Tips for Building a WordPress Website

tips for building and maintaining your WordPress website. A lot goes into building and maintaining a successful WordPress website before we show you how to build a WORDPRESS website. Step by step in elemental. Let’s review a list of tips to keep in mind when building a WORDPRESS website. Here are five tips to help you maintain your WordPress site. Tip number one. Back up your website a website is perhaps your business is most valuable asset and you don’t want to lose any page or even experience any downtime. Backing up your data is a recommended step. Most hosting companies offer a free backup service, and you can also use a backup plugin like blood vault or co schedule and have your sight saved regularly. Tip number To secure your Web site security is a rather complex topic on. We could probably cover an entire course on that subject alone. One way to get started on easily protect your website is to reduce the number of plug ins that you use as we mentioned earlier in this cause. This is something that the pro version of elements or can help you with. Tip number three only activate plug ins and themes you fully trust. Otherwise, you can expose your site to malicious attacks. Tip number four Keep your WordPress plug ins and themes up to date plug ins are updated by those who develop them. This way. The person who developed them can introduce new features, improved performances and fix bugs, which improves security. You can also install a security plug in like word fence. Another plugin I would recommend is activity log. This is actually a plug in our own team of elemental released entirely free on. It helps you monitor every activity that is done on your admin. If someone tries to hack your site, you’ll see it in activity log and tip number five. Update your content from the small details, like the year in your copyright text to new employees listed in your about. Paige. Set a time every couple of months to go over your entire website page by page and give it a refresh where needed. On There you have it. Five tips for building and maintaining a successful WordPress website. If you’re looking for Maura WordPress, tips and best practices, check out the resource section below. In our next lesson, we’re going to be showing you how to actually build a WORDPRESS website step by step, using elemental on hub spots tools.


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