hey guys it's amber welcome back to my channel um so you guys might know me from my DIY videos but today I'm gonna show you what I really know best which is something people are always asking on Instagram where I get all of my fabulous clothes because I'm always complaining about being broke so no one understands why I have nice things when I don't have any money um but I'm going to show you guys how easy it is to look fabulous on a budget with the top 5 best places to shop online alright store number one on my look oh my gosh this has been one of my favorite websites for years and years all of the Instagram ho aesthetic looks straight from here you guys they have again oh this is what I'm wearing right now actually they have the cutest stuff and again super cheap and amazingly high-quality um like here you can see this suede dress is like 25 bucks and they have the same similar silk dress for 59 but still pretty cheap for the amazing quality alright so here a few things that I've gotten from want my look before um this jacket oh my god I can't wait to wear this is like a trench and this is little black slip dress that I had gotten um if it's super cute is great and I think was like $30 and actually this choker dive jewelry and stuff too this little choker that I wore in one of my instagrams on that I always get like seventy bajillion questions about um tada I wear that one of my pictures there that's actually from them too and I think was like I don't know nine dollars or something ridiculous so definitely would recommend as you can see the quality is just really good and nice and not that expensive so there you go like what a BAM you guys know I'm so into these like maxi duster things lately and this one is a hands-down my favorite I think I've ever had it literally looks like a princess skirt so a lot of cute you can see the quality is freaking awesome and this was a little pricier I think this was like $58 cost a little more than most of the stuff on the site but literally fabulous Wow like you look like a stinking queen in this thing and of course boom whoa falling over there Lola Shoetique again with the shoes I'm not believable tada number – fashion Nova this website is frickin awesome WWF Asha Nova calm I know I think half my wardrobe is from this place they have the cutest stuff and it does all such high-quality and the best part about this is so damn cheap like literally look at this tada these adorable little hoodie sets I have them in all three colors 20 bucks so freaking awesome they have Blazers they have silk tops they have the best jeans in the world so I'm gonna show you guys a couple of my favorite looks from this store just so you can see the quality and everything but I promise you you will not be disappointed so here we go here's a few of the things that I've copped from fashion OVA when I say a few I mean a few because I've gotten so many things on here before but look at the quality of this jacket satin so cute fact you guys probably recognize this jacket from some of my in studs again I wore that in this one and it was like so cheap the whole outfit cost like 20 bucks so fabulous fabulous fabulous everything is so cheap and just really good quality for the price I got this dress this it's like such again good good quality you can see the zippers and everything is all like in place again like $30 super cute like I said they do a lot of knock-off designer fashions so this is actually like a knockoff Versace top but is so damn adorable and looks amazing on so I think I'll model this for you guys in a second but um again 20 bucks a total steal table right so here we go I threw on that lacy crop top so you guys could see isn't it just so cute very trendy kind of looks like a doily but I'm a big fan and also it wouldn't be a video if I didn't show you these these are my favorite jeans known to mankind from fashion OVA literally make your booty so poppin and guess what they're like 30 bucks you guys so cute they're called the canopy Jean the greatest Jean I've ever worn in my life literally and of course Lola Shoetique again rocking out my Balmain knockoff booties so cute so there we go fashion OVA in action okay this is my favorite one Lola Shoetique you guys this place is where I get all of my shoes it's why have so many because they have the best quality shoes I have ever used ever purchased I will stay being a fan of this place they just have the cutest shoes ever in the world and are so incredibly cheap like no lie I've seen the same shoes at Steve Madden that they sell for like 200 bucks and here they're 35 basically every issue on the website is about 35 bucks and they are awesome the only exceptions the boots are a little more they're like 50 bucks I have these in literally all of these colors actually but they have again just the best so I'll show you a few of my favorite Lola shoes because they also have a lot of fabulous and designer knockoff smiles which are the best so check it out all right Lola Lola Lola um so for things that came from Lola Shoetique in my closet literally every single pair of shoes that I own is from Lola Shoetique with the exception of those but no joke these these these every single one is straight from their so I'll show you a couple of them but as you can see um let's see which ones are gonna I'll show these quality is awesome despite being cheap she lets get out of focus there we go despite being cheap shoes um they're so comfy so nice they always come in cool styles and like I said a lot of designer knockoff Styles like these are a knockoff of Tom Ford but so nice so cute and you would never tell the difference between this and the real thing literally all of my shoes are from here all of them every single pair I own Oh from Lola Shoetique and honestly can you even blame me like these were 22 dollars on some way alright now if you're really into budgets this place is my favorite I get so much stuff this is they have everything so not even just clothes but of course that is my personal favorite thing to get on here because they have the best stuff and it's all the stuff that you see in the designer boutiques but its wholesale price so you can get this floral dress thing 21 bucks like one of the things that I just got online the other day is this I've wanted this for so long he says the harness skirt it's like 70 bucks on this random website and that's the cheapest one I could find usually like 