Why Care About Internet Privacy?

I heard a saying that, “If you’re not paying
for the product, then you ARE the product.” Absolutely, it’s absolutely true. That’s Alan Henry from LifeHacker.com. So,
first off, Alan, why should we care about internet privacy? Every time you click from one website to another,
you click on a link to go to the next page — that’s information that people are collecting
about you. That kind of information that you may think is meaningless is the steam that
powers a lot of companies. Oh! So, if I don’t want my personal info to
be used by other people to make tons of money, what can I do? The first step is really for people to understand
the transaction that they make when they get something shiny and new that’s free. So when
you sign up for a new account at whatever service, read the terms of service at least
as much as you can. What is it that you’re giving up? Could you give me an example, like what if
I sign up for a photo-sharing site? Well, congratulations, those photos are now
owned by that company and they can be used in advertising efforts, even if those are
photos of you and your family. Oh, ouch! Ok, so what can I do about this? If you’re okay with Facebook and Twitter and
Google and these other companies knowing these things about you, then that’s fine. If you’re
not okay or if you want to control when they get information and when they don’t, there
are a number of browser extensions like Disconnect and Ghostery. All these browser extensions
give you control over whether or not the sites that you visit collect information about you
and send them to other related companies. OK then! My information is important and I’m
going to protect it as best I can.


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