This Website Knows Everything About Me!!

(Welcome to another video which will be having
subtitles…) Do you guys know me…? Of course you know me…You guys have subscribed..You
should know me… But do you guys…Know about me…? If you
don’t.. That is literally how he laughs, I swear… Nothing….Absolutely nothing… So i thought…I should tell you something.. Who is BeastBoy Shub…What are his secrets….? I was going to tell you personally…But.. Everything is on the internet….Everything… I was just thinking about how can something
do that..? Without taking any information from me….Without
researching… Racking up so much information about me… (Does not need subtitles…It’s just stupid…) Your very own BeastBoy Shub is here…. So i got this website…Which is called WIKI.. So we are going to read up the Wiki today…And
i am going to know too… The BeastBoy Shub i know is the BeastBoy Shub
in truth.. So let us decode some secret information about
BeastBoy Shub.. First of all…. WHATTTTTTT is the problem of people on the
internet..? My user name on Youtube is BeastBoy Shub…Why
do they put at extra “h”? And the “h” is removed from my name completely… What the hell guys… I think this “h” is removed from here and
put on over the BeastBoy Shub’s “h”… Do you know how much trouble Youtube has caused
me because of that “h” My “h” has caused me a lot of trouble…I
had to make another video to explain this… This name is correctly written… Actually i play mobile games too…Actually
i play PS4 games too.. (Actually i am awesome) But your article is a bit okay so everything
is forgiven… (Shubham they have mentioned as of now….You
should have read ahead…Your English is weak… Who was that…Who gave you that information…? You just lessened my life just like that…Just
like that…. You wanna make me older soon..? I am very much young now…And the date is
1997… Not 1996.. One year lessened man..I do not wanna die
this soon.. Yeah you can say that.. My birthday comes in April.. This is actually true… That was the only time when i could have hung
out with my friends and have fun… And participate in sports activities.. I have many regrets from school days…Function
day…Teachers day.. All the days where you can enjoy with your
friends and teachers… I bunked and just played games.. But that was a very terrible thing i think… Should have gone to school and enjoyed those
days… Remember those days too much.. How did they really know that..? Did i mention that is some Q&A video..? So yeah my first phone was a Nokia.. Internet was quite expensive those days and
i did not even know how to use it.. So i took a whole class to realize what internet
is and how to use it… And the first social app that i used was Facebook.. And then towards the middle of high school…I
got an intro for Youtube… Knowing about Youtube and than starting about
Youtube.. That was a lot of time difference.. I remember having a thought about making a
video by me.. And when i made the video and uploaded… That did not get any views obviously… But the process was something which i deeply
enjoyed.. And that was the first thing in my life which
i thoroughly enjoyed, After games.. That is when i understood that this is something
that i can do.. My college took all day basically.. Leave for college at 7…Come back at 7…And
making videos in the night is impossible.. So i had to make vids in the weekends Saturday
was for making the vid…And Sunday for editing and uploading.. So my whole weekend was busy…Weekday was
college and weekends was making vids.. And than there was a time when i thoroughly
enjoyed the process of the whole thing… That is when it hit me to leave college and
make vids full time.. Make Youtube vids all day because.. I was enjoying this and i was not having fun
in the college at all.. That is correct… I have tried a lot of things…Prepared for
NDA exams..Prepared for SSC exams… Learned a lot of stuff…Even played the guitar
which was fun in the beginning… It has been three years since i left… Out of everything that i did…Youtube and
Gaming was the one which i enjoyed the most.. However, at the starting of my content, my
beginning was a lot of abusive and i cussed a lot.. Because i had no idea that i could join my
gaming and Youtube.. Used to make Youtube vids all day and then
when i was tired..I used to game..(Cringy Laugh) Did not know any Western Youtubers…Pewdiepie…Jackseptic
eye…Markieplier.. Did not know about them…I used to watch
the trending page…And than.. You know the trending page at the start.. So where you stay is where you behave….So
