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Brodey Sheppard: Hello, welcome to
another video of our series where we audit websites around the world and write them
from good to bad depending on, uh, uh, various different categories of
optimization, whether for UI, UX, uh, social proof, performance
titles, everything. We audit everything. So sunshine goes daily, is local to us
as a business where based in the sunshine coast, also down in Melbourne,
but sunshine coast for this. Central goes daily’s pot of news, Coke, a
very large news company here in Australia. They may be worldwide, probably should
do some research on that, but very big company nonetheless. They’ve got a lot of different websites. Uh, and you can see your list in their
sitemap somewhere of all the different locations they’ve got. So pretty much for every location in
Australia has got a newspaper and a website. Related to that, but because they’re
all pretty much the exact same website, they’re all apply in the exact same way. Um, so to kick things off, we’ll look at
the user interface, how it’s designed, how it looks, where we see
improvements that could be made. And this obviously a lot of a psychology
in use and media and how the user engages with news and how they. Well, I’d expect a paper or
news website to be formatted. So you’ll notice on nearly every news
website, it’s the exact same thing. So we won’t judge them too much on that as
we don’t have that psychology daughter and that IB data to determine
why it is the way it is. As all new sites seem to be the same, it
may just be one company that decides, Hey, everyone’s doing it. We may as well jump on the bandwagon
and do it the way I’ve done it. And they actually be no
data behind it at all. Uh, however they’re all ugly, so
we won’t judge too greatly on that. But facade is, their menu isn’t too bad. It is actually quite bland. You’d expect some sort of dropdown for
this amount of views, uh, this about categories around news. You’d expect for some sort of
dropdown to be, uh, existing there. They’ve obviously done. A great job of their ad and the ad
placements being a news company that they rely on that right now, no one’s really
buying papers or paper copies, and there’s a huge push for the environment
to end not doing paper copies. So there’s a huge push for the ads around. The news sector and obviously that is
going to have prime positions on their website. I have seen where they do a whole page
takeover where either side is an odd as well. So with currently looking at, you got, Oh,
what are the different news stories, some of which are paid ads within the content. So you’ll see a content ad
here or a better ad there. But that’ll also sneak in content
ads throughout their content as well. I’m not sure if they do it on their
homepage or just on inner pages, but they certainly do have them. I caught Cod here and they’ve got their
news, so they’re categorized their news via that little colors. So that blue, green, orange,
purple, and yellow and orange. Pink. Sorry. And you can say that that’s sort of
got that little icon here everywhere. Now inspecting that I did notice before it
was a pair J it looks like they have got SVG versions, which is fantastic,
especially if it’s being shown in that many places. It’s great to have SVG folates there as
it changes sizes throughout the website. So if it didn’t change, if it wasn’t an
SVG, you’d have a new page G file for each one of these. Uh, different sizes. And because this, so Betty, that it is
definitely ideal to have it in that way. So you can see orange is sport. Blue is a, they subscriber exclusives,
which means I cannot click on these. It takes you to a please pay pilot
gateway or a, um, content wall. So unfortunately, this is a why
the news companies today out. Charge for their services and the news. So I don’t have a subscription. I did discover a way to bypass this, and
although it is pretty well done, a little bit of JavaScript knowledge
and you can bypass that. So they do need to look at their security
and how people can sort of exploit the fact that they are using
JavaScript to detect that. So I can pretty much
pull this Java script. Um, or apply a cookie in place of it
and bypass all that and access it all. So I’m not going to show it here because
that’s, you know, I’m going to encourage exploiting a system, however, knowing that
it is a security vulnerability or there is one there, that’s something
that I really should look into. Having their little colors is nice. They do have a lot of internal linking. Their internal linking doesn’t
seem to be done all that great. They do seem to miss out on a lot of, uh,
title tags in the links, which, you know, is a disadvantage. They don’t have things or
seem to be linked correctly. Hij to tags or above hates three tags and
they’ve got breadcrumbs throughout the side that that is good. Uh, however their font
size, I’m not sure on there. The image sizes, I’m
not too sure on either. And they’re also not responsive
images, so they don’t collapse here. They don’t collapse out. They have done a great job of
adding titles and alt tags. It does look like it’s just adding the
main tag though that that is fine still as long as they are applying it. I have a, it is not a friendly title at
all whatsoever, so that’s something that they could look to implement. I know it is hard because of duplicate
content and adding multiple images to a directory where that may have a file name. They’re very similar thing. However, they are using date and mud
formats to sub the folders so that that’s something that they can
actually take advantage of. Unless someone tried to upload a photo of