120 and all these boutiques but check it out oh and Aliexpress I just copped it nowhere to go oh here we go I got it for 24 bucks and it is the exact same quality literally the same so I will show you a few things that I've gotten from Aliexpress too because this place is honestly my favorite let's type in whatever you're looking for they have a bunch of filters you can form them by size color location dress length oh you can do all sorts of cool stuff I've never even done this well yeah so you can get literally anything you want on this website and it's all super cheap it does come straight from China but let me tell you it's freaking awesome totally worth the wait if you want to save the money so here's a few things I've gotten from here alright so some of the things I've gotten from Aliexpress in the past and this is one of my favorite purchases of all time I will show you this in a second on because it looks amazing it looks really friggin weird sitting here but I swear it's great um like I said it's great for specific shopping like black fringe skirt when you can't find it anywhere else Aliexpress is a great place to nab that or a black corset belt I got this there too super fun spotted that on Kim K and wanted one and my little Arabic name necklace I got that on there too so super fun super cheap uh I think this was like I don't know all of it was really inexpensive and fab so would definitely recommend I'll show you this one right now I'm so excited get ready it's really extra anyways here we go this is definitely like one of the wildest looks in my closet um this is from Aliexpress super funky I guess you would call this faux sheep's wool jacket I don't know what I even typed in to find this but this was $9.99 so it's thinking cute so fun very extra um but that's you know that's the way I like my wardrobe but and these suede leggings actually are from there too you can see the materials like ooh kind of like those weird couches you like as a kid but super fun $9.00 I think these leggings were maybe eight dollars so cute so fun fit amazing yes yes and of course shoes courtesy of Lola Shoetique again just these basic as rapid eyes i wern't anklet every day by the way if you guys are wondering what that is so super fun I think these were $12 I got them on sale even from the usual cheap price so super fun like I said Aliexpress much better for when you're searching for specific things than just like generic shopping but when you are looking for something specific and fun it's a great website alright last but not least misguided this place is actually really popular you've probably heard of this one before but this is misguided calm I actually came across this place by my fave a Carly Bible and she's like a moody beauty guru here on YouTube and I freaking just love her and she's where I've learned how to do all my makeup but anyways she is the reason she did a collaboration with them and that is how I first found their website but since then I ordered like 70,000 things from here they have to die for clothes and check it out 30% off everything that's just random clicking today they have such high quality clothes and freaking awesome stuff so let's see let's dresses let's do short dresses just to show you a couple of things here sorry my computer is so slow lately again a lot of like things that are copped from celebrities you might recognize this from Kim Kardashian but check this out 32 bucks for this dress unbelievable this dress also 32 dollars just super cheap and super adorable like okay so these are getting a little more expensive but even still so damn cute and the high quality here is great like I got this dress I'll show you this on a second I got this little rose gold dress thing for like $30 so I will show you some of the things I've gotten from misguided because this place is fab the other cool thing about misguided check it out 20% student discount so if you have a student ID you can type that in and you get 20% off everything so that is fab I am still using my student discount on here despite the fact that I've been out of college for like a year and a half all right here we go misguided this is some of the stuff that I got from the Carli bybel collection unbelievable look how nice and again you can see the quality this jacket was actually little more expensive this was like makes 60 bucks but so nice so beautiful I got the little matching dress that's super cute yeah and I got a lot of mesh stuff from them this is awesome it's totally see-through actually but that's the style like that's the point of it they lot of great jackets to this I got from there a few years ago actually but it's awesome it's like a crazy black a crazy black fluff ball so definitely fun for nights going out but yeah misguided has great stuff so here's a couple of I'll support these looks on for you all right here we go some misguided for you as you can see I really need to steam this because I have not yet and it's wrinkly as hell but still so cute you can see the quality is so nice such a good fabric and the fit is really cute too I wanted it to be like oversized and kind of baggy and it totally is so very cute who would definitely recommend again shoes as always here they are Lola's so cute you can see those um just stinking adorable so there you have it misguided so there you have it you guys those are my top picks if you get anything from any of the stores I totally let me know I would love to see pictures um and also I've always been meaning to say this at the end of my other videos but I always forget um if you do any of my DIYs please tag me I would love to see em I love seeing my silly little ideas put into action so that being said all my socials are at Universal so follow me do you have me um I love to see what you guys come up with um so I guess for now don't forget also to subscribe to the channel because I'm going to be posting a lot more videos of whatever you guys want so just let me know what you want me to do and I will do them because I have a lot of time on my hands recently so I'm really pumped to spend a lot more time doing this so with that being said kids it's nice to have you guys that was a mouthful and I'm exhausted like how embarrassing that it took it out of me trying on all of my clothes I should really go the gym or any busy um kisses until next time bye sweet angel babies EXO


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