Whoopi Goldberg’s Big Sister Act News Broke the Internet

-You take hosting parties
very seriously, and this book is very helpful. -Well, here’s the thing.
I am really anti-social. So it was suggested that maybe
I would get to know some folks. So invite them over to eat. And then I started putting stuff
on the table would make me laugh, ’cause
I like silly stuff. I like toys. -So you have this — You’d have
guests over to a dinner party. And what sort of things would
you put on the dinner table? -I’d put trolls on the table.
-Uh-huh. -‘Cause I love —
Well, y’all are probably too young to remember
the original trolls. -Uh-huh.
-They looked so amazing. They were only really this big,
but they had hair. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-And so — you remember? -Some remember.
-Yeah. And so I put them on the table,
’cause they make me smile. And what I discovered is if I’m
smiling and having a good time, the people who come
will smile and have a good time. You have a better conversation
with people who might be nervous, ’cause
they don’t know you either. -Right, yeah.
-So I figured that out, and then I realized
that I needed to take the pictures off my phone
and get frames for them and have them
actually put into frames, because I don’t look
at my phone every day. But now that I’ve put
the pictures into frames, I can actually pass
my mom and my brother… -Oh, that’s nice.
-…and see them every day. ‘Cause we forget. You know, we don’t have
big photo albums anymore. Everything is here,
but you’re not on here the way you are
when you’re leaving your house or you’re on your way
to someplace. You know, you’re trying
to get to your bedroom. You think,
“Oh, there’s my family. You know,
there’s the people I love.” It doesn’t have to be your
family, but whoever you like. But take them off the phone and
put them — make them tangible. -I think that’s nice, too,
when guests come over and they can see your family,
as well. -Yeah. I think
it’s a good thing. -Be like, “It’s not all trolls.
There’s also loved ones.” -That’s right. But, see, I just feel like we as a society
have allowed other people to tell us and dictate
how we should be living just in terms of, “Oh,
I don’t look like this person. I don’t look like that person.” You know, I’m looking at,
you know, Facebook or I’m looking at Twitter,
and they’re telling me — You know, the bottom line is,
these people don’t know you. You know you
better than anybody. Why are you letting them
dictate your life? Take it back.
You know what to do. Make a table that you like. And it doesn’t matter
if they don’t get it. They don’t have to.
It’s free food. -There you go. There you go. [ Cheers and applause ] This is very, very exciting. And I want to confirm
that it’s true. -What? -You are going to be
returning to the stage. In London.
-Yes. -To do an adaptation
of “Sister Act.” -Yes. [ Cheers and applause ] -Returning to the role.
-Yeah. You know,
we tried for a long time to get them to make
“Sister Act 3” because people
really kept saying, “Hey, what are they doing?” And everybody kept saying to us, “Well, no one
wants to see that.” That’s such an —
It’s an old title. I said, “I’m an old broad.
Why would it be a bad thing?” -Yeah, it came out
after “Star Wars,” and there’s a new “Star Wars”
every week. -Yeah, well, but apparently they think nuns
are not as interesting. -Yeah.
-But our nuns are fun. And so when they said,
“Hey, we want to take it back on the stage
and do something” — And I’m one of the producers.
They said, “You want to do it?” And I was, like “Yeah,
if could I play Deloris.” And they were like, “Would you?” And I was like,
“Well, you’d have to explain that she’s a little older.”
-Yeah. -You know, but it doesn’t change
the fact that she is who she is. And they were like, “Oh, okay.” So they announced it and really kind of broke
the Internet in London. Which was kind of great
because it allowed me to say without saying, “Don’t
underestimate something ’cause you think it’s too old. Don’t ever count it out, ’cause it could be the thing
that breaks the Internet.” -There you go.
[ Cheers and applause ] I’m very excited about that. It’s always so lovely
to see you. Whoopi Goldberg, everybody.
-Thank you.


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