VIDCON IS HACKED! Hackers Control YouTubers for 24 Hour Challenge (Last to Stop Project Zorgo Wins)

We need to stop them as soon as possible. Yeah, I hope we don’t get hacked you guys and this place is humongous Okay, you guys go inside and I’m gonna go around back to the parking lot and try to stop the Tesla. Okay? you or idiots spy ninjas Guys so I’m gonna head to the parking lot because the black Tesla is what is powering the signal booster The signal booster is what’s able to hack all youtubers within a one-mile radius? So if I can somehow figure out way to stop the Tesla disable it and disable the signal booster and all the youtubers should be Saved. All right guys, let’s go through those doors. Not the VidCon locals you guys. All right. This is the place. Let’s go Look how empty it is. Oh my gosh, you guys I think you’ve economy four and there’s never this empty. Should we miss it? Oh, really project circle VidCon, it’s completely empty. Did we come tell everyone to leave all the creators? Okay guys I’m in the back of the VidCon parking structure. I’m waiting for the Tesla to arrive. Wait. Wait, what’s this was it? I’m just gonna wait for my right moment here. Hold the pole up everyone. I can’t let him see me Wait a second. How many hackers are there? Wait, that’s pz9 Okay, guys today’s the big day today’s the day we hack VidCon We have everything we need the Tesla the signal booster and most importantly Pv9, give it up the feed wait up Now you guard the Tesla. Let’s have you guys do this thing. Oh, okay, Koki, they’re leaving. They just saluted They’re leaving one guy’s gonna come on its head came back girl. What you doing? What is that he just gave them Anybody in there? No completely mg. Really? Yeah VidCon was the throne all the creators to stay home I’m gonna go and see the funny hackers in there Oh my gosh, guys the Tesla is sitting right over there the Tesla is what’s powering the whole hacking There’s only one hacker sitting outside. I think I can take them. Neatly versus one-handed or no problem Okay, I gotta find a way to disable this Tesla guys I’m gonna sneak up on it what that hacker doesn’t see me in his rear view mirror But man, this place is crazy huge guys, yeah, but no one’s here. All right, we should better split up them Okay, let’s split up all the doors here That’s why the convention center is empty I can hear footsteps Okay, I’m hiding behind this trash can right here Just in case for any reason do you need the buttons the buttons will stop everything Everybody We probably shouldn’t have all these buttons in the same place You guys go that way Everybody You’re talking about buttons those buttons guys, I’m gonna call Chad feet and Daniel that’s guys Hello, Regina, what’s up? I just overheard the hackers. They’re talking about these buttons that will disable the whole hacking event I saw four hackers with four buttons. I think we need to find a way to get all four buttons from them And then if we push the buttons, they’ll cancel their VidCon hacking plans Parowan split up and find one Okay, get all four buttons and we can stop the VidCon hacking. Okay, let me know There’s a worker and Why are you doing? You guys what what are they doing Oh my gosh You guys are those the buddies at Regina’s talking about I think they’re like little round buttons and they’re like playing to hospital Walking. Wait, did they leave the buttons behind I? Think I think is to have in their hands Konnichi cashews these fancy hacker. So what’s going on here? Wait, you guys see the buttons anywhere? Oh, There it is Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna pick up some refreshments for our celebration once we hang all the youtubers Yeah, we got to be somewhere around here Did you hear that guys he said he’s gonna go stock up on refreshment so we need to go look for the refreshment area around here which works out really great actually because Guys keep hydrated kids here the directory all I see our meeting rooms and halls They don’t have a food court in here anything Oh you see what I see You just see this license plate this is the weirdest thing I’ve never seen a license plate with just one thing on it like this before. It’s gotta be really important Maybe it’s something to do with the stopping the hacking today The trucks just popped What is this Dogs : would he hurt me? He trapped this clipboard. It says top secret info beyond this page We better check this out of this could be what we’re looking for. Oh my goodness. Check though out these iPads over here Whoa, the doggies tablet don’t they look like signal boosters? Well, except for like the missing antennas There’s all these little meeting rooms meeting room two to four in meeting room to tune Guys did you see that there was a bunch of hackers in that room in room two to nine Did you guys see what they were doing? They’re like all looking at something What the heck they’re sitting like right at a table. I thought oh Oh that table that Guy in the middle has like a tool and he’s like using it on something and look look right there Is that the button that Regina is talking about a little white thing what’s going on? You guys see that right the guy in the middle has this orange tool and he’s like operating on something I Can find a way to get that white button on the edge of the table Regina said we can use that to stop there hacking mission today. Let’s see if we can zoom in no more Wait a mole. Is he holding what I think it is. No way. Do you see what you saw? What are you doing to it? I think I just saw a hacker walked by this door right here Did have a but no name. I can’t tell Oh Baroness He definitely has a button what is he looking for? Kyushu it looks like there’s something on it. There’s nothing up sleeping He’s going inside that room something written on the bun There’s a hacker inside that room right now, I gotta get way closer right fine and just give this video a big thumbs up Right now to give me really good luck because I’m on a solo mission right now Don’t can’t see what he’s doing. I don’t know what their plan is with the vending machines But a true spy ninja always scopes out the place before they do anything. Maybe I’ll find some clues. That’s what V always taught me investigate the bottles in here Go don’t eat me. Nothing here. Oh Wait They found some the guys. Wait, what could this mean? There’s just a bunch of Luckily, I know how to hack vending machines If you input a certain number in any of these vending machines Then it temporarily disables the vending machine not allowing you to get any food or beverage or whatever I would know this cuz a lot of people like to steal my food. I’m gonna input the number right now and I Think it worked guys. Okay. What’s that just page? What Play all these pages are blank. Oh Man, I thought this was gonna be how to stop the Hat boat. Here we go. Here we go. What? Here it is this top-secret What does this mean guys? I keep seeing this is kind of me of something Okay If you guys have any clues or any ideas What this could mean leave a comment down below? This is really concerning guys because as you guys probably already know projects are golf has become the most powerful hacking Organization on all of YouTube they have over a million subscribers now, I mean 1 million subscribers is great now But we have 8 million subscribers So beat that project circle and we could have even more subscribers if all use fighting in just right now go down below make sure That subscribe button is checked if it’s red make sure to click it and make sure it turns gray and that it says subscribe And then little Bell make sure it’s ringing as well because we can’t let projects or go get more subscribers than us This Tesla is what’s gonna be hacking all the youtubers if I can just get it off site get it like more than a mile Away think we should all be safe. I got an idea guys. What about the DeLorean? Remember that DeLorean has been out of stainless steel and tacker proof any time a hacker gets near it their masses Just go crazy emitting this really high frequency Which makes them just run away if I can drive the DeLorean up close to this car? Maybe that’ll scare moy and they’ll just get out of here So just cry subscribe to project so go so I got a sneak We that’s the white button that they were talking about He’s putting it in the engine of his car. Oh, we don’t have engines It’s just a front of the car. If this doesn’t work, I’ll try to get that button But if my DeLorean works, I won’t even need that button does the Tesla we’ll just drive out of here and we’ll save fit cut There’s my beautiful DeLorean. Let’s get in time All right, let’s Travis DeLorean up to the Tesla and this high-pitched noise will scare them away Daniel get out your drone and put it on autopilot and film this video. You don’t want to miss this one Well, well well You were trying to watch Chad wild clay as video and look what happened Projects Wargo has successfully taken control of Chad’s YouTube channel And now the rest of the video that you’re trying to watch is no longer available Chad wall clay is only one of many channels that we will begin to hack while here at the VidCon convention Nice try spy ninjas, but now stay tuned for more sore. Go to


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