the exact same day with an exact same day, very, very unlikely but possible, but
then they could add sort of a test before upload to. Just tell me whether that could happen or
not, but otherwise I won’t judge too badly on their UI because everyone
seems to do it the same. In an article, it looks like this. I’ve got their title, their who, their,
when their social, their social sharing to help generate social signals. They commenting system video, which. Like most use website is very annoying. They auto start and
cannot stop auto start. It will just continue to play and then you
have to scroll up to the top and pause it, and then when you scroll down
again, it will start again. That is fury it. I cannot stand it. I’ll on any new site. So that doesn’t happen. And I’d say a lot of people too, so
although it might get better impressions, which is I can sell
ads on it, is actually. You know, negative to the user experience. The user is not happy with
how that is being done. And I spoke to a couple of people about
that, about how it, you pause it and then it auto starts again. I, it’s something that stops me or to tows
me from actually watching those videos now as a, as a, uh, consequences
of that happening. So there are news articles out too bad. They’ve got Instagram,
they’ve got Twitter. Integrations, which is fantastic. I edit new sites should have that add the
commenting system, which doesn’t really get used, but occasionally you’ll see the
odd comment here and there on normally political, we don’t, I won’t show
any political articles on here. However, typically you’ll find that their
collards are on their political columns. There are a couple here for comments
here, but once again, that’s a political. Counsel related to a thing, so we won’t
look at that in terms of their sitemap in terms of their site, that they do have
a couple of things that they should look into. Obviously it’s a secured site, HTTPS,
but their sitemap link is to a non-secure site, so . If very modest thing, but just
have to S it isn’t that hard to add, just to keep the consistency throughout the
site that you are a secured side what happened, and they do seem to be
blocking quite a lot of different, um, categories here. They do have a sort of a local business
listing service on their website. Find your local, it looks like they
black listing two different, yeah. Um, folders here. I’m not sure what they are or why they
could possibly be block lists, like listing them, obviously something that
they weren’t happy with, uh, or some type of spam that was happening there. Mmm. And once again, just
walking in different pages. Is that a good, they’re obviously a Google
media partner, so they have the access of the user to our target. They use agent, Google media partners. Uh, they’re blocking or exposing their
admin directory, which is live a safe little good. However, it is using Google’s ow, sorry. Microsoft’s, uh, login system,
which is fairly secure. So they get away with that
there and limiting their Crow. I’m sure on limiting crows, I personally
wouldn’t allow search engines to do as I please. I know in certain instances, if
on larger sites you will have, uh. Instances where the, the CRO can be
delaying the server because it’s, it’s frantically scrolling through the website,
uh, consistently and never stopping. So I, I can understand that. However, upgrading of servers can always
make that a little bit better for them. They have for a full page
is completely useless. I mean, this, yeah. Well, you typically want you for a full
page to look somewhat like the website or at least base a little bit more
useful than what this is at. It is what it is. People do land before fours and they want
to be re-engaged with what they’re doing. Sometimes it is an accident advised. It’s obviously a biggest sticky bake,
but they should really fix that. Now in terms of the scre performance and
what they’ve done, obviously they would use company. They’ve got a lot of lakes. A lot of people talk about the, so. So surprising that you say
really good SEO results here. However, looking at their backlink
profile, the soup to a dropped or stopped creating high PR related content. So those sorts of content bases that would
generate high sort of traffic and they’ve had a drop in their backlinks, or
at least their back link strategy. So as a content method,
I’d probably look at, uh. Working out what was getting high links
like in here and continued to creating content like this as long as it’s not
clickbait material like they were doing for a little while, and most of your sites
tried to do it because of its growth, and you can see that they’ve
had quite the luck. Most news companies, this isn’t just
them, like they had a big drop in traffic. People are getting the news
from a different places now. Mostly Facebook. Depending on what your trying to look for. You’ll find it in different places, but
mostly you’ll find the users comes from Facebook. You’ll see a post that interests you, you
click it, and that’s your source of news, not so much organic search. So people aren’t searching
actively for things. Oh, old use and trying to find these
articles, they typically have found the news and they’re just researching
or verify what they’ve just read. And showing the same news article
typically isn’t the best for the user. So Google’s actually going to start roping
the downwards and pushing it a little bit less. Even looking at the Australian database,
it seems to a trap to quite a bit and significantly. There was a small increase here, but that
will drop, and this could have also been in the introduction of paywalls, so where
