What is Joomla?

hi I thought that I would do another quick video about Joomla!
this time talking a little bit more about what Joomla! is Joomla! is actually open source software the
nice thing about that is that it’s free and fully available to anyone you just download
it straight from their website and upload it to your web server the main goal of the Joomla! is to create
and maintain websites it works as a content management system the way it works is for your website the content is actually saved in a database online for this one, this is a Joomla! 1.6
install with the sample data the content is saved in this table here and these are all the different articles for the website so a big benefit of Joomla! is the ability to
log into the web site we’ll actually go ahead and do that real fast and you can actually edit the articles directly so if you want to update “Professionals” here just click on the
edit icon that brings up the editor now say that you want this first sentence to be bold and italics and underlined we make our changes, hit save and it shows
up on the web site right away and you can do that for any of the articles just
by clicking the edit icon here Joomla! also gives a backend where you can actually changed the look and feel of the website Joomla! is a template based program so right now we have a default template of “Fruit Shop” that is stared here letting us know that it’s the default template so if we wanted to we could actually click on “Park Site”
make that the default template so when we go back to the website and we go back and refresh we actually have a whole different look and feel but we have the same exact content we didn’t have to download files, make changes and
re-upload the files everything was done by swapping templates now the templates are actually files on the web server these are the templates for this server so you got the beezs and the milkyway template here so if you wanted you could actually jump to Milkyway refresh and that is now pulling from this folder whole different look and feel with the same exact content so that’s one of the big benefits about Joomla! the other really big benefit is it’s expandable they have an extensions directory with tons and tons
of extensions lot of them are for free or really cheap some of the things that it looks like they are featuring galleries so that you can have a image gallery login popup, have your loggin for the frontend popup instead of typing it straight in uh lot of different stuff you can make an online
store a blog lot of possibilities for it Joomla! has a demo for their website
I don’t know if I would recommended the demo it requires you to register with the site and it gives you a 30 day account where you can actually just download the software
for free just by clicking it and it downloads so you don’t have to register or sign up for their website from there you can actually upload it to your webserver and you have until you decide to delete it nice thing about that is that you can actually get your hands dirty on the source code and uploading templates directly to the website so I’d recommend using Joomla! or at least checking
it out, it’s one of the nicer content management systems right up there with wordpress and drupal a lot of other companies are using it iHop this
their website is actually using an older version of Joomla! Harvard is using Joomla! 1.5 GreenMaven is using Joomla! 1.5 Outdoor Photographer, I’ve never heard of them,
but they’re also using Joomla! PlayShakespeare.com, senso also Microsoft has a website where they are offering a lot of support for Joomla as well I haven’t looked into this one too much I just noticed that they had it and opened it the only bad thing with this is it’s
not actually built using a Joomla! site but they do support Joomla! through IIS and had a lot of information available it looked like so if any questions or any comments
feel free to comment or send me a message and hope you enjoyed the video thanks for watching

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