Turns Out Trump Supporters Care About Internet Privacy

On Tuesday, House Republicans voted
to repeal an Obama-era FCC rule that would have prevented your internet
service provider from selling consumer data, your online activity—a.k.a. all of your activity, without telling you first. It may be a shocking betrayal
of the American public’s privacy, but it is a huge win for America’s multi-billion
dollar telecommunication monopolies. So there’s that. With this bill, ISPs would be subjected to the
same privacy regulations as Google or Facebook. Except they’re not the same thing. We already give all of our most precious
personal information to websites in exchange for their free services. But we pay our internet service providers a lot,
with the expectation that our late nights of WebMD-fueled self-diagnosis of
shingles that also may be cancerous won’t be shared with advertisers. Unless there’s a cure. Now that the bill has passed the House, the future of internet privacy is in a good place, in the capable hands of this brilliant technologist: a man who looks incredibly comfortable
in front of a computer, and has previously had this to say
about using them for anything: — If you have something really important, write it out and have it delivered
by courier, the old-fashioned way. — It’s a development that even spooked
Trump’s most fervent supporters: members of /r/TheDonald subreddit. While many Trump redditors were apparently
busy celebrating “Too Much Winning Tuesdays,” some of the Donald trollfarm began to
quietly panic as they learned of the news, calling for Trump to veto the bill, which he probably won’t. Thankfully, at the eleventh hour comes a savior. A robot has just burst onto Twitter that prints out
Trump’s tweets, sets them on fire, then lets him know. Give us a couple of weeks, and that’s
how we’ll all be communicating.


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