they’ve got content that is pay world. Even if you find that article in
Google, you are still payload. You enter it, you will not
be able to read the article. You’ve got to bounce from that article,
which is a pied user experience. So it’s possible that this is where they
introduced a paywall and it’s dropped as a, as a, um, as a result with SEM rush, it
tells a very similar story. Big drop, swollen Chris, half. Oh, it’s not a small increase. I mean, it’s 70,000 people or whatnot. 60,000 yeah. Challenging. So the keywords is sort of
tells a very similar story. Again, the keywords have dropped. This is a result of
Google’s sort of changing. The white people are searching,
understanding how people searching for news. Are reacting accordingly. There is a few things that I can do to
improve this though significantly and get it close to where they were. One of those is letting people access
their first article for free if it’s coming from Google organic or big organic
or Yahoo organic or wherever they’ve come from organically letting them view that
first article and then pay walling them from there on. Um, and having better call to actions
throughout the content to say, here’s another article you might be interested
in getting them to try to engage with more content to try and get to the style of the
site and obviously become a paid member. So that’s something that they
should definitely look into. In terms of their site though, and what
their titles are, their descriptions, are they fairly useless? They don’t. Very informative. I’ve got a lot of weird. Content paces, old content paces that
really shouldn’t be on the internet. Any will did that could really drop or at
least put as a lower priority or the site, that putting it as a lower priority
can definitely lower its importance and capitalizing. Certain words can definitely
increase their popularity. Here to now, something that I’ve built,
take an advantage of is Google structured data. So structured data could allow them to
identify to search engines such as Google that they are, I sort of use, there are
news company that they’re an organization. This is their logo. This is their branding. This is what sort of content
pieces they’re advertising. Here’s a sot, uh, his,
our breadcrumbs lists. Here’s an article that we’ve written that
can help identify, Hey, this article is about this topic. This article says this without
Google trying to have a pay ward. So I’ve read by, okay, I can read this
one so it can identify two search engines. This is an article. This is what content is in the article,
and it knows that this title contains this content. Currently search engine. The guessing that without that structure
data and where you come down here and you’ve done got all this, it’s still
including that unless you use structured data and tell it how you, this is the
last sort of line of that article. This is all the content with it. This is the title. This is who the author was. This is the type published. That structured data is so large
and it’s such a widely accepted. They love Google that, that
pushing so heavily in that. So if I have Google septic, follow
it, you’ll see a few new spaces, these top stories. Now to get in these top stories, you
need to be providing valid Skyla as valid backup. If you’re not providing that markup,
you will not get one of these places. Now, unfortunately, they are not going to
get one of these places because they don’t have that structured data. But if I click on this and. Such for the schema. You can see it’s got really valid Skyla,
and in comparison to this, those scales scalar found. I can scan this article, it’ll show us
all the scammer that this page has and why it’s made out was to get to that
structured data snippet of the top of the Google news and allows them to get. Free traffic. They’re getting the first position. They’re getting top of Google
without having to build legs. We’ll build high quality content. Google is providing this as a service to
news companies and these companies out taking advantage of it. Now, something that isn’t commonly node
that Google want to have a structured for pay walled content. So it allows. news companies that do
have those paywall content. Two tell Google, Hey, we’ve got this news
article that you need to be paid to get onto. This helps them identify, okay, if this
bounce rate is lower, if people are leaving this article, why is this? Why is that your sad? All of a sudden telling the search engine,
okay, this is the potential reason why people are leaving so quick. This is, you know. It is very easily to implement. If they don’t take advantage of it. Google, do not know that
you’ve got halo and it does. Looks like you’re blocking content or
blocking people from viewing that content. So make sure as a news company, you are
implementing this feature to allow them to know that. And this obviously the articles Kayla. Can come in handy as well. And that’s what we’re talking about here. Once this finishes here, so they’ve
identified, Hey, we’ve got a news article. This is the news article. This is the content
within the news article. So all the content of the news article, it
is accessible for free, which is this pay wall that I was talking of. So it’s true. If it’s false, then it’s not. You have to pay for it,
you have to pay for it. And then that obviously tells Google, it
is telling us that the keywords are these. It’s telling us really good
formative, helpful information. The Google image that was shown to us
before was this image here, the URL of the article, the diaper with the
article, who the publisher was. Um, it tells you everything that you need