that was my mentality.. I like the person i am now…Have grown watching
Youtube vids and stuff… This is a good feeling.. That was the most difficult part…Good god.. I don’t think my parents were at fault…As
long as your kid is going to college regularly.. Preparing for exams and doing his assignments.. And he comes to you one day and says that…I
am leaving Engineering.. So where the college you paid a ton of money…I
am leaving that… So obviously it was going to be hard to convince
them and they asked me what i was going to do…. Well i had no answer because i just had 300
subs on Youtube.. (What was i gonna tell them….? I am gonna
make videos….Become an actor..) In India…Professions such as actor…Creator…Youtuber…Gamer…Do
not hold a candle.. Which is the third one…? At that time actually… Those were tough times….Parents would have
skinned me alive about what you were going to do staying home. They do not possess any knowledge about Youtube
so.. There was like a cloud of suspicion about
the company i was in…Plus i was holed up in my room all day… Talking to myself… What is going on..? My parents were onto me…About doing something..Go
over here…Go over there.. They kept me busy…So i thought about teaching
classes… So that it can…At least help me pay my way… And adjust some stuff by the way… And my parents were happy too that their child
was doing something anyways so.. The classes helped me a lot seriously… And one more thing…Stop using this pictures
of me…Why is it everywhere..? Why does everyone on Youtube use this picture..? No… My first vid was on 5th July, 2016… But some videos from the start have been done
private so… Correct.. My first vid was a roast vid… But that did not get hate…That did not get
views actually… I mean i was snatching up friends from my
phone and just gathering views.. Everyone receives hate and i did too…I got
hate when… I uploaded like four or fives vids… You never get a boom during the first vids…You
have yo struggle..Put up 10 or 12 vids.. That is when you can receive a little attention… See how crazy that is… A 1000 subscribers was a big goal for me…I
was always thinking that a 1000 subscribers.. Whenever i hit a 1000 subscribers… That will be a different feeling…A different
SWAG for BeastBoy Shub.. What..? What are you talking about..? So from June 2017 to the beginning of 2019… Good god.. That is a huge time for 1 million subscribers.. 4500…..4500 subscribers everyday…Come
on… Well yes no support in the beginning but yeah…Now
no problem..They let me do my thing… (Is that him farting…?) Yes i do not have a girlfriend..I concentrate
on animes…Games… And 2D girls that i have so many girlfriends
virtually.. That i do not need an IRL girlfriend… Well can you say that…I did leave that in
six years actually… I am just a high school person now… A brother and a sister… He has an approx but let me correct it…I
am between 5’9 and 5’10.. In the middle all right…Not 5’9.. Does not go up or down…However i am trying
to bring it down… Are they black..? Are you crazy..? Are you crazy…20,000$.. 1.4million INR every month..? 1.4 million INR..? For real… Don’t really go on social blades earning cause
they don’t know crap about our earnings… 1.4 million INR per month… That’s right…Everything you see on
my Youtube is absolutely done by me… I love all animals….I love dogs too…Cats
too..And parrots.. But i do need a dog man.. That was a very good game but.. If i talk about
that time i have completed Resident evil 4 many times but.. The list for my favorite games is just unlimited… I just love lots of games… So my disstrack…So old.. That gut… I won’t be playing the music but
i got a copyright on the music.. That is just too cringy… Actually i love romantic and sad songs as
such so.. My voice is a bit light-ish as such… But.. For the disstrack the voice should have been
a bit grungier… But that is
not my style so… I
have always sang in a lighter tone like.. (Do note that the subtitles decline to subtitle
that…) (So not doing that…) So that is my voice.. So today you guys got to know a little about BeastBoy Shub….How did
you like that..? I hope you guys liked it
and these guys would have gotten a bit help.. Kindly…Make the changes in your articles
please.. Especially my real name… And please do not play with my name…Taking
the “h” from my naming and putting it somewhere else.. What is going on..? So that is
it for today’s video and i shall see you in the next awesome vid..Till than…

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