Woman sent anti-Catholic abuse to internet lover after he ‘defecated in her bed’

 A woman has been fined after she harassed a man she met on a dating website with anti-Catholic abuse amid claims he defecated in her bed  Sarah Jane Davidson from Aberdeen, Scotland, met the man on dating website Plenty of Fish and the couple dated for two months before they separated  She was fined £300 by Sheriff Grant Hutchison for sending messages deemed grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character  Depute fiscal Christy Ward told Aberdeen Sheriff Court that Davidson and the man she was dating had fallen out when he refused to allow her to see his phone  Ms Ward told the court: “The complainer met the accused on a dating website and on November 17 the complainer travelled to the accused’s flat  “She was asking to see his mobile phone because she suspected he was seeing other women, but he refused to hand it over  “Later that night the complainer received 29 messages which mentioned his Catholic religion  “The police were called and took screenshots of the messages.”  In the messages Davidson sent to the man, she wrote: “You and your father can go and read the bible”, “sleep well Mr Catholic”, and “wearing a cross doesn’t make you a Catholic ”  The Defence agent Alex Burn said Davidson was acting after the man had allegedly defecated in her bed  Mr Burn said: “They met on a site called Plenty of Fish and Ms Davidson is actually a Catholic herself  “She is single and works as a carer for her father who has dementia and her step mother who has cancer  “He had actually defecated in her house and urinated in her house.  “Since this incident he has contacted her in a bid to rekindle the relationship ”  Davidson, 52, pleaded guilty on Friday, November 29, to sending Whatsapp messaged that were grossly offensive or of an offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character  The offense was also deemed to be aggravated by religious prejudice.

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