to know that’s really important for they should, and it helps Google identify
who or what is on this page. They’re, they’re an organization. This is the organization details so forth. Helps them do that. Now, sunshine coast daily doesn’t do
this is something that I should really implement and it will improve their SEO
and their visibility by such a large percentage. It’s, it’s massive. So article, schema,
breadcrumbs organization. Uh, ways organization. So logo acts is organization. In this instance. Carousel, they could definitely implement. So carousel is this, and carousel works
for the article type, which will just looking at the payload content and in
speakable, so speak a little is in beta mode, but you can identify
it to search engine. This content can be spoken. Aloud, so it’ll tell Alexa, Google home. It’ll tell all those sort of voice
activated devices that it can read this article that fall asleep. And without doing that, if you don’t
identify to the search engine that this is the content via schema that you
can start reading out from news. Sorry, it would rate news. Seth MacFarlane is massive. 1 billion donation. And then it would stop reading all the
content and when it finishes, it would then read a Strategyzer that I should add. It’s his PA Seth quick fallen,
recommended the stories through, sorry. It would continue rating. You obviously don’t want that, so
speakable could definitely be something that they can implement. Obviously the search box is important
because when you do a search within one of these, say hi, you’ve got
a query, so search keyword. You can identify to Google,
that’s the key word. And you could enter the Escaper as well. So there’s a few there that can take
advantage of edit, massively improve their SEO and their traffic as a result. That’s something that’s very strongly
advised, and obviously just making better use of their titles and descriptions,
and I’m not a fan of their mobile, so. Where they’re doing this mobile as well. They’re actually not
informing the search engine. They’ve got a mobile
version of an article. So you click on this article, you’re in
the mobile version, however, you’re never, you’re not telling Google that
this is a, um, copy of this page. So in this instance, like, ah, I did check
one before they work to this, telling them that this is the official article. Daily, but a career. I’m not sure why that comes up considering
I’m on the sunshine coast daily, so obviously they’ve got some content issues
there where I’m doing content from a completely different news source on the
website, and that could answer why they’ve got such a large index of pages. There’s a few issues there with the SEO
and performance is another big story. Images could be massively optimized
using the latest web pay format, which is compatible with Google Chrome or
Safari and Firefox, and hopefully soon Microsoft’s, uh, edge browser and a lot of
other browsers as well that are coming off and updating, uh, supporting
this new web pay for that. And it’s massively improving the
performance of images on both desktop and mobile devices with no
quality loss whatsoever. So. Something that should
definitely be implemented. It’ll really, every site
image is a great service. If you’re a low or smaller site,
you can get image kit for free. This is it, a paid promotion, but it’s for
free for smaller sites, larger sites you don’t you say to pay, but the, the value
and, uh, advantages and most definitely there. So definitely consider that field site in
terms of Google page speed insights, their mobile site of UC redirects to mobile. I’ve done a big side of this. It’s not hard to make a
mobile responsive website. It is. We have a great article I’ll, they could
below odd mobile responsive websites, but horrendously poor speed before loading. It’s 4.5 seconds on a mobile and the bait
optimizations or defer images if the image is not loaded above the fold. So above the fold is
the content saying here. You should. All these images here should be lazy
loaded, so they’re not loaded yet. When this browser starts to scroll or the
user starts to scroll, these images start to load as as they did, not
just because they want to. As I, as they dated dice
would start to load. That’s a very big impact. Or that I could definitely change skyline
of images, images, 2000 by 2000 load it here, load a small version or
thumb down version of the image. Okay. Here instead of the prophesized image
that it’s a pretty big word I read. The blocking can be pretty difficult,
especially on a site this scale that has, yeah. Haptic scripts and heaps of a CSS. How about something that could
definitely be worked on web pay for that? That’s something we just spoke
of and their first bite more. Sure. If they’re hosting an Australia or Sydney
based servers, they definitely should be. If that’s their target demographic. Targeting a local server to where your
target demographic is, is very important. It can reduce that time. Now, looking at GT metrics, it’s important
to note this time doesn’t mean anything. So because they’re a news company, they’ve
obviously got a lot of news partners, advertising partners, things and
scripts that they need to load to help. Serve ads and remarket to people. Obviously if I need to sell a service, so
you’ll find that this time is quite slow and this size is quite large. However, the true story is
actually in the timings. We go into a bit of video of this hour. I’ll link that in the description as well. It’s this Contentful pipe that that is,
and 1.2 seconds is actually really good. So 1.2 seconds, they can, Ted full
pay is pretty good for this test. How was. That that doesn’t tell the whole story. There’s still a lot of things that they
