still first won't acknowledge you for your your transformational journey your journey of doing one thing that most doctors will probably believe is the solution and then being aware and saying you know what maybe there's a different way yeah certain things aren't working past a certain point it's just a band-aid so let me really test it on myself and then help other people so don't acknowledge you for the journey you've been on there's you how much you help people make sure you guys get this book and you're on social media what's your go-to gondry MD calm John MD calm but I'm on Instagram and come visit amazing amazing the plant paradox here my final question for you is what's your definition of greatness ooh well yeah this is the school of greatness yes the I think I judged myself in the ability of being able to give something to somebody else and having them come back and say thank you that's all I could ever ask in my life and whether I was a surgeon fixing a newborn baby's heart or having somebody you like that woman come back and say I forgot what being without pain felt like and thank you boom that's I what what makes me feel great how's that yeah well I appreciate and thank you for coming on it means a lot to me thanks a lot I'm glad I'm here yeah you


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