Top 10 Superheroes Who Hooked Up with Villains |#Top10

Every now and then a hero ends up being tricked
into falling in love with a superhero or sometimes they truly believe that hero could be redeemed. When it happens once it might seem like a
fluke but some superheroes don’t know when to call it quits. Today we are going to be taking a look at
some of the superheroes who have been trapped into these moments and beyond that some who
seem to go out of their way to seek out darkness in their romantic partners as we count down
the top 10 superheroes who hooked up with villains. Be sure to stick around to the end of this
video where I will have some bonus content coming your way in the form of comments. Alright, let’s get counting. 10
Power Girl In the Worlds’ Finest comics volume 1 issue
11, multiple worlds being the stipulation here, Power Girl gets tricked into hooking
up with Desaad. He is under the guise of the handsome, Michael
Holt aka Mr Terrific. As such Karen Starr while at a party ends
up in his arms until he reveals his true identity to her. Huntress and Power Girl both see that it is
not truly Holt though but Desaad in disguise and attacked him. But apparently not everyone could see what
they saw, resulting in them being attacked by guards who think they are attacking Holt. Desaad and Powergirl definitely makes a squicky
picture. Ick. 9
Supergirl While Supergirl mostly likes to keep her relationships
on the good side of things, she didn’t start off on the best foot. Poison Ivy was actually her first kiss, attempting
to bring her over to the dark side. Or rather the green side. The other thing about the issue where this
happens is Harley even makes a pass at Supergirl too, offering to kiss her boo boos better
after smashing the hero with a hammer. 8
Starfire These two are a pair that constantly get shipped
and for good reason, there is a lot of love between these fellow Teen Titans. Love that gets pretty brutally sexy in the
wedding issue of New Titans. Issue 100 of volume 3 focuses on the wedding
between Dick Grayson’s Robin and Starfire. It’s off to a rocky start as the pair have
their love protested against because of Starfire’s alien heritage but ends up being filled with
love and beauty. Until a demonic Raven crashes it that is. Raven has lost control of soul and as such
has turned pretty evil. What’s a girl to do but crash your old friends’
wedding, confess your love for the bride and then make out with her, injecting her with
another soul of one of Trigon’s children. I mean hey, if that isn’t true love then what
is? 7
Daredevil Matthew Murdock has a tendency to dally with
women who are living on the more dangerous side of life. Not all the women he dates are like this,
just most of them. He has gotten cozy with the former assassin,
Black Widow and while she is definitely a hero who was formerly a bad guy and never
threatened Matthew’s life, he has also been involved with women who have threatened his
life. Echo attempted to kill him before, after being
manipulated into thinking Daredevil was to blame for the death of his father. All this also happened after their first date. Matt was able to convince her of the truth,
causing her to double cross Kingpin but still attempted murder is attempted murder. Typhoid Mary is another woman who Matt began
to see before his Daredevil persona came in and also messed that up by becoming her enemy
after accidentally pushing her out a window during a scuffle. And then of course there is Elektra. And heck, even Karen Page in the Netflix and
Marvel’s Daredevil series was kinda shady. 6
Wolverine I feel like being a male member of the X-Men
means you are bound to fall into the trap of falling in love with some kind of villainess
at some point. That is if you’re a straight male X-Men member. Granted almost all of them are so… Pretty much applies to all. Wolverine is no exception. As a straight male member he had fallen into
the arms of the famous shape-shifting villainess, Mystique whose charms have allowed her to
find herself involved with many male and female mutants. But beyond that he also had a thing with Madame
Hydra, aka Viper. She ended up kidnapping him and reminded him
of a debt he owed her. Our of honour, Wolverine agreed to repay the
debt by doing as she asked and marrying her. She wanted Wolverine for more than just his
personality and looks though. She was after his influence more than anything. And her marriage to him succeeded in getting
her what she wanted, to become the Princess and ruler of Madripoor. Later in exchange for saving her life, Wolverine
was able to negotiate a divorce 5
Spiderman Just like Batman has his Catwoman, Spiderman
has his Blackcat. Is it crazy that both Marvel and DC have superheroes
who evoke the look and abilities of a creature and then both also coincidentally have feline-inspired
criminal loves? While Blackcat may not be as big of a main
squeeze for Spiderman as Catwoman is for Batman, the two have still had a long standing on
again off again relationship. And just like it’s pretty set that Peter Parker
will always go back to MJ, he will also always run off at some point with Blackcat. Originally a criminal and thief, Felicia has
gone from being a very bad kitty to a full out superhero but she always seems to be seduced
back into the world of power and crime. And while Peter may have a ton going on in
terms of his romantic life, for Blackcat, he is her main squeeze. She often mentions how she isn’t a huge fan
of men in general except when it comes to the web-crawler. 4
Storm Ororo Munroe isn’t someone who struck me originally
as having a draw to the more evil side. Despite how Stormy she was made to look when
you using her powers in the X-Men films. Like out of context, seeing Halle Berry’s
eyes go all white and watch her start creating storm clouds and lightning bolts makes her
look like some kind of villain out of a horror film. “Do you know what happens to a toad when it’s
struck by lightning?” So while many of us comicbook nerds may now
think of Storm as one of T’Challa’s true loves, it’s no surprise that she has felt the pull
towards those less good once or twice. Like the time she spent with Dracula or better
yet the time Doctor Doom kidnapped her and she actually seemed to think Victor a gentleman
and remarked that she was actually having a pretty good time. Is it weird that I ship Doom
and Storm? Doomstorm! 3
Professor X Based on my description earlier of Wolverine,
I think you know where I’m going with this. Do you know where I am going with this? The secret romance between Professor X and
Mystique. Which many originally thought had to be some
kind of trick of Mystiques. We see her giving birth to Charles Xavier
the second, her and Charles’ son after Professor X’s death but under the guise of Moira Mactaggert. Many though that her disguise could be used
as proof that she was up to no good. But we later found out that this was not the
case during the reading of Xavier’s will wherein it was explained that he had married Mystique
and had left his school to her. 2
Rogue It’s true that Rogue spends most of her time
pining after Gambit but she has also had a really creepy relationship with the Shadow
King. Seriously. At one point he even manages to tempt her
into kissing him though I use the term tempt lightly here as Rogue seems to be weirdly
into it. He has also offered to have her become his
Shadow Queen. But the Shadow King isn’t the only villain
that Rogue has seemed to have weird feelings for. During their time together on Savage Land,
Rogue also seemed to express feelings for Magneto. Though the two had to part ways as Magneto
felt they were simply too different. 1
Batman The ultimate lover all ladies villainous. Batman is definitely known for his love of
the darkness and apparently this love has extended to bedroom. He has been mind controlled by Poison Ivy,
has had Harley Quinn pine after him, fell for Nocturna and almost married Catwoman and
Jezebel Jet. And depending on what you’re reading or watching,
he maybe did marry Talia and also has a son with her. Making Batman definitely the one who is spending
the most time in bed with those who could be deemed criminals or evil. The weird thing is as a master detective,
he also generally knows what everyone is really up to, so I guess it’s just something he enjoys. Thank you so much for watching, nerd squad. I hope you enjoyed exploring with me some
heroes who seem drawn to the dark or just frequently trapped there when it comes to
their romantic life. I guess some superheroes are just so hot even
villains want a piece of that. I mean, you know what they say opposites attract. Who are some of your favourite superheroes
who have ended up with a villain? Are there superheroes who you think are even
more attracted to the darkside than those listed here? Or do you agree? If you could get romantic with any villain
who would you pick? Let us know in the comments below. And speaking of comments, it’s time to turn
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