aaaaaaaaaaa Aaaaah the Internet’s so scary!!1!!1 HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA GAWWWD WW DOT KILL YOU NOW NO HOHO GAWD welcum 2 teh intnet wre u can shar ur sadness with othr ppl insted of bottling it up insied heh… haha… ha… The Internet is a mistake! SHADDUP GRANDMA so for alla u grandma n’ grandpas out there we’re gonna teach u how 2 use teh intrnett!! now… you probably just look at the computer as an object in the room… but rlly its this advensd… alien technology wher u can dew watevr u want!11!!1! [Advertisement] the 1rd rule of the internet is to understand that u can trust ANYONE out there rite nao if ur scared about ur security or ur privacy… DONT WORRY no one has ever been hacked on the internet it’s just a myth [Guns] umm when you loggin 2 those forums when you loggin 2 those cool email accounts make sure to share ur password with everyone you know that way… if you forget it… they can give it back to you! and then you’ll never forget ur password! cuz everyone will know it! … to explain the largest data breach in History! It’s all happening on capitol hill today but U.S. inverstigators are quick to blame the Chinese for stealing this data… THE CHINESE e-even obama usez teh internet!11!1!1 wh-when you firts loggon 2 the internet ur gona see a lotta creepy ads!1!!1 these ads are gonna be really scary… u might be wondering: “Should I click them? Should I not?” well… only click the one that actually offer u something because those are good deals don’t click the stupid ones… click the ones that say: “FREE MONNEY!1!1!11 FREE MONY CLICK HERE!1!!1!1!11 no mom… memes r not funny… theyre not kewl anymoar no… google.com is not a virus for the last time… AAAAAAAAAAAA now… grandma you’re probbly sitting there… you know wondering: “You know I just bought this big ass… giant box with a screen on it and there’s flasing colors when I press this button… but how do I log on to the Internet? How do I start surfing the WEEEEEEEEB?” well that’s actually pretty easy dude all u gitta dew is take a USB core double sided plug it in to ur ethernet jack on ur wireless modem and… and then youre set to go you’re readdy 2 browz the ethernet Haha! 4chan! [Other ads] there’s a lotta weird things you’re gonna run on to run into on the internet like uh some things your just not gonna understantd cuz no1 actually does it outsied of their bedroom somethimes peopl put an X between 2 different characters now a lotta people are liek: “You know maybe this means that they’re in a relationship” for example let’s say someone writes: “Sonic X Shrek” on a forum post they’re actually referring to multiplication! if you rally wanna solve this such as the pythagorean theorem and just plug it in i mean it’s as easy as that if you see an x used anywhere uhh it’s probably by a math professor there’s a lot of these math geeks online and when they’re using a x they’re just trying to troll u man they’re just trying to show you their math skills sanic x shrekt? i dunno… didn’t pass algebra… HA some people are gonna be speaking very weiridly n’ u just hafta deal with that its like going to another country and some1 else is sp33king a difrent lenguaj you might walk up to someone and be liek: “Hey man how’re you doing?” and then they just reply with: “01101011 01101101 01110011” (kms in binary) you’re just like: “Man I don’t unsertand…” but whatever you just have to understand that the intrnet is just full of a bunch of intellectual savants man… and… you can’t worry about all this leetspeek and cool internet that they’re using man just be u… cuz that wat the internets all about the internet is axeptin of al culturs. so log on kiddz!1!11!1 wot r u w8n for? get out there n’ xperince an exciting bullying!1!1!1!!111 and… and internet pedophiles and trojan viruses 2dayyyyyyy the internet isnt a misteik ur life-


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