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a cookie is a tiny file dropped by your browser onto your computer's hard drive when you visit a site they contain records of your interaction for instance what you clicked on or whether you are signed in to the site they don't collect personal data from your hard drive they simply carry the data created by your browser when you enter a web address into your browser a search is made for existing cookies associated with that site not all cookies hang around forever some are deleted automatically when you close your browser or after a period of inactivity others simply expire and not all cookies do the same thing some remember how you like things set on others work out where you are in the world whether you'd like to stay signed in which adverts you've seen and which you've clicked on and some use your browsing patterns to create an anonymous profile of you when certain cookies or combination of cookies exist on your computer your anonymous profiles puts you into an audience segment advertisers use these segments to deliver adverts they believe would be most relevant to you this is targeted advertising it doesn't identify you personally or use personal data to define what you might be interested in it uses the profile created by your cookies without cookies you'd still see adverts on the internet but they'd be less relevant to you in your search history sometimes cookies are said not by the site you're visiting but by the organization's who advertise on that slide this can result in information about your internet use being shared with third parties they use it to deliver targeted advertising to you and to help measure your success these are called third party cookies you can see who is dropping third party cookies by adding ghostery a free pivoting tool onto your browser you can see what these cookies do and choose the ones you want and which ones you'd like to turn off you can also turn off third-party tracking cookies by changing your browser settings some sites are now starting to use technologies other than cookies to perform similar functions which remember you using other identifiers from your computer such as device numbers if you want to know what is happening read the privacy policy on websites to find out this not only records the crews conversations but also other sounds in the cockpit engine sounds stall warnings emergency alarms and the like


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