Your Ecommerce Website Speed Has A Significant Impact On Bounce Traffic

So, I was as talking about Google
analytics and if you’re in Google analytics and you put a segment on for
bounce traffic and then look at that bounce traffic in terms of page speed
compared to your normal traffic and see the difference. Now bounce traffic will always have a higher page speed load, load speed. But if it’s hugely different,
then you can see that the the the page that the site loading speed is
having a significant impact on the bounce traffic. Because you’ll see you’ll see people
will be must massively affected by our, Of course it will and it’s like it’s you
know, imagine this imagine you’re in a department store and you queuing up to pay
and then a massive queue in front of you Oh God, can’t be bothered. You’d do it. It’s exact, it’s exactly the same. It’s like, you know any e-commerce stat
you just compare what the equivalent is, If I was in a real shop on
that on the High Street. So, of course you’re going to leave. Of course customers are going to get pissed off that your site’s slow. It’s like, you don’t want
to queue, it’s ridiculous. So you’ve got to sort it out. Anybody can’t leave, will leave won’t they? Yeah it is. It’s it’s not acceptable
now, I mean, you know You think about people come onto the site? You know, let’s say you got a four percent
conversion rate you doing pretty well. So 96% of people are going to leave
anyway, so crack they don’t need any other excuse to leave. So got to sort it out. It’s critical and obviously you don’t
want your site to crash, you know on Black Friday and and you’ve got to start harnessing the new new technologies around Cloud. You don’t want to be paying thousands
of pounds every single month. When you don’t need to, only for
for one particular day of peak, on Black Friday, then your site crashes anyway. You know because it still can’t. You need to have a
scalable Cloud solution. There’s got to be fast as hell and you
got it and if your expanding a different countries, you’ve got to
have it set up properly. So you’ve got you’ve got local hosting in
in Germany, for example, or America and you or your least in your CDN. So yeah, it’s massively important.

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