could improve for bandwidth usage for the user’s usage. Obviously people don’t want to download
for beg just to download the web or homepage of a website. So lazy loaded. Optimizing of images that assets such as
CSS, JavaScript can help lower your ed with usage whilst also helping the user
tell her the falls and sot quicker. They are using a CDN, which is fantastic. It looks like an internal one. They use a new score fuse, that’s fine. As long as it’s, you know,
leverage browser case. She gets a lot of CDL if you’re not
leveraging the caching mechanisms of a CDN. So. Globally, they should be looking at that
and working out how they can improve that optimization of images we’ve already
spoken of, but once again, it’s a huge impact of their redirects. If URLs, this is called with a JavaScript
track is such as your remarketing tools, your ad servers and so forth. Our typically do this. It’s fine. It doesn’t cause too much light and sealed
or lag during the site’s loading time as they’re normally deferred
or loaded after the page. Content has loaded. So performance wise, not too, too bad. There I did do definitely have some
things that they could improve on. Localizing a assets such as faults is
important, not double loading fonts like they seem to be doing here. Optimizing of CSS, JavaScript,
loading board, uh, CSVs. So sorry. SVGs and less PNGs, JPEGs, and properly
loading sizes sized images is really important for them. And taking advantage of those new formats. Subs of their technology
is pretty standard. A lot of ad networks, a lot of, uh,
remarketing tools, Critio, Google remarketing, fake Facebook audiences, uh,
a every marketing tool, very powerful in the eCommerce space as well. And obviously a lot of their advertising
products and marketing products throughout here, they’re haven’t
gateways, Google analytics. A lot of scripts though
are being ed use here. They really need to understand like both
hot GI and crazy frog, effectively the exact same tool. But both of use pick one load
one though need to load too. I be testing, I mean. Often wisely is a fantastic tool. However, they’re loading
Google tag manager. Why don’t take advantage of Google’s
optimized optimized service and not have to load yet another script to try and,
yeah, I don’t have a reason for them for that. Google BAPS this file recapture. That’s for this. Making sure that they’re
not getting bothered. Information technology, obviously
the symbol scripts there now. Important, important,
not so important moment. JavaScript is fantastic for surfing out
times and for that, but however, it’s a JavaScript fall that really doesn’t
need to be in use for the 98% of sites. Good understanding of PHP or a good
understanding of vanilla Java script. You should really not need to add yet. Another script for seven tile, four lads
bootstrap fantastic that they are using it. Fantastic. They use it however, that’s got an M. dot. Directory for their mobile experience. So they seem to be using it, but yet
redirect during mobile traffic anyway. It doesn’t quite make sense there. That’s got the state of technologies
you’d expect to see, so that’s good. From their perspective, they use it, the
lightest servers they use, the latest push methods. That’s great. Their engineers seem to
know what they’re doing. However, . They seem
to be lacking in there. They code it. Lloyd CSS JavaScripts files everywhere. Java script files should be either
the hetero, the footer, that’s fine. But they’ve got hasty both throughout,
so they really need to work on that. I’ve spoken about it in a few
of our other videos at audits. That’s something that’s a big impact. Your performance and something they should
really impact on or act on right now opposed to where the future. So. say they use topic OB,
yet they’re also using, but Joe, that was script. They both the same script. So yeah, they seem to be adding
scripts, but not removing scripts. They seem to be having multiple developers
work on the site, but not look at what the other developers have done. They’re not using mobile
responsive images. There’s a lot that could be done, but. Otherwise, not too bad. I’d probably rate them a C plus, if
anything, it’s not perfect in terms of the UI. The performance is quite poor or there’d
be Seattle’s such a huge advantage of taking advantage of scaled lockup that
just those couple of features there can impact. There website’s performance SEO value
in robustly, and obviously that’s got an impact there. Overall business and their revenue and
profits, especially that this site is duplicated across hundreds of others. So you could say a list
of couple of them here. Newson use, it’s effectively the exact
same website with a different logo on it, different articles. So is to take advantage and upgrade their
web servers, their the systems or their technologies. Could make them a lot of struggling new
source and a new source that has huge value of potential coming forward. I’ll cut it here. If you did like this video,
please leave a comment. Subscribe. It’s a Novus value to us. We’ll reply to each and every comment. If you do know of a website that you’d
like to have audited, whether it’s your own business or a business that you do
business with, or just one that you think, Hey, this is a nice website. Let us know in the comments. I’ll be sure to have a look at if it meets
us sort of requirements of what we can sort of add value to. We’ll most definitely do an audit on it
and I’ll obviously reply to you with that in the comments. I’ll leave it here for today. Thank you.

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